#TeenWolfWiki : PART 5!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki 5th part!
Today I'm going to be writing about...
Mountain Ash ! 

Well, as you probably know (if you watch Teen Wolf), Mountain Ash is basically the ash with which you can make a trap to captivate werewolves. 
Mountain ash likely refers to the Sorbus scopulina , a small to medium-sized deciduous tree common in Northern California. 
We've seen it in Teen Wolf many times, used in good and bad intention (I suppose we all consider good intention as used by our pack to fight the enemies and bad intention as used against us pack) . 
The Argent hunter family used to use it to trap and kill the werewolves.
Dr.Deaton says that his clinic is lined with Mountain Ash to make it difficult for some bad werewolves to hurt him because he's on the good side.
But, this is the time we break all the laws! Scott McCall did it! He crossed the Mountain Ash barrier with great effort! I love that scene! 
And also, several Oni were able to break through the barrier around the Scott's house... I don't like that scene... Haha.

I found on the Internet that Tracy was able to cross that barrier but I don't really know why they mention that because Chimeras CAN cross the ash anyway!

I haven't much to say about this theme so I guess that's it. 
Thank you guys for reading. I hope you liked it , if you did please comment down bellow and follow me on GFC. I love you! 

Stay alive,xx