#TeenWolfWiki : PART 6!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post. This is the 6th part and apparently the last one in this year and there will be no more 2015 haha. 2016 is coming in less than 8 hours in my country. What about yours?
I hope you'll have awesome year and much,much better than this one! Wish you all the best guys!
So let's get into this. Today I'm going to write about ...
Nemeton is basically the tree stump that really marked season 5 so I think it's time to talk about it...
We all know who you think about when I say Nemeton. It's Parrish of course! But just in season 5, because we've seen this magical tree stump before in Teen Wolf but I said starting this #TeenWolfWiki column that I'm just going to talk about things that ARE GOING to be included in the season 5B so...
Well, although we all thought Parrish was Phoenix, he's a Hellhound and that's basically creepy... At least for me. Because I... I just don't know on which side he is anymore! I love Parrish and I love Marrish  (okay, I got to far) but why? Why is he taking dead bodies to the Nemeton?!
What is secret beyond this Nemeton power and who's controlling Parrish?! Unfortunately, I don't know any answers.
But... I know some interesting facts about this stump!
Remember Dr.Deaton? Well, he used the wood cut from the Nemeton to fashion a wooden jar, a cylindicar box, to hold Talia Hale's claws. As some point after that, the box was taken out of the country. Could someone please tell me why?
After that, Derek, Breaden and Peter found it in a large chest made of Mountain Ash  and filled with sawdust from the same type tree. It's clearly stored in such a way to keep all the supernatural creatures out. The top of the cylinder was decorated with a craving of the triskelion .

Let's talk about the ''real world myth''. Clearly, this all Nemeton stuff needed to be found somewhere. And this time, it's all about the Celtic religion. In the real world, the Nemeton is any sacred space, often a wooded grove.

The Roman Poet Lucan described a real Nemeton located in the south of France in 61 AD :

"...no bird nested in the nemeton, nor did any animal lurk nearby; the leaves constantly shivered though no breeze stirred. Altars stood in its midst, and the images of the gods. Every tree was stained with sacrificial blood. the very earth groaned, dead yews revived; unconsumed trees were surrounded with flame, and huge serpents twined round the oaks. The people feared to approach the grove, and even the priest would not walk there at midday or midnight lest he should then meet its divine guardian."

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I hope we'll discover the big secret behind all of this...
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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 5!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki 5th part!
Today I'm going to be writing about...
Mountain Ash ! 

Well, as you probably know (if you watch Teen Wolf), Mountain Ash is basically the ash with which you can make a trap to captivate werewolves. 
Mountain ash likely refers to the Sorbus scopulina , a small to medium-sized deciduous tree common in Northern California. 
We've seen it in Teen Wolf many times, used in good and bad intention (I suppose we all consider good intention as used by our pack to fight the enemies and bad intention as used against us pack) . 
The Argent hunter family used to use it to trap and kill the werewolves.
Dr.Deaton says that his clinic is lined with Mountain Ash to make it difficult for some bad werewolves to hurt him because he's on the good side.
But, this is the time we break all the laws! Scott McCall did it! He crossed the Mountain Ash barrier with great effort! I love that scene! 
And also, several Oni were able to break through the barrier around the Scott's house... I don't like that scene... Haha.

I found on the Internet that Tracy was able to cross that barrier but I don't really know why they mention that because Chimeras CAN cross the ash anyway!

I haven't much to say about this theme so I guess that's it. 
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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 4!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post! 
This is the part 4 and I can't really believe how time passes by because it'll basically be 2016 in 3 days! 
Do you celebrate New Year? I don't really celebrate New Year, I mean, I go to sleepover at my best friends' houses or they come to my place but it's not like we are going to party that much just because it's New Year and I'm Muslim , too , so that isn't properly in my religion.
I think I went really too deep into this and I have so much to do so I should probably start haha...
Today I'm going to write about...
Triskelion ! 

