I Love Everything About You...

When your hair suddenly decided to change color into grey, when your legs started to feel the pain, when your skin gets older and your hands wrinkle, you know... I'll still love you. You know that my eyes are blind for your imperfections, my hands always want to hold you and never let you go, my skin still trembles on your touch, my eyes will always shine so bright when I see your beautiful face. 
When your friends all forgot you, when they don't even remember your name, I'll be there by your side repeating that you have me and I have you and that's what really matters. That's what I really need. Just you and me, somewhere far away from all this noise, cities and people. 
Being alone with you is like sitting on the beach watching sunset. It's so beautiful that you can't even describe it to the man who never felt it, never seen it. 
Every single second with you is worth all my memories. 
I want to build a house with you, I want to create the family with you, but the most important...
I want to create memories with you, I want to love you and be with you every single second because when I'm without you I'm weak boy lost in this freaking world.
My world would be nothing without you. 
My eyes wouldn't shine so bright, the butterflies in my stomach would be gone, my arms would be lost like I'd be, because you know that... 
These arms are made for holding you, those eyes are made for watching you and this heart is made for loving you.
I want to break the silence, I want to write you a song 'bout your eyes and sing it to you to prove that there are no eyes like yours, so shining and so bright, when you are happy so kind but then you let your demons replace angels inside you and they become dark. But you know what?
I still love them. Yeah, now I love the dark, too.
The truth is...
I love everything about you...

Hello guys,
Whats up?
So today I wrote just another text, because my inspiration was going crazy today and I hope you like this ''Stiles writting to Malia'' letter and I also want to thank you for 4000 views, you're the best, thank you so much! 

Love ya,
Stay alive, xx


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