You Can't Kill Me!

I feel in my veins... The poison is replacing the blood. 
I can feel the dark cloud occupying my body like damnation I can escape from.
My mind is a mess.
I can't notice white from black. I can't notice anything good in this world...
I can't escape my thoughts...
My eyes aren't light brown anymore. Brown gets black after a while. 
You know... Everyone has a black side. Just sometimes... It's darker than ever and it takes our mind completly so...
I can't see happiness, my eyes only see black in this world. 
As soon as my eyes change, my mind gets darker. My brain is such a dark place when an optimist would die. When you survive the things in life I did... You care less but you hate more.
Hate is powerful than you. I can kill thousands of people in five minutes but I can't fight my thoughts which are the main reason I'm doing this. 
Main reason why I'm killing, why I'm revenging for all of my pain... You'll fell what I felt!
You can't kill me! I'm thousand years old! 
When all of the supernatural creatures would unite they couldn't kill me! 
The power is bursting through my eyes! You can't kill me!
You can't kill me! 
Because I...

''Even the white rose has a black shadow...''

Hello guys, 
Today I wrote a text abou ''void Stiles'' because we're all in that mood waiting for season 5B where Jeff said ''void Stiles'' could return so...
I hope you enjoyed!
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''Yesterday is history and tomorrow is mystery.''
Will we be alive the next minute, hour or day? Will we be make our dreams come true before we die?
Will we have a chance to create a family and have a children? Will we have a time to be happy? 
But most important... Will we be together till we die? 
I just... I only have a few wishes and dreams in this life, but in every wish, in every dream... You are.
I just want to be happy with you, kiss you, hug you and die on your chest. It's the place where all my fears are powerless. You are my Batman, you chase away all my fears just by your touch.
You banish all my pain just by your kiss. 
When you hug me... All my wishes and dreams came true and all I want is to stop the moment and hug you forever. 
I just want you to be my first and the last love. Actually, you truly love just once in a lifetime.
True love is stronger than death. 
My dream is to grow old with you, create a family with you and love you till my last breath.
I don't know what future brings us, I don't even know what will happen tomorrow... But only thing I know is that... I love you and I'm gonna love you forever. 
Even when I die, my love won't die with me.
You know... I believe in the world behind this one. I believe that God has prize and punishment for all of these people on the world. That is actually what keeps us alive. Hope and faith.
Hope that one day, when I die, I'll meet you again and be happy with you on the world behind this one.
Hope that , in this life, we'll be together until our last breath.
Hope that, one day, when I get old and my skin wrinkles and my hair gets grey... That you'll still look at me with love like you looked at me when we first kissed.
I'm a big dreamer. Sometimes... I try to hide it but it doesn't actually work.
I can't hide all my dreams. 
I dream us. I dream me in the beautiful white wedding dress coming towards you with a big smile on my face looking completly silly and you look at me like I'm the most beautiful women in the world.
And then... I want to look at our little Stiles running in our big family house. 
I want to spent my life with you...
I love you...

Hello guys, 
Here's the new post! 
I hope you liked this one, it's like ''Malia writting about Stiles or to Stiles'' type of text.
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But baby running after you is like I'm chasing the clouds...

Hello guys,
What's up?
So imagine this : Malia has just arrived into Beacon Hills and she's taking the same classes as Stiles does and he falls in love with her but she doesn't want get into relationship or fall in love with somebody because she's been hurt the last time she fell in love but Stiles wants to convince her that there's still hope for love. And he says...

I'm writting you this but I know you'll never read it, even if I give it to you but I just have to say this to you... 
Being hurted is the part of our lives and our heart gets broken, yeah, but there's no such a thing on this world that can't be fixed even if it's so crushed into pieces. 
Your heart is broken but I can fix it ,baby.
Just believe me and let it happen. Falling in love really is falling but if you fall with a wrong person, but something makes me think that you are ''the right one''.
Yeah, I believe in soulmates and I think you are mine.
And you know what? I won't give up. You'll be mine at the end of this torture which you are cause because you don't just let the things happen. You'll push me from yourself, you'll fight with me, you'll say awful things to me just to leave but baby, you know I won't leave and I know that's all you want.
Someone who won't leave when you say him to leave. 
I fell in love with you! Yeah, I did! Is it so wrong?
Is it wrong that your smile makes me happy, your tears make me sad and your pain hurts me,too? 
Even if it's wrong... You know what? I love doing wrong things!
There's no way you can escape from love.
Love is here, but you... You don't want to believe it exist!
But all your shattered pieces can be fixed, all your tears I can wipe away and make you forget all the pain you felt and feel loved again.
I know I can make you happy but just if you let me to.
I love you but baby...
Running after you is like I'm  chasing the clouds...
But clouds can be caught, I believe, if you just want it so much. 
And I won't stop till my queen calls me her king.

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I won't judge. I promise.

