Afraid Of Losing You

It's like every day is dangerous and I'm scared...
Why ? 
You are the best and love every single thing about you.
I'm afraid baby... 
Afraid of losing you...
You know... I dream about you every single night and I wake up in tears.
It's like you are leaving me and I can't stop you. 
You are leaving me without saying goodbye. 
And it hurts... 
Hurts knowing that I'm losing you with every single mistake I do...
I'm just like that. I'm the worst but I love you the most...
Only you can make me smile while I'm crying. 
Only you can wake up the butterflies in my stomach and it feels exactly like when we first met.
You make me so much better.
Maybe I'm the worst to the world, but for my girl... You know, I'll do anything.
Anything to keep you here with me.
Anything to make you feel loved and to make you want to stay here with me.
You are the one, girl.
I know I'm doing a lot mistakes recently but please, don't give up on me.
I wanna be yours but I, sometimes, turn on the wrong path hoping that you won't let me go.
I love you, baby... Please don't let me go because I'm afraid of losing you...



Hello there!
I was just searching the Internet to find some facts and news about the upcoming season of Teen Wolf.
I was not happy with what I've found... It seems like Jeff is promising more Stydia moments in season 6 and he also added that he's going to make Stydia shippers happy.
Jeff, I hate you with all of my heart!
I mean, how could you do that us? This show will become STUPID if Stydia would be back because you can't represent Stiles as a guy who fell in love then let go that girl because she didn't care about him and when he finally founds someone who loves him, he should go back to the first girl because she suddenly realized what she has lost?!
I'm talking seriously! I only watch shows that are in touch with the real life which may sound crazy because this show is all about werewolves and supernatural creatures, but, at the end of the day, they are just the normal teens like us. Do normal teen boys in real life dump girls who love them for the girls that have became the PAST for them? I don't think so.
I have nothing against Lydia, don't get me wrong. I love her so much but this is just not fair to Malia.
She has suffered all her life, she lived with the fact that her mother is a psychotic killer who killed her adopted mother and sister on the full moon and the same killer we are talking about is now back to kill her own daughter because she had took her werecoyote power at during birth.
That's, also, not her fault. She didn't choose to take her power but she's going to be dead because of that. But... She doesn't even care about herself. She cares about him. Malia cares about Stiles and she just want to protect him.

But she's losing him now, too.


Stay alive,xx



The photo up there is a letter by Wes Bell, a filmmaker who made The Maze Runner in which Dylan is a main character. 
If you can't really tell what is written up there, here it is :
“Well, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions these past few days,I’ve been overwhelmed with feelings of anger and sadness and guilt. But, ultimately I find myself left with a deep love and respect for Dylan. “He is one tough cookie,I’m sorry for the grief this accident has caused his friends and family as well as my wonderful cast and crew. It’s scary seeing your friend get hurt, but fortunately, Dylan is going to be just fine. After a few weeks of rest and recovery he’ll be back up and running to finish our adventure together. All the best.” - Wes Bell
“Dylan O’Brien was injured yesterday while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure in Vancouver, Canada,” Fox said in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He was immediately transferred to a local hospital for observation and treatment. Production on the film will be shut down while he recovers. Our thoughts go out to Dylan for a full and speedy recovery.”

I can't really describe how I felt when I heard this... My thoughts are with you, Dylan. I love you so much and wish you the speed recovery. xo

Stay alive,xx


20 Reasons To Ship Stalia

Hello, my dear wolfiers and welcome to another post!
This time, I'm showing you 44 reasons to ship our favorite couple ever!

Let's get into this...

I ship Stalia because :
1. They love each other.
2. They care about each other.
3. They have saved each others lifes couple of times.
4. They are different but yet so similar.
5. They are beautiful together.
6. They think in the same way.
7. They complete each other.
8. They are strong together.
9. Thay can beat any enemy together.
10. They can't live without each other.
11. They are the most interesting couple in Teen Wolf.
12. The way they look at each other.
13. The way they support each other.
14. The way they hold hands.
15. The way they show their love to each other.
16. They controle each other.
17. They are lovely couple.
18. They love each other more than themselves.
19. Stiles is Malia's first love.
20. Malia is Stiles' first relatioship.

Stay alive,xx


You Are The Song Of My Heart

Missing and loving you became my addiction. I can't help myself anymore. 
There's no cure for my disease,
So don't leave me please...

Your eyes are shining so bright, 
When you are with me,
That's the time when everything is alright, 
So let's order some tea.

