Noah Foster - Stiles Stilinski Too Much ?

Hello my dear wolfiers!
I wanted to publish this post earlier because I started watching Scream TV show 4-5 days ago and I've watched every episode in 3 days. Now, I'm waiting for the new ones to come out, as well as the next episodes of Teen Wolf.
Getting to know Scream characters, I noticed that Noah Foster has a lot common with Stiles.
I mean, they both are somehow special part of the group. 
They are always investigating something and finding the most important news, details and tips to help them and their friends to survive.
Stiles had created like a 'crimes board' , if I can call it like that, which helped him solve a lot of mysteries, to discover who is the bad guy or guys etc. They are both really smart, intelligent and always have the most interesting details and stories to tell. They may look a little bit awkward to their friends while they do it because why would teenagers like them know that much about serial killers (Noah) or supernatural creatures (Stiles). 
And ohh, listen to this one, it's really interesting : when they are being hunted by bad guys or they go to catch them, they bring similar 'weapons'. Noah always finds some kind of tube or board and we all know what Stiles uses - his famous bat.
Guess what? Noah has the similar one.  
I don't know if this is valid connection between the two of them, but I fell in love with both of them so that should mean they are really alike. Or not? Haha never mind.
I feel like MTV has discovered the secret of Teen Wolf show popularity : it's all about Stiles guys! 
So they decided to create a similar character in Scream so the show would get really popular, too.
I mean, what would Teen Wolf be without Stiles?
Or Scream without Noah?

Buuum, that's all! I've discovered you a BIG SECRET! Sarcastic a little bit, don't mind please.
If you watch the both of these shows, please tell me down bellow if you had noticed the same thing I did. Thank you very much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

Stay alive,xx


3 Great TV Shows Besides Teen Wolf

Hello my dear wolfiers! 
How are you? Hope you are all doing great.
We all know the feeling when one season of Teen Wolf is over and we have to wait for like a half year to see the new episodes and, of course, we get so bored searching for TV shows who are at least half as good as Teen Wolf. What happens next? Well, you have me, who is as bored as you are and that motivated me to write this post.

This is an awesome show which I stared watching 2 days ago and for just 2 days I watched the entire first season. When I saw that 2nd season has just a couple episodes because it's not done yet, I was asking myself what I'm going to do with my life when I watch those episodes and we don't even know when Teen Wolf season 6 is coming out yet...
And if you watch Scream, tell me which character reminds you of Stiles, I mean not how he looks but his behavior? 

I started watching this TV show a long time ago but because I hadn't time to watch it, I stopped till the few weeks before. At first, I liked it so much when they were only fighting demons and supernatural creatures but when all the story with God and Angel finding God started, I said naah, it's a little too much if you ask me.
But I recommend it if you don't mind them mentioning God in that way...

This show isn't like the first two but I like it so much. My sister and I watch it every night waiting for suhur haha. It's amazing and I highly recommend it.

So that was all for today's post. Please leave me a comments down bellow telling me if you have any TV shows to recommend. I'd love to hear from you! 

I love you!

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Malia Green Eyes

I love to imagine I was Malia but why not to imagine Malia was me? So I TRIED to make her eyes green like mine in this edit and I know I'm not good at it yet but I'm still learning.
Malia would look stunning with green eyes although her brown as a human and blue as a werewolf / werecoyote are wonderful,too!
She's such a queen, isn't she?
Oh I love her!!!

Stay alive,xx


What about us?

 You know what hurts the most? - I asked the total stranger sitting on a bench right next to me.
He looked at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I am but after everything, how could I be normal?
What? - He asked still looking at me.
Seeing somebody you love slowly moving away from you. Like I was nothing to him! That hurts...
Especially knowing it's all my fault. I can't watch fake people around people I love and every time, every single time, I decide that something is wrong with me, not them and I just... I start pushing people away from me. Because I... I know I cannot change them, I cannot change the way they see things or people. I can't choose their friends and that kills me.
Sounds selfish, I know but I... I want somebody to choose me over anyone else. I want to be someones first choice, the person they think about when they read all these cute quotes about love. 
And I know I'll never find that person because the last one I trusted that way... He betrayed me. And... And there's absolutely no one who could fix me, put my broken pieces together. I cannot live without him, although he is not mine now... Ohh, who am I kidding? He'll always be mine. Even when he doesn't want to, when he wants to forget me, delete me completely from his life... I'll always be there. Watching for him and making sure he's okay, you know. It's always dangerous out there and I just wanna make sure he's safe. Oh my God, why didn't he stop me from saying goodbye ?! Why didn't he chose me over her?! Why?! What have I done, I've never hurt anybody and I was always caring about people, about their feelings... But now, when I'm shattered into pieces, nobody is there for me. 
I'm a bad person, ain't I?