I mean... If there's something in this life I could keep forever and never leave it, it would be you.
 You know I can't go a day without hearing your voice, seeing your smile...
I ,sometimes, feel like I'm too blessed having you by my side, like I think I dream when I'm with you, I feel I didn't even deserve someone like you. But you know how selfish I am when it's all about you. Now, when I have you, I will never leave you. When I say ''never'' I mean it and it will not change by the ages, your mistakes and bad things you've done. 
I will never leave you. 
If there's a problem, okay, we'll solve it.
But, please, don't try to hide the truth from me, you know I'll feel it, I'll find out and my heart breaks a little when I hear the lie while knowing the truth. 
I know you don't like to lie, you do it because you think I would leave you because of your mistakes.
But baby, no mistake ever done in this world could wipe away the love I feel for you. And you should know that... I'm not perfect and I'm not trying to be perfect, but I love you like no one ever did and will. And I know you aren't perfect, and I'm not looking for perfection, because... All your mistakes, bad things you've done and all your imperfection are actually the reasons why I love you so much.
Yeah, I love all your imperfections. That's what makes us human. Making mistakes, again and again, but it also makes us stronger and wiser.
I love all the things you hate about yourself. 
You think I'll leave you and judge you because you've done something bad. 
But babe, ''I won't judge. I promise.'' , remember?

Hello guys, 
So today I wrote this text like ''Malia writting to Stiles'' type of text (I know you understand me) because all this thing with Donovan and Stiles' feeling guilty made me feel really lost and then Malia came in the last episode saying that she knew everything but it didn't matter to her (SHE WAS REALLY TELLING WHAT I WAS THINKING) and that Stalia moment made me melt (lol!) and I decided to write this text to express my feelings about this. 
Writting is such a beautiful art. I just enjoy writting, sharing my emotions with the paper...

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Teen Wolf Season 5B News + 5000 VIEWS?!

Hello guys,
So I didn't really know what to write about today but I had so much things to tell you guys so I'm doing this post which I don't really know how I'll name it but anyways...
I have some news about Teen Wolf season 5b and about this blog.

So let's start with Teen Wolf season 5b news.

1. Season 5b will air in January 2016!
This is kinda good but also bad new. Good because I read somewhere that 5b will air in March 2016 so this is 2 months before which is really great (when you are like me, counting every single second...) but also bad new because guys WE'LL HAVE TO WAIT MORE THAN 4 MONTHS FOR NEW EPISODES! Writting this down just made me nervous...

I'm bringing you Davis' words from interview,
“We always knew that we wanted to tie Parrish’s story back to that first big storm and give a first clue as to what he is.”

“We ended up [choosing the Hellhound] because we knew that we wanted Parrish’s role to be morally on the fence,” Davis says. Parrish’s role is that he’s “a guardian of a supernatural place,” and “we’re going to find out just what that role entails in season 5B and how dangerous it’s going to become for the rest of the characters.”

Considering Davis said one of the figures in the fresco at the end is a Hellhound, we’re sure Parrish is going to be a big factor in season 5B and the Dread Doctors’ plans.

3. The theme for season 5b is RESURRECTION!
Resurrection is the theme for season 5b,both literally (with the now not very dead chimeras) and metaphorically (the reformation of Scott's pack). By the theme we might start getting prepared for this season... We are also seeing a lot of characters coming back like Valack in the form of good guy this time, I guess. Jeff : ''he's not exactly the bad guy he used to be''. The Desert Wolf is also coming back. Jeff : ''she's going to cross  paths with Theo actually and they're going to find that they might have more common goals than they know''. I KNEW IT! I FREAKING KNEW IT THAT THEY ARE GOING TO TRY TO KILL MALIA TOGETHER AND OFC, THE REST OF THE PACK!!
And Breaden is also back. That's good. But VOID STILES may also come back... Jeff said : '' That's part of the darkness still lurking inside of Stiles and he'll have the fear that, is it more than just being prossessed? Is there something inside that he has to keep lid on?'' 

4.Some good news...
DEREK MIGHT COME BACK! AND THERE'S A HOPE FOR ROSCOE THE JEEP! Jeff said : '' Light a candle for the Jeep because the Jeep could still return.'' 
Yeaaaaaaah! At least something good!
So excited!

5.Kira and Lydia ?!
Perhaps most interestingly, Kira will come back in a big way as well. According to Davis, she’ll be getting her own episode with her mother, which will explore what is going on with her fox spirit. EW teases there’s “a possibility for a familiar face/place,” which makes us wonder if we’ll be seeing Kate, Chris, Araya, or someone else entirely.We also wouldn’t be surprised if this episode was used to test audiences for interest in a Kira-centric show. It’s been a while, but Davis has said in the past that he’d love to do a spinoff show centered around Kitsunes.
 So happy she's probably coming back and also so excited for this season because of all these news!

''Having been resurrected, Hayden and the other chimeras will have a touch of darkness to them, and Scott and Stiles will have trouble getting back to where their friendship was at the start of the season. Lydia will also be committed to Eichen House since Theo forcibly entered her mind to find the location of the Nemeton, bringing us one step closer to what we saw of her in the premiere this year.''
#worriedaboutLydia ...

