The Heart Want What It Wants

''Listen to your brain, forget the heart'' , they said. But I know, even through my brain says you're going to hurt me, my heart doesn't listen to it and constantly falls for your eyes and smile. One look is enough to make me feel the happiest person in the world but oh... I fell for you and I know this is not what I imagined, these aren't the dreams I dreamt when I was a little girl... I dreamt a nice boy with good behavior but I felt for bad boy, for a hooligan... But you... You are MY bad boy, MY hooligan and I don't care what they think even if they are right. My heart chose you. You are the one I talk about in my sleep, you are the one that makes me smile just by one single message you send me, you are the one that can make my day better at the hardest times... You... I'm so crazy in love with you, am I not? Hah...
Baby, let them talk what they want. 
I wouldn't leave you even when they all would be against us. 
The whole world might seem to be against us but our love is stronger than the whole world, isn't it?
Baby, just hug me thigh, let me know you love me and I will never leave.
I just need you. Even through it means I won't listen to my brain, okay, I'll be stupid, but I don't care if we love each other.
This whole world is just the fog that's trying to hide our love but oh, baby, fog doesn't last forever. 
We can chase it together.
Just you and me, honey.
The heart want what it wants.

Hello guys! Happy Wednesday!
I hope you are doing well through this final weeks. I am going to school until December 31st. Long way to the end, i know...
So, here's another imagine story by me. This one is like Malia writing to Stiles because he's bad boy and she's good girl so her friends and family keep saying to her that she should get away from him.
I  hope you like it! I love you guys!

Stay alive,xx


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    1. Yes! Umh, I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm not Catholic but I wish you all the best for Christmas, have a good time and eat that cookies for me haha! :) xx

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