Teen Wolf Season 5B : NEWS?!

Umh I'm not sure I'm okay...
Well, hello guys!
I promised you in the last post to do this post so here I am! 
I've been watching these 2 trailers for 30 minutes now, I think... 
Just trying to get you best infos about season 5B (which is btw returning on January 5th) and it's,of course, because I love you!
Umh...But I'm so stressed right now that I don't even know how I'm gonna do this...
Before we get into this... I did one post on the same theme 3 months ago (CLICK HERE TO READ IT ! ) but in that post I gave you just basic informations about this season, but now, when I have 2 trailers out, I can tell you very, very interesting informations.
Well... Let's get into this!

1.Deucalion is back? 

Remember the villain from 3th season? Well... He's back! Don't freak out! He won't attack Scott's pack... Actually... Scott needs his help! Deucalion reveals that the gang is going up against the Beast of Gévaudan. The pack wants the former bad guy to show them how to steal the Beast's power.  And also, Theo's going to unite with Scott's pack to catch the beast! 

2.Kira in the morgue?

Umh... This really seems confusing to me. At first, we see Kira in the desert and then, she's in the morgue? I really don't get it yet but I guess that's her return into the Beacon Hills. 
I just really hope she's okay because the lost of another member of the pack would be devastating to me and, I believe, to all of us... 

3.Which Argent's coming back?

I'm afraid I have to disappoint all of you but it's not Allison... It's not her aunt, then who it is?
It's her grandpa! We really don't need him and I don't really know why is Jeff doing this to us but okhay... A.k.a Gerard Argent is coming back and I don't feel  happy about it... But I do feel happy that Chris Argent is also coming back to help Scott. Idk why, but I feel much more safer when he's around our pack just to be sure they aren't fighting alone... 

4.Stydia moments #MeCrying... 

Well, Jeff did it again! If you've seen the new trailer of season 5B, you know what I'm talking about...
He saves her and I'm glad he did, because I love Lydia, but I don't like Stydia. (#ifyouknowwhatImean) But...But...Jeff?! No Stalia moments?! WTH?! I've watched this trailer over and over again for like 50 times but I haven't seen any of Stalia moments... And I'm really pissed off! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
But ,again, if you save your FRIEND it doesn't mean you are in love with her, right? It's just friendship between Stiles and Lydia. 

And we were talking about Lydia... I have to say , I'm really worried about her. I feel like I could cry right now when I remember her saying how she can save her friends... Lydia, you are our hero, we believe in you and we love you! 

5.Marrish is real? 

Okhay... We've seen a lot of Marrish moments in previous season but one of them was kiss which turned to be night mare where Lydia ended up all covered up in the blood. But, this time we see them together... SHOWERING? Is this another dream or something?
I really love shipping them, they are so cute and I hope their relationship will happen in this season. #Marrish = Cuteness Overload ! 

                     *waiting for a guy who would look at me the way Parrish looks at Lydia*

6.Stalia + Theo?! 

Stiles and Malia might not get much scenes at season 5B together but I'm more worried about the scene where Malia tells Scott she can't help him. It, basically, means that she's out of the pack?! And what about the scene where Malia told Theo she could kill him but he answered with ''No, you won't. You like me too much.'' Is this just one of Theo's dreams that would never come true (we all have them, don't hate him,just kidding HATE HIM, he's so arrogant and confident hh... ) because Malia kicked his  ass. That's my girl! 
But, hey! Don't judge season by its trailer! 
We can still pray for more Stalia moments in this season. But I'm still confused! Why Malia can't help Scott? But is she,actually, helping him a few seconds later in the trailer? Was she forced to say that to Scott? Is Theo, maybe, blackmailing her with something related to her mother? Umh... I guess we'll have to wait to find it out!

Our enemy this season :

Beast of Gévaudan

The Beast of Gévaudan (FrenchLa Bête du GévaudanIPA: [la bɛt dy ʒevodɑ̃]OccitanLa Bèstia de Gavaudan) is the historical name associated with the man-eating wolf, dog or wolf-dog hybrid which terrorised the former province ofGévaudan (modern-day département of Lozère and part of Haute-Loire), in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France between 1764 and 1767.[2] The attacks, which covered an area stretching 90 by 80 kilometres (56 by 50 mi), were said to have been committed by a beast or beasts that had formidable teeth and immense tails according to contemporary eyewitnesses.
- Wikipedia 

This season will be something truly amazing and something you'd last expect! As Theo says ''We're gonna go to school and we're gonna pretend like we are the normal teenagers. But... At night, we're gonna be fighting for our lives.'' 
We are truly going TO HELL AND BACK in this season! 
Can't wait! 

And what would a post on this blog be without Stalia photo? 

I mean... How cute is this?!

That was all for today guys!
Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did! I'm writting and editing this for like more than an hour and I'm not tired, actually, this is really relaxing to me! Blogging is in my heart! haha.

