Hiding My Real Self #2

She was sitting alone in the cafe
And I was looking at her
Probably even staring
But I couldn't help myself 
Her eyes were so beautiful,
gorgeous ...

But I felt they were kind of dark, 
Like they are hiding something

The energy between two of us
Was odd
She attracted me in weird way

I had to came closer to her and ask her 
'What is bringing you here?'
She didn't answer for a while
She just looked at me

After few minutes
Her eyes started shining
In color I can't describe
So beautiful
But so sad

And she said
'You' .

In that second
I swear
I knew we were somehow connected


Hiding My Real Self

There are the days
When I feel like the beast inside me
Will defeat me 
And I'll just become void

It scares me
How there are multiple persons or even creatures
In one person
Maybe I should just stop thinking about it 
But every time I see you
I wonder
If you feel the same
Are there the voices in your head
Making you evil and bad and...

I can't stop thinking
I think too much 
Maybe I should let it all go
Let the werewolf inside me
Speak and do instead of me
There are the things I wanna do 
But can't
Because people will judge
Always and forever
And I'm learned I should hide my real self 
But I wonder 
Until when ?

AU Explanation : Stiles lives normal life but he's a werewolf. 
He hides his nature because he thinks people will judge and think of him as a beast but then he sees Malia and he asks himself does she feel the same, maybe she could also be werewolf.

Stay alive,xx


Slay Werecoyote Slay

Hello my dear wolfiers! 
How are you doing? Hope you're okay.
It's that time of the year when summer is getting to the end and you are probably getting back to school or work so before I start this post, I wish you the best year of your lives, a lot of success, happiness and love! 
In this post, I've chosen some of the most beautiful Shelley Hennig's a.k.a Malia's photos from this year and I wanted to share them with you.
Hope you'll like them!

How pretty is she? 
I think she's so underrated actor and she should get more opportunities.
I just love her style and everything about her because she's such an inspiration!

So that was all for this post! Hope you enjoyed!


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