So guys that was all about Teen Wolf now...

You became the big part of my life and thank you for that, because we are all connected here, we are Stalia shippers, Teen Wolf addicted and loving Stiles and Malia, we are all one! Thank you!

Stay alive,xx


Happy Birthday Dylan O'brien!

Today is a beautiful day! August 26th is the day when my baby was born. It's the day when our prince came but no, not on a white horse but in a jeep. 24 years ago the world recieved this beautiful gift, beautiful boy, actually, more man now. I wish I could meet you. I wish I could hug you or take a photo with you. I wish you could be here with me and tell me your sarcastic jokes again and again but I would never get sick of them. I fell in love with your character, Stiles, but actually, I believe, you are the same boy out there, in real life, like Dylan. I know you are, I know you are the same smart, very brave and intelligent boy. I've never seen someone like you. Someone who treats his crush the way you treated Lydia or someone who treated his girlfriend the way you treat Malia. I think every girl needs one Stiles in her life . Someone who would make her smile when all she wants to do is cry. Someone who will say her that there's always a hope even when she thinks the world has nothing good left. Someone who will motivate her to stay brave, even when she's shaking out of a fear. Someone who would find solution to every problem, no matter how hard it is. Besides that, you are so beautiful and handsome hahaha (I had to). What could I possibly want you more when you are so great person? I wish you even more success in your life, more smile, more love, more laugh, more adventures, more everything beautiful in this life. I couldn't finish this by not saying that... I wish you would never cry again, you would never be hurted again, you would never be in pain again. You are in my heart and you'll always stay there. To be a human running with werewolves you have to be the best! That's why are you the best! Dylan... Or I prefer Stiles, but anyways... I wish you everything the best you could ever imagine in your life. Thank you for changing our lifes to better, of course. Thank you for everything. You are my favorite actor ever! Dylan, I hope someday, I'll finally meet you and hug you, wish to never let you go... I love you Dylan/ Stiles/Thomas! The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. -Thomas Paine I think this quote describes you the best. Happy birthday my love, my honey, my dearest and the most beautiful actor ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN O'BRIEN! August 26th 1991- August 26th 2015 #happybirthdaydylan Hey guys, can we get to 5000 views today, for Dylan's birthday?! I know we can do it! Thanks for reading, love ya. Stay alive,xx


10th Episode (Summer Finale) Got Me Like...

Hello guys, Umhh I've watched 10th episode of Teen Wolf like 2h ago and I was just sitting there, looking at the wall and crying. And now, ehen I'm writting this, tears are back into my eyes... I don't even know how to start this because I'm not ready to write about the last episode of this midseason... Now I understand Scott's reason to not turn Hayden into a werewolf. She was to weak to survive the bite. And Liam was, normally,out of his freaking mind. But... I hated the #SonVsDad fight, hated it so, so much. I hoped Liam will stop trying to kill Scott. He turned from the weak teen into a powerful werewolf just because of love. #LiamsFirstLove I just don't know what to say... There's a huge mess in my head right now. But, after all, I'm so thankful that nobody died. Or somebody really died? Scott died, his heart stopped working but AFTER 15 MINUTES, which is AMAZING,Melissa get him back into life by punching him hard at his chest. OmG, love that scene, although I cried a huge river, maybe an ocean of tears during that scene. Let's take a moment and thank Mrs.McCall for bringing our Alpha back! #ThankYouMelissa
Malia was fighting a horrible monster, probably a chimera, don't know who is he... And she could've died but than... #BreadenIsBack! Yeaaaaah, Breaden, Derek's girlfriend, always helping their pack, is back! That actually rhymed! Haha. I don't know, I'm so happy she's back because it makes me feel that Derek is coming back soon. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way! Is Derek coming back? I really, really hope so.
Hayden! Hayden died and yeah, I cried probably more than expected... I wasn't crying too much only because of her but Liam... My baby, he fell in love and then found out his girl is Chimera, and worst of all, she died. She died while he was tirelessly ripping Scott's chest. She died and he couldn't save her. I think that's the worst feeling ever. Seeing the person you love be slowly taking from the black death and being helpless about that... But at the end... Theo went to Nemeton (bringing Lydia with him) and revivifying all the chimeras (including Hayden and Dunovan) so she's alive, agin, but now... She's in Theo's pack!

Talking about Donovan... If he's alive,again, Stiles is not the killer anymore. And I loved the Stalia moment when Malia and Stiles were in the car and Stiles told her he's going to talk with his dad, she asked him is he going to talk with him about Donovan and Stiles was shocked, because he didn't told her about Donovan but she knew it. Before, she told him she notices and she was hell right! She noticed Donovan's bite on Stiles' shoulder and she linked all that together and got the truth. And she told him she knew but it didn't matter to her. It means she believes him and knows that he killed for a reason, defending himself, and she didn't feel like that was a big deal, man needs to defend himself and I'm totally with Malia at this point. But Stiles told that it matters to him and left the car. 

