August 26th 1991

August 26th 1991 is the day Dylan O'brien was born.
Dylan O'brien or Stiles, I'd say, is really warm, beautiful and lovely actor who always brings smiles to our faces.
He's so special and I really want to meet him.
I'm so glad I was born in the time he lives in and I have a chance to meet such an amazing person, although that chance is smaller than anything, I still hope my dream of meeting him will, one day, come true.
What's so special about him?
I'd say he's not like the other actors. Why? He's not really obsessed with fame or popularity according to the fact he barely uses any social network.
He is the person who's smile will make thousands of people laugh.
There's something special about some people. We don't even know the reason why but we love them...
I'd call it unexplainable love but really wonderful one.

Thank you for everything, the cutest actor ever!
I love you very much and wish you the happiest birthday ever!


Lydia Has Evolved

Hello wolfiers and welcome to another post!
Haven't posted anything in a while because I hadn't inspiration for a post but when I saw a couple of videos on Teen Wolf official Facebook page, I thought I could do a post about them.

First, we're going to talk about how Lydia has evolved.
What do I mean by 'evolved' ?
Well, you probably remember Lydia from the first season of Teen Wolf...

She was an ordinary what you call rich and popular high school girl who dated the most popular boy in their school. She absolutely had everything - from her look, to financial status and her lifestyle.
Or it just seemed like that?
Lydia has changed a lot. That's a true fact.
But what if she was always an intelligent girl who doesn't care about popularity or money but she didn't showed it until she lost her boyfriend and realized she is a supernatural creature.
But not just any supernatural creature - a Banshee.
The things she went through made her stronger than ever, made her become a real badass Banshee and at the end - realize Stiles was the one who loved her for what she was, not for what she looked like but sorry Lydia, it's too late - he has a girlfriend.

She's a character who is a true inspiration to many girls around the world and lately we found out that Holland made Jeff to make Lydia smart.
Check the video out and see what am I talking about.

I'm glad Lydia has evolved, I'm actually really happy about that because he's a member of our pack and I've always loved her character and hated that she was represented like a stupid rich girl. 

What do you think?
(she totally reminds me of Miley Cyrus here) 

So that was all for this post!
Oh God, I cannot wait for November to see the first episode of the 6th season!
November seems so far right now and it makes me so sad!

Stay alive,xx


I Exist

Do you hold her like you used to hold me
Or tell her funny little stories like you used to tell me
To fall asleep easier
Not being afraid of the monsters and evil
On this world
Because I thought no one can touch me
When you are protecting me.

But now...
That's all gone 
And I can't fall asleep no more
Without your arms wrapped around me
And all the funny stories
Because I feel empty and the feeling of safeness...
It's gone...
Everything's gone now...

I don't want you to worry about me,
I want you to be happy,
Even without me
With her
Who will probably never love you like I do.

I don't want you to worry about me,
I'll find happiness when the time does itself


Who am I kidding?
I'll never be truly happy again but...

I don't want you to worry about me,
Love her,
And tell her I was just a mistake in your life,
But I know you'll never forget me
After you realize no one can love you like I did
No one can hug you as tight as I did
And no one can make you happy and sad like I can

When you realize it,
When you realize I exist,
Don't come and knock on my door
I won't open it
I don't want to be anyone's second choice
Too proud for that 
Too smart for that


Lie, Lie, Liar

Before I say hello I want to say sorry to you guys because I didn't post anything in a while but I just didn't feel like it, I was spending my days (over) watching The Originals and desperately waiting for Teen Wolf but yeah, we are all still waiting.
Just a little bit more, I hope.

Hello wolfiers!
How are you doing? Hope you are all fine!

For today's post I'm sharing with you another poem I recently wrote!

What is happening to us?
Who or what is separating us baby?
I thought we would be together forever,
as you used to say me whenever I would feel down 
and now I'm asking myself was it all a huge lie 
did you just felt sorry for me and kept making me happy 
trying to erase my painful history
knowing you will never love me like you love her,
knowing your heart wouldn't recognize me in the darkest moments 
when you'd probably be calling her name instead of mine
was it all just a big lie you used to say to me?
I can't believe how huge fool I was 
to start believing in you, to trust you
But now, when all of this is over
I'd say I don't regret it 
If you just , at the end, 
let me believe
There was just a single truth 
in all of the empty words you told me!
But baby,
You gotta understand
I hate liars
More than anything on this dirty world.