Let's find out if it makes us go crazy,
After I gave you bouquet of roses and single daisy, 
To show you that you are special,
Special to me...
Since you came it's like there's a devil
In my body and a cup of tea
Won't help till you don't tell me 
That you have been loving me for a while,
but you were to shy to tell

Cuz baby, that's what I want to tell you
You, you, you
You are the song of my heart,
In which there's no word but love, 
You are a piece of art, 
My love can't reach no more above...

World is a nasty place,
Can't leave your beautiful face, 
I'd die if someone'd hurt you,
Your hero is me, 
Baby you need nobody.

So let's make this forever,
It's now or never.
Nothing's gonna change if you want me to leave,
I know that I'll be there forever,
for you, to love you and take care of you...


Why Am I Void?!

I've done so many things wrong but why is God punishing me like this?! Why is He taking you from me, when I can't live without you?! Am I that bad person?
' I don't want to hurt you, maybe it's better to... Please go, I can't say it...'
' Baby, what's wrong?'
' Don't... Just don't... I... I want you to leave! We are done! '
And you left. Deep down, I wanted you to stay but baby, you don't realize that I am the one who's hurting you! It's all my false! I should've protect you from everything but I can't... I'm not that strong...
The monsters will chase you when you are with me and I want you to go. I want you to be happy somewhere else, with somebody else, without me... 
I'm the cause of your pain, I'm the one who should feel it, I deserve it because I've done so many bad things in my life. But you...
You are the one who's face is more innocent than anything on this planet.
You are the one who makes people shame about their behavior not saying anything, just looking at them...
Your eyes are bright and shinny when you are with me and I don't want to shut the shine down but I can't help it... I can't protect you from evil that's chasing me.
How can it even come close to you when you are so good and nice?
What's wrong with me?! Why am I void?!
I can't help myself... It's better for you to leave me and everything will be okay. 
Your life will be normal again.
Like before you met me.
But I don't think you regret it... 
I'm hoping you don't regret a second spent with me,baby...
Promise me you'll remember me and go.
It's better to leave evil than to become one.



Hello guys!
How are you? I hope you are well but I'm not really.
I've just watched the finale episode of 5th season and I'm pretty stressed right now knowing that I will have to wait, wait and wait for season 6. How are you feeling about that?
I'm so glad that our pack has finally killed the Beast and the Desert Wolf. 
Allison saved Scott and I was literally melting when that scene came... 
I have to say again that I miss Allison so much... #WeRememberYou
Kira was back for a while to help our pack to kill the Beast by relieving Lydia who got Mason back by screaming his name in front of the Beast who was killed by the Hellhound a.k.a our Parrish, later. #DieBeastDie 
But now, she's with Skin Walkers again to teach her to control her powers. 
Kira is cute af and I like her so much!
Stiles saved Malia and I know, I know... We are all feeling the same. #Stalia is back now!
And I have to say this...  #Malydia is totally friendship goals! I love them together and I think that Lydia and Malia are pretty similar but yet so different, if you know what I mean.
I'm back with shipping #Layden, too.
I love the fact that Hayden is a werewolf now and the scene where Hayden came to Liam all happy with yellow eyes and he had the matching one (can I say it like that?) is just... THE CUTEST THING EVER!
We all see that, at the end, everything's so nice and good... Except the scene of bloody footprints coming from that liquid in Dread Doctors' room. But that's also kind of nice because that guarantees us that they will be the next season, the 6th one, and 10 more after that! Amen!

OMG I just noticed that this is our 100th POST! Thank you guys for your amazing support, without you this wouldn't be possible, I wouldn't feel free to write on my own blog about the things I love without you... I'm so thankful for everything!
I love you guys so much and I hope you liked this post although it's pretty short how it uses to be but I don't want to be (too) boring haha.