He was going to tell everything about Dunovan to his dad, but he wasn't in his office, they were at the Beacon Hills school because some kind of human-animal has broken some things in their school. But there's still the question : WHO WAS THAT?! We didn't get the answer but am I the only one who is thinking abou Derek at this point ,too? I mean, there was the supermoon that night, where werewolves get super angry and powerful, and maybe he's back in the Beacon Hills? Or maybe that was the boy Malia fighted with or, maybe even Theo?! Anyways, Stiles decided to wait for his dad at his office, but Parrish was alone since Lydia left (btw.I loved the Marrish moments this episode when they hold each others hands through the bars in the jail) and he fell asleep but suddenly get his power again, while Lydia was in the library reading about some kind of myth and realized Parrish is a HELLHOUND,and he went from police looking for the bodies. Stiles told the cops to let him go because we all know no one should be on Parrish's way while he's in the full strenght. 

So Stiles followed him and met Theo. Than Theo tried to get void Stiles to his pack but Stiles punched him hard while he was saying that Scott should be dead, and... I can't lie, beside the Stalia moment, this was my favorite part of this episode. I mean, I told you guys, Stiles and I were talking from the start that Theo is bad but no one believed us! 


Ughh how evil you need to be to spill the mountain ash all around the library so Scott couldn't leave and help his friends and that was the main reason Liam was totally freaking out. Hayden was barely breathing and Scott couldn't answer his phone, text him or come and help him so Liam decided to make something about that, so he decided to kill Scott to become an Alpha so he could turn Hayden into a werewolf and "save her". around the library so Scott couldn't leave and help his friends and that was the main reason Liam was totally freaking out. Hayden was barely breathing and Scott couldn't answer his phone, text him or come and help him so Liam decided to make something about that, so he decided to kill Scott to become an Alpha so he could turn Hayden into a werewolf and "save her". And I knew something's wrong with Theo! He's CHIMERA! But Chimera werecoyote. He can turn into a werecoyote like Malia was. I read on the internet a long time ago that Theo and Malia have some kind of connection and we'll find out what it is and we finally found out that they are both werecoyotes and Theo thinks he can get Malia into his pack because they are the same kind! Yeah, right! He said Malia wants to kill Desert Wolf and I was very surprised, but then, later, Breaden told Malia that Desert Wolf knows her plan and she'll kill her... No, please no! I think the pack can beat one Desert Wolf but if they stick together which I'm not sure about anymore... They are getting too far from each other and it's all because of Theo. But we were talking about who died. Did Theo really killed Mr.Stilinski?! I hope he's alive! Please, God #fingerscrossed... My heart broke when I saw Stiles with his father's body in his arms... He doesn't have a mom and I'm hoping that he won't lose his dad, too...
There is worse evil that's coming... Theo and his pack of Chimeras + Dread Doctors trying to make a sucess with Chimeras. Something worse is coming but it's coming for 7 months! Yeah, we'll need to wait till the March for 5b. 

And I left this for the end because I don't know how to express my feelings about this but Stiles ruined his jeep beacuse of guilty for killing Dunovan, his emotions freaked out and he couldn't stop himself... I really hope he'll be okay in the 5b season... #wearewithyouStiles #RestInPeaceOurLovingJeep...

I don't really know what I'll be doing without Teen Wolf... And school is around the corner. Already missing summer...
When are you guys getting back to school? Writte me down with the hashtag #teenwolfismykindofsummer because I'm preparing you A SURPRISE FOR BACK TO SCHOOL if I get 20 COMMENTS! Love you guys so much and see you tomorrow, Stay alive,xx

NOTE : THOSE PHOTOS AREN'T MINE! I had no time to make my own so I searched the internet!


Teen Wolf Summer Finale : What to expect?!