*I miss Derek so much...*

So, if you watch Teen Wolf (sayin' this because some of my readers don't watch Teen Wolf but they find these posts interesting) you probably noticed that triskelion tattoo on Derek's back. But what is actually triskelion and why Derek has its tattoo? 
Triskelion is basically the sign of 3 spirals which somehow look like 3 legs. 
But the triskelion is an acient symbol with wide and varied meanings and usage around the world. 
But in Teen Wolf it has first time appeared in the second episode , around Laura Hale's grave as Stiles removed a wolfsbane studded rope next to Derek's house. Basically, it appeared a lot in Teen Wolf, even in Lydia's hallucinations. Derek explained Scott that triskelion is used as the symbol of the revenge among werewolf packs. But Boyd, in season 2, points out that the symbol has different meanings to different people. It might mean past, present and future or father,mother and child. Derek says that the symbol means to him Alpha, Beta and Omega - the three types of werewolves. He said it reminds him that we all can rise and fall. Beta can become an Alpha or an Alpha falling down to Omega status.
Talia Hale (a.k.a Derek's mother) used this sign to teach each one of her child to control themselves in the night of the full moon. 
There are also more different meanings of this sign : the stage of life and progress in the life (action, moving forward, etc.), the three real realms (water,sky and earth) and the phases of the moon (new, half and full). 

This sign really looks cool to me. What do you think? 

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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 3!

Hello guys and welcome to the third part of #TeenWolfWiki!
Today I'm going to talk about...

They've literally marked the season 5 so I think it's time to talk about them...

I've been searching the Internet for a while to find more informations about the Chimeras and I was thinking how could I conjure them to you...
So, the Chimera is a single organism with plural DNAs (and I really hope that makes sense...)

This is basically one Chimera. It's the lion with the second head of a goat's, and a snake's body for a tail.
It looks gross to me but... Whatever haha.
Let's talk about the Teen Wolf Chimeras. Well, Chimeras first showed in Teen Wolf in the season 5.
 The Dread Doctors usually use the young people to make the Chimeras out of them. Each victim had a medical procedure prior to being altered by the Doctors. They'd received tissue transplant, from an outside donor from the same speices, i.e.skin  grafts or organ transplants.
When the Chimeras first manifest their paranormal nature, they initially bleed out black blood. But, if they eventually bleed mercury the Doctors declare them as a failure of the resulting creature they are looking for.
In Status Asthmaticus , the Dread Doctors' latest experiment, ''La Bete'' (The Beast) is declared a success. Dread Doctors made Theo one of the Chimeras, he was also their first successful Chimera. Do we mention Theo a little too much? Naah... Let's continue...
He basically worked for Dread Doctors as the spy of the Scott's pack.
Afterwards, Theo created his own 'pack' with Dread Doctors' failures : Hayden, Tracy, Josh and Corey.
Well , I'm kind of happy because Hayden is back but I'm not happy at all because she's the one of them now.
And oh, Theo is the Chimera with the genetic makeup of werewolf and werecoyote.
Theo can steal the Alpha status and he can also turn into a full wolf and a full coyote. All Chimeras have ability to touch and cross the mountain ash barriers which is bad because they can't be stopped at all. You can stop a werewolf just by making the circle of mountain ash, you can trap the demon by creating the devil's trap, but them... You can stop them without, of course, killing them...

Hmm I think that's all. At the end, I can just say that this season is going to be TO HELL AND BACK!

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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 2!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post!
If you haven't notice it already, in this kind of posts I'm writing just about the things that are connected to present and future of Teen Wolf so in this post I decided to write about...
Theo Reaken! 

