The Sparkles In Your Eyes

 It's so strange
Seeing you watching someone else
With the sparkles in your eyes
The way you used to look at me
And make me feel special
Because I thought I was the only one
Who could make you feel like that
But every single second 
You show me how wrong I was 
Thinking I could be the only one
To anyone
To you

So hello my lovely wolfiers after a really long time!
It's been almost a month since I posted on this blog and I'm sorry about that...
I just hadn't time or inspiration to post anything. 
Teen Wolf hasn't started yet and I am pretty confused about these trailers and sneak peeks about Stydia I see all over the social medias.
Is Stydia the endgame?
I guess we'll have to wait till the 15th November to find out but I am just so excited and so sad at the same time because it's the last season of Teen Wolf and it sucks knowing everything, even Teen Wolf has it's end but a really fast coming one!
Since I didn't post for a while , I thought the statics about the past months pageviews are going to be really bad but YOU surprised me with a very big number of pageviews and I couldn't be more happier seeing you've missed me and that you appreciate my effort in this blog!
Thank you!

Well, I hope I'll post more frequently now and that's it for now!
Love you all!

Stay alive,xx