Hello guys, So,so,so tonight is THE NIGHT! IT'S MONDAY! IT'S TEEN WOLF NIGHT BUT NOT AN USUAL TEEN WOLF NIGHT IT'S FINALE NIGHT! Tonight is the night I will cry a lot. Just lay down and cry. It's okay. I understand.... I can't even imagine my life without Teen Wolf... I don't know, I just... Is it just me or this 5a midseason was like 5 seconds or less? Yeah,man, it just passed very quickly... I can't wait for 5b season and I don't have 100% true info about the date where it starts but I hope, I really hope this "pause" won't be too long because I feel sad now, imagine how sad we'll be when we've seen this episode and you will be there sitting like "I don't know what I'm doing with my life" and you'll probably (like me) watch this season again and again until we finally get first episode of 5b season.
And I'm scared for this episode, I'm really ,really worried about Scott... You'll know what I'm talking about if you've watched 2 sneak peeks on Teen Wolf official Facebook site. In the first one Theo is saying that he came for werecoyote, for Banshee, for the dark Kitsune, for void Stiles etc.but it doesn't include Scott and... Are you ready? WARNING! ... Lydia manages to predict that one of them is going to die but she is unable to point out who it is going to be. Someone is going to die!
And I'm bringing you the rumors...
I'm not ready for this but... Liam may kill Scott to save Hayden... Just... Fingers crossed and hope it's not the truth!
But I mean... That was Theo's plan from the beggining? Working with Dread Doctors they made Hayden chimera because they knew Liam would die for her (or kill...). But now I'm realizing that Theo didn't lie about the part he wants to be the part of the pack but he didn't mentoined that he wants to kill Alpha to become one. So he decided to get Scott into the fight with Stiles and then with Liam who will (I hope I'm telling the lies) probably kill him... And that's pretty upseting to me.
Liam believes that Hayden can only heal if she was bitten by an Alpha werewolf - an act that Scott, being the Alpha, does not want to do. By killing Scott, his Alpha powers will be transferred to whoever his killer is going to be. Maybe Theo promised him that he'll turn Hayden into werewolf but he can only do it if he's an Alpha.
It is fortunate that the werewolves will be at their full strength. The night is going to have a supermoon - perigee syzygy - after all. The strength of the moon has a direct effect on their powers as werewolves and the stronger the moon is, the stronger the pack becomes. 
But you know Scott was worried about his condition because his asthma (which is btw.just getting worse and worse...) because it makes him unable to defend.
In the second sneak peek Theo and Lydia were talking that she feels that somebody's going to die but she can't tell who is it going to be.
Then Theo says he wants all of them and Lydia, of course, asks what is he talking about and he just said "Don't worry, I'll give you some time to think about it" and slap her hard so she falls down.
This really gets me sick to just think about...

I just want to kill Theo and solve all the problems on the Earth! But there's something I don't get... Why Scott doesn't want to turn Hayden into a werewolf and save her? Why? I belive in our pack. I believe Stiles, Malia, Kira and Lydia can defend Scott, stop Theo and convince Liam he's not doing the right thing. #fingerscrossed That was all for today, I can't even say "hope you enjoyed" because I know you didn't, how could you enjoy this horrible predictions... Just see you tomorrow... Tomorrow I'm doing "10th Episode Got Me Like..." post and see you then Love you, Stay alive,xx


Delley's Movies And TV Shows!

Hello guys,
What's up?
So today I was so bored and I was searching for movie to watch and I first found Unfriended and I watched it. Later I watched The Maze Runner first part. So I decided to write a post about Shelley and Dylan's (a.k.a Delley) movies and TV shows. Most of them I watched but there are, also, some of them I didn't, but I'm sure I will.

Movies :

1. The Maze Runner
I made this movie the first on this list because I just... I love it so much! It reminds me of Divergent somehow... But anyway, this is what it is all about :
Dylan O'brien acts as Thomas (btw.through all the movie, while he ran I shouted "Go Stiles, go!" I know I'm weird but for me he's Stiles...). Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow "runners" for a shot at escape. I won't be saying you more so I won't be discovering too much so it won't be interesting to you but WATCH IT! Really, you won't regret it. You have my promise.

2. Unfriended 
In this movie Shelley acts like Blaire. It's a horror movie but it's not that scary, at least, to me. A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend. 
It's not something special to me. It's okay but not like too good. But when I heard Shelley acts in this movie, I needed to see it. 

This is also Shelley's movie. In this one her name is Debbie Galardi. A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.
And it's also a horror and I DIDN'T WATCH IT so I can't say if it's good or not but I'm sure I'll be watching it soon. I love horrors.

4. The Internship In this one, Dylan acts Stuart and he's not like really important in this movie but it's a comedy so you should watch it. Two salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital age find their way into a coveted internship at Google, where they must compete with a group of young, tech-savvy geniuses for a shot at employment.

5. The First Time And the last one is The First Time. It's the one Dylan acts in. This movie is kinda romantic comedy teenish movie, I'm sure you know what I mean. Dylan acts Dave. A shy senior and a down-to-earth junior fall in love over the weekend. I didn't watch this one because by the trailer I think it's not properly for my age... But they say it's a great movie, so watch it if you are older than like 16? I don't know. Watch it if you want but there are some scenes that aren't properly for eary teens.
That was all for the movies they acted in. Let's see the shows ( I WON'T MENTION TEEN WOLF BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT )...

1. The Days Of Our Lives Shelley acted in this one. I watched like 10 episodes while it was on TV on channels I have and I can say it's interesting show. You should watch it.
A chronicle of the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of the citizens of the fictional city of Salem.