Theo Reaken a.k.a the new evil Teen Wolf bi... Hm, I mean character! So, Theo Reaken is the Teen Wolf character which appeared in 5th season. He claimed to be a bitten werewolf but, in fact, he's one of the chimeras (Dread Doctors' experiments) . 
As I said in the last post, I'm going talk about him in my own experience of him, i.e I'm going to write subjectively but also,as you can notice, I add some objective facts. 
Hmm what to say about him that wouldn't make me upset? Haha.
Well, he's a guy that was prettending he wants to be a part of Scott's pack but at the beginning, Stiles recognized his evil intentions and he informed Scott about that but well... Scott didn't trust him and Theo was getting closer and closer to the members of his pack. 
I don't really know why, but he thinks Malia likes him, despite the fact he's in the relationship with Stiles.
His self-esteem is a little bit to high, if you ask me... 
He claimed to be Scott's and Stiles' friend from elementary school and his only goal which made him come back to Beacon Hills was to join Scott's pack but the truth is that he just wanted to get his pack against him and take his title of the Alpha werewolf.
In his stories about him he told that his sister died 8 years ago in the woods after she drown in the water but the truth is that he was watching her dying and he didn't help her.
He was born evil, there's no other explanation...
I mean, how can you watch your own sister dying and just stay there without any guilty conscience? I don't know... I wouldn't be able to watch any human being dying knowing that I'm able to help him or her and don't do it. 
But why the hell they picked Cody Christian for this role when he's just so beautiful and oh my God... Theo has such a beautiful face but such an evil spirit!
Well, let's continue...
Stiles found portions of Theo's story don't add up, speciffically his father's signature on a school form seems to be forged. That's my boyfriend! He always gets it! Haha.
In one episode his parents were scared of him and then he crushed his father's finger to explain away Stiles ''evidence'' against him.
At all of his ways, he tried to ''fit in''. He saved Hayden and Liam from the Dread Doctors and I still don't get it why he did that. And he, also, didn't tell Sheriff Stilinski about Donovan's death so... He could be like half-good and half-evil man? Or not? 
I don't know, but I know that he's going to reveal his personality in the next season for sure!

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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 1!

Hello guys,how are you doing? 
I told you in my last post that I'm going to do special kind of posts from December 25th to January 5th (when Teen Wolf season 5B starts) so I decided to do ''#TeenWolfWiki'' posts in 10 parts whose titles I'm not going to discover you so they can be surprise for you! 
I hope you are excited as much as I am! 
In this post I'm gonna talk about...
The Beast of Gévaudan! 
Yes, that's right! I think it's time to talk about that beast!

We have already had a little conversation about this beast in my Teen Wolf Season 5B : NEWS?! post where I just mentioned that this is our enemy in the next season, the 5B season. 
You can google it or search the wikipedia about this beast but I'm gonna make it closer to you in this post (we don't understand wikipedia sometimes, admit it).

So, at the first photo up above it looks like a dinosaur somehow to me, isn't it? But at this one...

I'd say it's a wolf kind of monster...
And you are probably guessing... It's a man-eating wolf-like animal! 
But why the Beast of Gévaudan? Gévaudan is a historical area of France. How is France connected with this monster? Well, in 1760 this monster allegedly was held responsible for at least 60 animal-attack deaths. But there was not only one beast. There were more of them. They killed their victims by tearing at their throats with their teeth. I'm a little bit confused now because I just told that they are responsible for at least 60 animal-attack deaths but I found another source that says that there were more deaths. More that one hundred! I don't know how many people they've killed but I surely know they are dangerous! So dangerous! 
And there's another interesting fact: 
Remember the season 1 of the Teen Wolf? Well, in that season Allison learns that one of her ancestors killed the beast after his wife and four children were to fall prey to the creature!
Well, in the next season, it's believed that the Dread Doctors will appear to have resurrected the beast because they'll wish to steal it's power.
This must be confusing to you! 
I belive that's the reason why Theo told our pack that they have common enemy.
Maybe, just maybe, they'll try to fight it together?
Well, I still don't like Theo and I wish him all the worst.

That was all for today! I hope you've realized that this season is really going to be TO HELL AND BACK!
Sorry, I didn't want to scare you... Umh...
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Don't Let Me Go