Stay alive,xx


Imagine : Wedding Day

It's the half of the most beautiful month, called March.
In March, everything's pretty, every flower let us enjoy its beauty creating the colorful picture of this beautiful planet Earth.
My thoughts and worries are bigger than the Earth on this day.
It's our wedding day...
Lydia and I are wearing long beautiful white dresses, the same ones because now, when we are best friends, we love to wear the same clothes so we decided to wear the same wedding dresses.
Parrish has never been prettier than today. But you know that my eyes are not focusing on Parrish but him... My biggest love, the only truth on this world... My Stiles.
Realizing that now, for a few minutes, I'll be standing there with him, looking him in his beautiful eyes, but this time like his wife.
My surname will be Stilinski. Oh God!
Malia Stilinski. 
How that does sound to you?
I have never been happier in my entire lifetime.
After all these years, he can make the butterflies in my stomach going crazy by just one look, just one smile...
Lydia is happy now, too. I'm grateful for everything that I've got.
I've got my best friend here by my side, we are doing our double wedding that we were always dreaming about. Our wedding dresses are beautiful but they wouldn't be this beautiful without this brooch. It's brooch with initials of a true hero that I wish I knew better... A.A. - Allison Argent.
I wish she was there with us, on our day because I see how much Lydia misses her. 
Her eyes are showing that she's trying to find someone in the crowd knowing that it's not possible, but she's still looking...
Trying to break this jitters, I'm looking who's out there...
Scott and Kira are there! Kira looks so beautiful! Scott is trying to reassure Stiles but the little Allison is interrupting him by playing with his trousers. 

Hello my dear wolfiers!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Who agrees with me that this should happen?
Let me see your hands in the air hahaha!

Welll...Hope you like it! If you do be sure to let me know in the comments down below and please follow me on GFC and G+. Thank you!

 Stay alive,xx


19th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello wolfiers!
What's going on with you guys? I hope you are okay and everything is in the perfect order in your lives!
I'm going to be writing about 19th episode of Teen Wolf and we should get started, I guess...

This episode was pretty confusing to me!
First of all, yeah, we know that Mason is the Beast but the Dread Doctors had put him on some weird... Don't know how to call it but it's basically a tube or pipe pinned in his neck connected to a weird ''body'' (if I can call it like that) in a some kind of liquid which was supposed to make him turn into the Beast without the need of some kind of frequency (oh my God, this made me think about physics because I have to study like right now but no, I'm here, with you guys, writing this ''I hope interesting post'').
The pack is trying to get all the places covered up in case the Beast (Mason) shows up.
Their mission is to SAVE Mason, but not everybody thinks like that. Theo is closer to his goal more than ever! Although he only has got one more member of his pack which is Tracy and the Deucalion which I'm not including as his pack. How is that possible, you think? Where are Corey, Hayden and Josh? Well, let's start with the good news first. Hayden and Corey are completly on our side, if I can say it like that because they are more on Liam's and Mason's side than the whole of our pack, but hey, Liam and Mason are members of our pack so... You get it, right?
What about Josh? Well, he's dead. Theo did it. He has took his power, also. Wow man, that guy is never stopping trying to take what is not his. First Malia, then Josh's and Mason's power... Fortunately, he didn't succeed with an attempt to separate Malia and Stiles.
When we are talking about Malia...
We'll Malia is worried about Stiles. Breaden is trying to protect Malia in Scott's house sprinkling the Mountain Ash basically... EVERYWHERE! But Malia is more worried about Stiles than herself.
She thinks that her mother a.k.a Desert Wolf is trying to hurt Stiles because that's the indirect way to hurt Malia. Seeing the person you love suffer is worse than the pain you'd feel dying.
But the Desert Wolf attacks Malia first. The battle between Breaden and Malia on one side and Desert Wolf and Tracy on the other (I SWEAR I SAW TRACY IN THAT HOUSE, AM I RIGHT?) will be continued in the next episode.

Scott decides to accept Theo's help although he knows that he wants to take the Beast's power while Lydia and Sherrif Stilinski are convincing Parrish to stay and save all the people who need him right now. #MoreMarrishMoments

Deucalion only wants Scott's eyes and I really hope he will be blind forever! That sounded mean but you need to see and hear that man! He's just too... Irritating!
Scott, Theo and Liam went to the Dread Doctor's ''burrow'' because Corey told them that the Dread Doctors took Mason, while Scott's mom, Melissa, finds out that Mason ate his twin brother and that he has double-stranded DNA which is pretty disguisting fact for me...
The Dread Doctors walk into the room and find Scott, Liam and Theo there. While they were fighting, the weird tube in Mason's neck started to work and it made him turn into the Beast.
He killed the Dread Doctors (at least that's good) and ran away. Scott, Liam and Theo went out for him and found Argents and Parrish there. Parrish was fighting with the Beast and it turned into...
Guess who?

When the Beast remembers, the teenager will be gone.

Is Mason gone now? Oh my God...

And I just want to mention that Kira went to the desert again and found the Skinwalkers which are going to help her to find out how she can save her friends.

Hope you like it! If you do be sure to let me know in the comments down below and please follow me on GFC and G+. Thank you!

 Stay alive,xx