And that was all not including Teen Wolf because Dylan didn't acted in any show and Shelley did in just one.
There's an interesting fact I found out before couple days and I always forgot to say this to you. So you all know Dylan is in relationship with cute Britt Robertson but did you know that Shelley is actually Britt's best friend? Haha I didn't and it must be hard to her watching all the Stalia moments while her boyfriend and her best friend are couple.
AND WHO IS HAVING BIRTHDAY IN JUST 3 DAYS?! August 16th the special day for all of us!
That was all for today, please tell me your opinions about this post in the comments down bellow.
I love you guys! Stay alive,xx


Wake Me Up And End This Dream Without You

You're in my head. Slowly taking the place in my heart you are walking through my thoughts holding my hend and saying me you'll always love me. You are beautiful, but now like always. Now... A it's different. Your eyes shine brighter and your smile seems more beautiful. But wait... Something's different. Why are you leaving? Wait! Don't go! Why are you leaving my hand? You're getting far away from me and I can't stop it. You are going away... But, but... I want you to stay? I'm shouting, I'm fighting, I'm loving, I... I don't want you to leave but you are. You are leaving me here. On our road. Why are you leaving all our dreams on our road of love? On that road, we should have walk together! We should love together, smile together and... And do everything together. I'm sweating and crying and I just can't stop. "No, no, don't leave...", I'm mumbling and... "Stiles... Stiles... Shhh it's okay. It was just a dream. Shh.", your touch wakes me up. "Malia... You're here!", I said excited like a little kid and hugged you strong like a grown-up man. "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere... ", your pure words calmed me down and you curled up in my strong arms that are never gonna let you go... Lost in the reality I don't want to dream ever again, unless you'd be by my side.

Hello guys,
I know I'm a little bit late with today's post but I was in huge mess today, I had lots thibgs to do and I wasn't even home all day so please don't blame me.

I hope you liked this post and please tell me your opinions in the comment section.

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True Love Never Dies

There are some times in everyone's life that you just want to be alone, you've done something that you mean is so horrible that you can't even look at the eyes of the person you love. You just can't tell them, everytime you try to finally say it you just think about that person's reaction, you think they will stop loving you and that's the worst feeling... 
Please... Don't think I don't love you because you feel I'm going far away from you, like there's hole between us that will not ever stop spreading... You know that's not the truth. I just... I need time. 
A little time to pick myself up and think about my decisions and things I've done, I just...
I don't think someone like you, that kind of beautiful person, deserves me...
I'm nothing and you are everything.
Why do you even want me when you can have hundreds times better boys? 
I love you and I'm sick of pushing you back from me. I just need to realize some things in life, arrange the cubes in my head and then... 
Then I'll be happy. I will be the same boy you know. Believe me, I'm not going anyway. 
I'm here,always, for you.
You know I'll never stop loving you, wanting you and I won't ever get sick of telling you how beautiful you are to me even when you always says it's not the truth? You know it, right? 
Look into my eyes, they only see you. Now, tomorrow and always. Always and forever.
Don't be sad. I'm not going far away. I'm here. I'm here but like I'm not... And I want to change it. 
But... No one can help me with that. I have to fight the demons in my head and the monsters under my bed alone, by myself. If I don't do it alone, honey, they won't go.
They are my life lesson. They want to teach me some things about life. Life is a big fight, first with yourself and then with all the people on the world. I need to finish the first fight, fight with myself and then... The two of us will fight the world together. Because... Darling, you know we don't care about anyone else but the two of us? I only see you. I don't care what they say, I'll always and forever love you.
The true love never dies... 

Hello my people out there around the world (wth?!) haha,
I don't know, I just feel happy because I get into this writting and I was thinking that we all want Stiles to say this to Malia in next episode. I mean, I'm not alone, right?

So, that was all for today,
I hope you enjoyed this ''Stiles saying to Malia'' type of text and...
I guess, see you tomorrow!

Love ya and stay alive, xx


I Love Everything About You...

When your hair suddenly decided to change color into grey, when your legs started to feel the pain, when your skin gets older and your hands wrinkle, you know... I'll still love you. You know that my eyes are blind for your imperfections, my hands always want to hold you and never let you go, my skin still trembles on your touch, my eyes will always shine so bright when I see your beautiful face. 
When your friends all forgot you, when they don't even remember your name, I'll be there by your side repeating that you have me and I have you and that's what really matters. That's what I really need. Just you and me, somewhere far away from all this noise, cities and people. 
Being alone with you is like sitting on the beach watching sunset. It's so beautiful that you can't even describe it to the man who never felt it, never seen it. 
Every single second with you is worth all my memories. 
I want to build a house with you, I want to create the family with you, but the most important...
I want to create memories with you, I want to love you and be with you every single second because when I'm without you I'm weak boy lost in this freaking world.
My world would be nothing without you. 
My eyes wouldn't shine so bright, the butterflies in my stomach would be gone, my arms would be lost like I'd be, because you know that... 
These arms are made for holding you, those eyes are made for watching you and this heart is made for loving you.
I want to break the silence, I want to write you a song 'bout your eyes and sing it to you to prove that there are no eyes like yours, so shining and so bright, when you are happy so kind but then you let your demons replace angels inside you and they become dark. But you know what?
I still love them. Yeah, now I love the dark, too.
The truth is...
I love everything about you...

Hello guys,
Whats up?
So today I wrote just another text, because my inspiration was going crazy today and I hope you like this ''Stiles writting to Malia'' letter and I also want to thank you for 4000 views, you're the best, thank you so much! 

Love ya,
Stay alive, xx


Without You I'm Nothing...