Life is a dangerous journey. It's your choice how your life is going to look like. But... They teach us that everything's gonna be alright at the end. I don't believe in that. Do all people deserve to have the happy end? I don't think so.
There are all sorts of people on this amazing (slowly destroyed) Earth.
There are people who are like the actual devils. If they see good somewhere, they'll ruin it. No matter what takes them to do it. Their mission is to make our lives bad. To make us feel the dying pain everyday that's eating us from inside. 
Don't trust everyone! Maybe you'll fall in love with the wrong person. It happens. But you won't be aware of their other side. Of the mean side of their souls. But hey, we are the ones who decide with who we will be hanging with, with who we will be dating, eventually, married and with who we are going to spend the rest of our lives. I want you to be by my side, forever. You are the only light in this dark I can't run from if your hands are catching me when I'm falling. If your arms aren't hugging me when I'm breaking. If your smile isn't getting me back from the death. 
The only destiny I believe in is the one with you.
I believe in our future. I believe you'll be there by my side when I need you and I believe in the butterflies in my stomach every time I see you.
In this journey... It's hard to believe anyone. But if you find your ''matching soul'', the person you'd die for... Just make them promise that they'll never let you go. 
Because if you give your whole heart to that person and they let you go...
Your heart will be crashing into the hundreds of pieces and you won't be able to pick them up. You won't be able to pick yourself up.
So babe... Only thing I'm asking you for is... 
Promise me! Promise you'll never let me go!

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The Heart Want What It Wants

''Listen to your brain, forget the heart'' , they said. But I know, even through my brain says you're going to hurt me, my heart doesn't listen to it and constantly falls for your eyes and smile. One look is enough to make me feel the happiest person in the world but oh... I fell for you and I know this is not what I imagined, these aren't the dreams I dreamt when I was a little girl... I dreamt a nice boy with good behavior but I felt for bad boy, for a hooligan... But you... You are MY bad boy, MY hooligan and I don't care what they think even if they are right. My heart chose you. You are the one I talk about in my sleep, you are the one that makes me smile just by one single message you send me, you are the one that can make my day better at the hardest times... You... I'm so crazy in love with you, am I not? Hah...
Baby, let them talk what they want. 
I wouldn't leave you even when they all would be against us. 
The whole world might seem to be against us but our love is stronger than the whole world, isn't it?
Baby, just hug me thigh, let me know you love me and I will never leave.
I just need you. Even through it means I won't listen to my brain, okay, I'll be stupid, but I don't care if we love each other.
This whole world is just the fog that's trying to hide our love but oh, baby, fog doesn't last forever. 
We can chase it together.
Just you and me, honey.
The heart want what it wants.

Hello guys! Happy Wednesday!
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So, here's another imagine story by me. This one is like Malia writing to Stiles because he's bad boy and she's good girl so her friends and family keep saying to her that she should get away from him.
I  hope you like it! I love you guys!

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Hello guys...
O my God... I never thought I would be here writting this post. It feels amazing! Knowing that you accomplished one goal in your life... I can't describe this feeling! And this wouldn't be possible without you guys, you are my little hearts and I love you so much! I want to thank you for always being there for me, reading my posts even when they were actually not even close to good... Through my posts you can always conclude am I feeling good or am I so sad. That's why I love writting. Even when I'm writting about Stalia I can write fanfictions depending on my feelings. I can create stories that will never actually happen. I can imagine that I'm werewolf too, I can put myself into Malia's character. I can, basically, live thousands of lives just by writting. But you know what's better?
Knowing that someone out there is actually reading your posts, that someone out there likes them, finds me talented or just a good amateur writer. You may think that when I write to you that you mean so much to me, I'm doing it to keep you as my reader, but no, I'm not! I mean it!
Just try to do something and if someone tells you that you're so good, try to describe me that feeling! You'd feel the same! I, actually, feel proud of myself now. I've never been proud of myself in my entire life... But hey, that's another story! And I don't want to write sad stories now. This should be happy moment! And it clearly is! I'm so happy to have you in my life! 
Thank you so much again! 
I hope you like my blog and you'll continue reading it because it means so much to me!
Only thing I miss in this moment are they... I want to meet my heroes so badly. I want them to read this and all my other posts intended and inspired by them. 
I love you Stiles and Malia! You will be always taking a part of my heart, Stalia. 
I love you! 
Thank you guys for reading this and thank you for amazing 10,000 views, almost 70 subscribers on GFC and 40 of them on Google+ . It sounds insane! Thank you to the (full) Moon and back haha! For 3 days it's going to be 5 months since I made this blog. I feel so proud and it's because of you!

