2nd Blog Anniversary

Well... Hello my dear wolfiers! 
It's been a while, almost six months since I have published a post on this blog.
That was the time when we were waiting for the next episodes of Teen Wolf and they are almost there! On July 30th, the first episode of season 6B will be released and I cannot wait for that... Especially after seeing the new trailer.

We'll talk about the trailer later, but now - happy 2nd blog anniversary of Stalia is BAE.
I honestly cannot believe it's been two years since I have tried myself in blogging and fell in love with it.
Although I wasn't active on this blog recently, I have opened another blog which you may know about and it is called Living Like V. There I wrote about lifestyle, beauty and fashion. This blog was like a 'springboard' for me in blogging journey.
After I realized I like blogging and writing, I decided to make that blog which is more personal blog than this one is. This blog is actually about one subject only so when Teen Wolf will be finished, I don't know would you like me to continue writing here?
I don't have ideas what should I write here when the TV show will be finished but, if you want me to, I can share with you new poems that I would write just for you and this blog.

I just want to thank you so much for helping me find myself in blogging , helping me to start off this amazing journey which I will never regret doing because I really enjoy it!

Wow, I got too emotional haha, now let's talk about more seriously stuff - like a new trailer for Teen Wolf.
Honestly, I need to start off writing about it with the part that I was shocked the most about - Scalia kiss?! WHAAAAAAAT?!
Scalia is the endgame?
What happened?
There are so many questions I could ask right now but I won't find out the answer before the show starts and that makes me so nervous.
I was 100% sure Stalia would be the endgame, I was actually expecting something like a my way of happy end - Stalia wedding or something like that, but DEFINITELY NOT a Scalia kiss!
What do you think about it? Could it just be a dream... or not?
I am hoping too much apparently but there are also thoughts in my head which say that Scalia as an endgame wouldn't be that bad idea.
Why? Because it means like Stiles and Lydia are meant to be together at the end ( I don't like that idea but oh well...) and Malia would be left alone... Unless she ends with Scott who has always take care of them all, but of Malia, too.

Maybe we didn't even notice something is happening between two of them while we were all busy looking for any signs of finding the winner between Stalia and Stydia...
I have watched some of youtube videos about Scott and Malia, and I have actually realized they had something going on between two of them since the very beginning. 
Maybe they were only the looks they gave to each other, but they seem to have much more to say than to be a friendly looks.

I guess we will have to wait to find out!

So I guess that was all I wanted to say today!
I will be posting my reactions to every episode of Teen Wolf that are left to see, I think, so get excited about that!
I love you all so much and thank you again!

Stay alive , xx