Please don't act like you don't care because I know... Deep inside you there's still a little bit love for me that you're keeping and hiding from everyone, even from me. But you can't hide anything from me, I just feel it. I feel when you are happy, when you are sad, when you want to die or when you need someone to hug you. I feel it. I really do, though how insane that sounds. That's what is love all about, don't you think so? Insane. Great word for us. Yeah, we are insane. We love each other so deeply but we easily forget to show it. Because we are insane. We've let all the bad things upset us so much that we forgot our promise :"I'm here for you, through all the pain and all the tears. YOU CAN TELL ME EVERYTHING". Yeah, we forgot that we are soul mates. We can really live without each other. So don't. Please don't let bad things destroy us. Destroy our relationship, our love and our promises. That's only thing I want from you...
To be with me, talk to me and tell me everything.
I know you'll feel better when you tell me everything, I would, too.
So let's just kill all the negativity between us and love each other. That's why we are made for, right?

Guys hello,
I didn't have too much time today because I won't be home for next 5-6 hours so I wrote this text like Malia is writting to Stiles type of thing... You know what I'm talking about haha.

So that was all for today,
Love ya and see you tomorrow!
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9th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys,
Umm... I just watched the new episode of Teen Wolf, and as always, I'm doing the review.

This episode just made me so,so sad at the same time as FREAKING FRUSTRATED!
I just... Don't know where to start.

All the Chimeras thing really is so tiring to me... I just want my old happy faced, smiling cast.
I just wanna lay in bed and cry until I sleep and wake up when new episode comes out.
I just want to kill all the Dread Doctors and THEO and make our lifes waaaaay much easier.
I mean...
Like what the hell is happening in his freaking mind?!
And did you seen ''In next episode...'' clip after the show?!


And it's 80% because of THEO.
I really want to rip his head off and make him say all his secrets in front of Scott and Stiles right now.
#StilesStayStrong #WeBelieveYou

And can we just take a moment and cry together because of Malia?
I love her so much, Malia stay strong babe!
Imagining having chance to save 2 people's life and you fail? Yeah, hurts just thinking about it.
This broke Malia emotionaly and I'm so worried about her.
Her relationship with Stiles is just getting colder and colder and AT THE END, AGAIN, IT'S BECAUSE OF THEO!
If Theo didn't said Scott lies about Stiles, Stiles would still have Scott by his side, now he feels lost, falling into problems deeper and deeper and they can't even comunicate. I mean, he touched her hands (#StaliaMoment after a while...) and asked what's wrong but... Malia's emotionaly broken, just like him, they are both in pieces and I hope they will glue each others pieces with their love. I really,really hope.

I'm also worried about Layden. I mean, it's obivously he loves her but can he protect her? Is Hayden going to die? If he fails at protecting her, he won't EVER forgive himself! But why Scott said ''NO'' when Liam asked if he could change Hayden into werewolf and save her life?! I really don't understand Scott.

''Something's change. With me and my friends. And I don't know how to fix it.'' 

Yeah Scott, you don't know how to fix it and I know?! I don't want to be rude but... It's easy!

But what about Deaton, Desert Wolf and Kira?! Where are they?! I hope Desert Wolf is killed by someone somewhere very far from Malia #fingerscrossed. And it would be waaaay easier to fight Dread Doctors if you'd have someone like Deaton (who knows like every single thing about supernatural creatures) and I hope Kira is okay, I hope she'll learn how to control the fox inside her and get back into Beacon Hills.

What about Parrish?
I really think he and Lydia are perfect for each other and I really loved the scene where she told him that he's still really good guy, she tried to make him feel better and it's so cute,if you ask me and I WOULDN'T FORGET THE SCENE WHERE THEY FIGHTED! OMG, I LOVED IT! IS IT JUST ME OR IT'S PRETTY CUTE WHERE GUY AND GIRL FIGHT BUT NOT LIKE REALLY FIGHT BECAUSE HE HOLDED HER HANDS AT THE END AWW. #MarrishTeamForever

And all the Corey thing was really bad for my health. He could be alive now if he accepted to get protected from the pack...

Let's make all this clear :
I always told you Theo is the bad guys, now you have another proof! Well done to me!
Malia and Stiles need to talk to each other, open their minds and tell their thoughts to each other so they can help each other (I think this each other started to be annoying...). #fingerscrossed
Scott needs to remember who was there for him when no one else was and ask himself did he listened to the other side of the story.
Lydia and Parrish are pretty cool together and I love Parrish's idea to lock him into the prison to don't hurt anybody BUT IF YOU ASK ME, HE'S STRONG ENOUGH TO BREAK THE GRIDS AND GET OUT WHEN HE GETS HIS POWER. But again, I say ''If you ask me'' and we'll see.
Deaton,Kira and Desert Wolf are gone but I think they all are coming back but I also hope Desert Wolf isn't.
Corey is dead.

That was all for today,
See you tomorrow, let's all go to bed, lay down and cry, unless that's what I'm gonna do...

Love ya, stay alive, xx


How Teen Wolf Changed My Life?!