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What Love Looks Like

-Mirel Wagner

Seeing you so powerless on the heap of bodies... My heart is broken now. 
If you are hurt, I cry, but if you die, I die. Remember? 
My mind is confused... How that even happened? You were my heroes... Heroes can't die, right? 
At least, in my heart, you'll never die... Is this what love looks like? 
I'm asking too much questions but I need to know... I need to know if... If this is the truth? You're gonna die? But... But I love you. My heart was breaking into hundreds of peaces seeing you die. 
Is this the end? 
Our journey was short, I must admit. Or it just looked like that to me? 
No, they can't take you. They'll break this little girl's heart... I... I can't let you go.
You mean so much to me. You changed my life, you know it, right? 
In this letter, I just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me and...
And to say you to fight.
Fight till your least drop of blood. I'll be there to support you. Just to know you aren't alone and you'll never be till I die. 
I can at least watch it and support you when I can't change anything.
And that's what's really killing me.
I suppose this is what love looks like.

Hello guys, It's me again.
I hope you'll understand I'm a bit late because I had no wi-fi connection yesterday. 
If you click on that lyrics up there, you can watch the new official promo of Teen Wolf (which I cried watching btw so I'm warning you!) 
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You Fixed Each Other

And suddenly... It happens. 
You lost everything you have, everyone you loved, your whole world crushes down in one night...
You feel lost, you feel quilty like it's your fault, like you are the reason for every bad thing that happened to the ones you loved.
You realize that you shouldn't even let nobody become something to you, because you are like cursed or something. Everyone who loves you gets hurted and dies. And you... You can't stop it. 
They die, and you can't save them. 
You know running and hidding in the woods won't help but you still do it. You run and you hide like devils can't find you if people can't.  
And then... He comes. Like a hero without cape. Afraid to trust anyone, afraid to love anybody, you don't let him come close to you. But he breaks all your shields and fences that were separating him from you.
Slowly realizing you are the same, you are falling in love with him...
He's hurted,too. 
The life wasn't gentle to him. 
That was the reason you let him become your everything... 
Because, together, you fixed each other...

Hello guys,
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''They Underestimated My Power''

When the Sun goes down and the Moon is full, I just want you to be by my side and hold me tight so the Moon loses its power and my claws don't appear wanting to unstitch all the skin on this little Earth, just to see weakness in their eyes.. 
It's not actually claws or fangs that make us different from others, baby. 
It's the desire in our hearts to kill everything that doesn't deserve to live. 
To see them suffer in pain like others suffered while they were hurting them so bad.
We want it.
We, werewolves, just want to make this planet better to live. 
Humans... Humans are bad,bad,bad... 
They are jealous, envious, corrupt beings. They are fake.
They'd tell you they love you but inside, they just want you to be dead.
And that's what makes me werewolf. Because werewolves are beings that want justice, that are sick of seeing other innocent people suffer.
They say... ''You become a werewolf when one of them bites us'' but honey... 
How did the first one originate? 
Shh just listen me... I'll tell you the story how they underestimated her power.
There was a girl. They didn't know her name because they called her a failure.
She saw what other people didn't. 
She noticed what they didn't. 
She was a witness of so much injustice in her life, she was witness of many crimes happening in front of her eyes, in her town... 
She knew it wasn't alright. She wanted to change the world.
But she couldn't. At least she thought like that.
One night... She dreamed it. She dreamed her becoming a werewolf. Werewolf who hunts bad things and saves lives. 
But she kept quiet. She held it in her for a long,long time. But one night... The Moon raised and she felt it. She was turning into a werewolf throwing out every atom of anger she felt. 
Her claws, fangs and speed were incredible. But she knew she needed an army. An army of soldiers to help her to change the world. They underestimated her power but once they saw she was something special... They changed their mind but she didn't. 
- And that's just how it all has started... 

Hello guys! 
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And now, let's talk about this fanfiction text I just wrote. I wrote it and it's not like the true legend about werewolves! Just to make that clear. I wrote it like Malia was the first werewolf ever because... I don't know, I just had that kind of inspiration, I guess? 
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