Malia, this one is for you. I love you!

Stay alive,xx



There's  poetry in your eyes ,
And the stars in your head. 
Surely, there's love in your heart, 
Cause your soul is a pure art.
Sometimes, you don't like the fact you show your feelings,
But baby, what you feel gives me wings
To fly like a bird
Oh my God, I'm such a nerd
But I don't even care
 I write poetry and it's 'bout you 
I can't live without you , you're my air
Ohh I hope I won't screw
Up this time 
Just give me a chance to show you
Who truly I'm.
I'd tell you all about me, my dreams, wishes and everything
I'll be your queen, you be my king

Wooow LONG 9 days without you, wolfiers but I'm here now! 
What do you think about maybe 2 posts a week now? Yes, you've read it right! I'm going to post more frequently now but, of course, if you want me to. 

So what's up with you guys? Tell me down bellow what's going on with your lives right now, I love reading your comments!
And oh, btw.if you find out something new about the upcoming season, please let me know! 

Thank you for visiting and reading! 
I love you! 

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Ohh my God guys I'm so nervous since I read this : 

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is expected to introduce new characters with the alleged absence of Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) and Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura). Following his recent accident on the set of “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” multiple reports suggest that the actor will not be coming back in the hit MTV series. Cho, on the other hand, confirmed that she would also not be reprising her role when the show premieres in June.
 Early on in the production of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien suffered serious on set injuries and the accident resulted in O’Brien being hospitalized for an undetermined period of time. Initially, producers of Teen Wolf had planned to wait for Dylan to recover before moving forward, but, realizing that the extent of O’Brien’s injuries might limit his availability to return to work, back up plans were set in place. As time went on and O’Brien still struggled to recover from his injuries, rumors began to circulate that One Direction’s Harry Styles would replace O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski. Those rumors proved to be false and it was later revealed that Styles would not be joining the cast of Teen Wolf at all. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Teen Wolf producers, it seems highly unlikely that O’Brien, still recovering from his injuries, will heal in time to make a return in season 6 and there’s still talk of recasting the Stiles role. One cast member hinted that Teen Wolf fans shouldn’t expect to see too many familiar faces in the sixth installment of the show and it seems she might be referring, at least in part, to Dylan’s departure. 

What the hell is happening?! I hope this is not the truth and I... I just CANNOT imagine Teen Wolf without him! It's like watching football game without football players, all the left is the ball and the field but who would kick the damn ball?! I'm so nervous and I could even start crying because, without Dylan, this show is just not going to be the same...
I really hope this is not the truth... What do you think guys? Please comment down bellow so we can talk about this a little bit because I literally have no one to talk about Teen Wolf with right now and I really need it because this show has became my whole life, especially since I made this blog and met all of you amazing people...

Update : I recently found Arden Cho won't be back to season 6 and this information is 100% true because of her vlog where she said goodbye to Teen Wolf. Umhh this is so sad to me...
I love Kira so much and now you are telling me she won't be back?! What is wrong with you Jeff and all the people out there who are responsible for this?! Just imagine how stupid the whole show will get when Kira won't be there. First, Allison dies, Scott is left with broken heart. Then we have a little cute girl named Kira who succeed in making him happy again and I'm just asking you... What the hell you think you are doing? Don't you have feelings man? I'm expecting nothing less from Scott than being 100% broken now without anyone else who could fix him again. Or maybe you'll bring up a new girl again? No, I don't even wanna think about your silly decisions because this all looks unrealistic now. The life of the teens in Teen Wolf was pretty relatable to every teenager, I'm talking about the one at the day, when they are not supernatural creatures but just teens who fall in love, fight with their parents, do silly stuff, get their heart broken etc. I don't know... I was so excited about the upcoming season before but now... I don't even know how I am feeling...

Stay alive,xx