Hello guys,
So today I'm writting about how this show, Teen Wolf.
I've never really thought of this before but now, when I'm thinking about it... Teen Wolf has really changed my life, I mean, it really did!
If you can agree with me in any of this moments or changes in your life because of Teen Wolf, please comment down bellow '' #ShareOurFeelingsWithFandom'' and you can also add more changes that Teen Wolf made in your life.

First of all , my friends!
Yeah, now they think I'm completely crazy (before they thought I was crazy, but not like this). I don't know what's their reason to think that because I just told them every line from every single episode, told them I would like to be a werewolf, tried to teach them about werewolves (but they didn't really care at all...) and my mood depended of new episode, like it was sad (like someone died or something like that) I would stare at the wall all day or try to explain them what's wrong with me (that never ended good, I would just talk,talk and talk for like 2 hours e.g.how Allison died but they didn't even know who's Allison!) But they still love me aww (lol)!

My version of the song Alive :

My mother told me I should go and get some therapy,
I asked the doctor , ''Can you find out what is wrong with me? 
I don't know why I wanna be with every DYLAN I meet.
I can't control it.
Yeah, I know it's taking over me.
Can't contain it.
So tell me just what should I do?''

She said, ''Hey it's alright, 
Does it makes you feel alive?
Don't look back,
Live your life,
Even if it's WEREWOLF'S one...''

Yeah, that was pretty... Weird.
But okay, let's get back to our theme.

What else?
Oh yeah, the Moon! It may seem crazy to you but I started looking different at the Moon when I started watching Teen Wolf.
I started loving the Moon... Really... It's so beautiful but I can also pretend he's giving me the power of the werewolf just looking at it (lol , #justwerewolfthings).

Did you ever find yourself doing something important, hard etc. like doing your homework, thinking about some things and talking to yourself ''Think like Stiles!'' because... I have to admit, I did!
Stiles is just so smart and watching Teen Wolf all your wishes came into one : to be like Stiles or to have boyfriend like Stiles (I mean... #Stilesgirlfriendforlife).
Stiles is my all-time favorite character from Teen Wolf because he has it all! Yeah, he's smart, intelligent, sarcastic, good friend and even better boyfriend, he'll even die for ones he loves, he don't care if he die, he just wants his friends to be okay. #i'mthawing

And for the end...
If there wasn't Teen Wolf, there would be no Stalia, if there would be no Stalia, there would be no my blog, if there would be no my blog I would never ever meet you guys.
This blog really changed my life.
I feel like this is one of the things I'm good at and I can't stop doing it because I really enjoy writting this blog.
I hope you enjoy reading it.

My heroes are Stiles, Scott, Liam, Malia, Derek, Lydia and... Allison will always live in my heart!
I really love this show and now, I wouldn't be completed if I didn't ''meet'' all my loves and my heroes.
Thank you for changing my life!x


See you guys tomorrow, xx


Stalia's Style Is Killing It Part 2!

Hello guys,
What's up? 
Today, I'm writting on the same theme as I wrote 2 days ago and it's because one girl asked me to do it again, so I'm doing the part 2! 

I hope you'll enjoy, it'll be the same as 2 days ago, I'll do Malia's part, then Stiles' part and, again, there will be 3 must haves from their closets.

Let's start!


I haven't talked about her shoes and now I'm going to do it haha!

These black combot boots you can get HERE! They aren't really expensive because boots are around this price everywhere and also, you don't need to order them online, you can buy them in any mall. 

I mean, girl loves boots! If you don't like heels or don't wear them yet (like me) you can always get these boots without heels! You can get SIMILAR ones HERE !
*if you are reading this comment down bellow ''#LookAtKirasFace'' *

Let me just add this : She loves boots! Any kind of boots! Any color! Boots! If you want to look like Malia just wear boots! Haha.

Malia loves wearing cardigans and they are so great because you can wear basic cardigan with every outfit.

Stripes nautical kind of look? Yeah,sure, we love it!
You can get SIMILAR HERE

You can get this one in other color HERE!


We love this baby pink sweater and how it looks like on Malia! You can get THE SAME ONE HERE! And it's just $7 !

Malia loves wearing sweaters in light colors, such as light pink,light blue or even white. 
You can get these sweaters in any mall! And that's so great about Malia's style, all the clothes are affordable and you can get them everywhere!



This t-shirt with a skull is called Obey Dia De Los Muertos t-shirt and you can get this one in another color HERE!

This one is pretty basic, it's poly cotton short sleeve ringer t-shirt but it's so Stiles' style and you can get this one HERE!

I love this one! Let's settle this like adults haha! You can get this one HERE!

And we talked about Malia's shoes, so why not talk about Stiles' shoes ,too? I mean ... haha.

These ones are called '' Nike SB Dunk Low Pro in Wolf Grey/Light Redwood'' and you can get similar ones HERE!

These ones are called '' Nike SB Eric Koston Skate Shoe in Black/Crystal Mint '' and you can get them HERE!

That was all for today!
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Love you guys and see you tomorrow, x