These black walls around me are getting so big,
I feel I'm disappearing in them...
You are my drug 
And now when you are gone
I'm left alone with my addiction
Without cure
How can I get myself together
When you've shattered me in the pieces
With just few words
'I can't... I'm leaving' ,
You said but baby you forgot one thing...
You didn't ask me would I be able to live 
Without you
Without my drug
'Cause when you get addicted to someone
Their departure kills you inside
But you need to hide it.
Love you too much to let you go,
But too proud to stop you from leaving.
How can I live this live without you 
When you are everything 
That still keeps me alive
- me 


New Characters In Season 6

Hello my dear wolfiers!
It's finally Friday and I can't even describe you how happy I'm about that! This week has been really stressful to me because I'll be finishing school on May 26th and it's only week and a half away! Crazy to even think about the fact that I'm going to be in high school next year! But I'm not here to talk about myself now, because I have some exciting news for you guys!
There is going to be a new player in lacrosse team in season 6 and his name is Ross Butler. He'll be playing Nathan , a guy who is new in lacrosse team and doesn't believe in supernatural creatures and you know what's next - that's about to change!

He's pretty cute, no doubt but the question is : do we need new characters?
Is this going to far and would Ross be the only new character in the season 6?
I personally always prefer something or someone I got used to and I kind of miss the times where there were no 'strange' characters for us. Don't you feel like sometimes it gets to complicated when they add new characters and buuuum they accidentally die after 2 episodes. We do not need death in that measure! I know this is kind of horror TV show but let's be honest, killing the character we kind of get used to and replacing him/her with the new one has no sense. Let's take Kira, for example.
I have nothing against here, I find her cute and pretty but she'll never replace Allison. The reason why they added Kira in Teen Wolf should be (I'm not saying 100%) to replace Allison because just at the time Allison and Scott broke up new girl is going to their high school. Not coincidence at all? 
Well, what I want to say with this post would be : Please Jeff, one if enough, we do not need new characters just more action with the old ones. And, yeah, Ross (Nathan) welcome to the Teen Wolf family! Just please don't fall in love with Malia, or do, but just to help Stiles get aware of how much he loves her! This was poetic! 

So that was all for today! 
I'd love to hear your opinions in the comment down bellow!
I love you guys!

Stay alive,xx


Fake Season 6 Opening and My Thoughts

Hello my lovely wolfiers!
How are you? I hope you are doing fine!
So recently I've seen the Season 6 opening video and I though it was legit, but don't worry - it's not.

Before I start with sharing my thoughts after watching this video with you, I want you to actually watch it so you know what I am talking about ...

Amazing job whosoever has done it but I must admit I was scared! No, not because all the blood and everything but have you noticed something? There is no Malia in this video! 
Just Scott, Stiles, DEREK and Lydia! I was happy to see Derek thinking it was legit but when I noticed there's no Malia or Kira I was disappointed. 
First thoughts about blood and Lydia's scary scenes were ''Ohh my God! This is going to be a GREAT season!''. I love when it's actually something happening. Something related to supernatural creatures that are constantly fighting enemies but it wouldn't be interesting at all if their enemies were always the same. We have had the Berserkers, the Oni, the Alpha pack, Darach, the Kanima, the Mute etc. and although we all hate them, we must admit it was exciting to see our teen pack fighting with them while trying to live normal teen life (which was normal till the night in the woods, the first episode, the bite). Maybe I'm repeating myself but Lydia's scenes here... They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Hope Jeff sees this video and makes episodes based on this but, of course, adding Malia and Kira , 'cause what would we do with our girls? 

I'm wondering what are you expecting in the sixth season of our favorite show? Do you like this video and what would you add or remove from it? 
Wanna hear your thoughts wolfiers!

Hope you'll be having an awesome weekend! 
Love ya all! 

Stay alive,xx