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Maybe You'll Love Me Like Before

After you suddenly left, there was nothing left in my heart... It became a desert which was once a town. The buildings were smashed down into the dust. All of the buildings in my heart were called by your name. But it's so rare, actually...
How can the person who meant world to you become a stranger? 
A total stranger... 
It, actually, scares me sometimes...
After you I became a cold person... I raised my walls keeping everybody behind them. Just to be sure no one will come into my heart. 'Cause when I let them do it, they leave.
Building all new buildings in my heart just by myself made me realize that I need you but I don't want you to know it...
I need you more than anyone or anything.
I realized that your message, your smile or just one look at me would make me feel alive again.
It's so sad that all of your feelings and emotions are trapped into that one person who keeps leaving you alone.
My eyes get yellow. My teeth gets bigger and my nails turn into claws. 
But I can't fight the werewolves in me who keep leading me to you.
Maybe I just need to let them bring me back to you...
Maybe you'll hug me like before...
Maybe you'll look at me like before...
Maybe your heart will beat like before...
And maybe, just maybe... 
You'll love me like before...

Hello guys!!! So before I say anything... Sorry! Sorry for writting sad posts over and over again haha! I don't really know why I do it but anyways...
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And oh, I've watched The Hunger Games and I remembered one of my lovely readers once asked me why I always write ''Stay alive,xx'' at the end of my posts, am I fan of The Hunger Games and I told her/him that I didn't even watched The Hunger Games yet so I'm answering you now : YES, I AM! I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE HUNGER GAMES! OmG I don't know which movie do I like better : Divergent, The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner haha. I wish Shelley and Dylan are characters in every movie ohh...

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Wishful Thinking...

What a perfect day for crying...
It's raining and every raindrop is following my tears.
He's away... And it's been so long since the last time I saw him.
I'm scared. Being here without him makes me nervous, angry or sad... I can't even tell what I'm feeling anymore. I just wanna see him again. Damn it! 
Wishful thinking... 
I just need to be patient. - I say to myself sweeping my tears off my face but they just keep falling again and again...
I miss him. I need him. - That's the truth...
I need him to hug me and say that everything's gonna be alright, make me feel like little girl in his hug, protected from anyone or anything.
It was a cold raining morning. I was sitting in the living room covered with a blanket drinking my favorite tea, eating chocolate and crying.
I was watching our photos in our scrapbook listening to ''Like I'm Gonna Lose You''.
The life just keeps separating the two of us and I'm wondering why? I think it's because you don't know what you have until you lose it. I was afraid of losing him. He said he's mine and I believed in his words with all of my heart but he had to leave. ''The life...'' - he said, ''... I'll be here before you even notice I'm gone.'' 
He lied. I noticed. More than he would even think I did. 
It's so sad that I'm the person who always give oneself up to one person and when that person leaves, everything seems nothing. 
Thousands of people cannot replace the missing of the one you love the most.
The bell is ringing. Who knows how long it has been ringing but I didn't notice it...
Who is now? - I stood up and walked up to the doors.
I wiped my tears off and unlocked the doors. 
''Babe... Hey... What's wrong?'' - It was him...His voice got me back out of the dead... 
He hugged me and stroked my hair.
I felt alive again.

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Teen Wolf Wishlist

Hello there!
It's been a while ... And I promise I'll try to write the next intro without this sentence haha.
Ummm today I'm writting a little bit different post.
It's my ''Teen Wolf Wishlist'' and I'm writting this post because today I saw a guy wearing STILINSKI 24 HOODIE and I actually tried to get to him somehow to try to convince him to give me his hoodie but naaah' I thought ''I am crazy but... Not that much.'' but anyways, he gave me this idea to post some clothes, jewelry and all sorts of stuff related to Teen Wolf that I want with all my heart but I'm kinda feeling like they are expensive so please, if you find them with lower prices anywhere on the Internet, please comment me down bellow! Thanks and let's get to the point haha...

Here we go again... But let's just talk how wonderful this hoodie is. I mean ... Look at her...

I think I'm gonna start saving money for this BABY! 
I found it for $30 online. Is there any possible way I can get it for the lower price? 

This bracelet is so cute and so me but I think it's too much to give $10 for bracelet or it's just me? 

I love beanies, they have always be so me but I don't wear them on a daily base actually but if I had one of these, I'd wear it like ALWAYS! 
I , also, saw a beanie ''Lose your dnim'' but I think these are more cute.
I saw them online for like 20 dollars and I think that's expensive for beanie or not?
Did you find them any cheaper? 


Stay alive, xx


Waiting For You

Hello guys! It's been so long I talked to you! I had so much to do, I'm going crazy in school so I couldn't find any extra time to talk to you. And I'm so sorry about that! Hope I'll finally make my schedule works so I can find some time to enjoy here writting new posts. 
I hope you like my posts, if you don't, please tell me what should I change about them and what kind of posts would you like to see here. 

''Blue jeans, white shirt walk into the room, you know you made my eyes burn...''
I love you, bad boy. 
I love how your eyes are saying things you did. Oh those eyes make me melt every time they look at me but I'm acting so cool hoping you can't see that I want you.
I want you by my side now and forever.
I'm trying to act cool making you try harder to get me. 
It's hard, you know?
Because I only want to hug you and never let you go again.
I know you well. I know you are showing your cold side on the outside making everyone freeze when you walk in but, inside... You are just a boy wanting someone to love him forever. Someone who will give him promises and don't break them. Someone who will give him all her heart 'cause you just wanna feel loved... You just wanna feel like when you die, someone would actually cry because of you. Like someone would care for all your wounds and make them disappear. It's truth, isn't it?
And the only thing I can promise to you is that I will love you forever.
'Cause I'm the person that gives everything or nothing.
I'll love you with all my heart or I'll hate you. It's simple.
When you get to know me better you'll realize I'm not perfect, but I'm not even trying to be. I just want someone who would treat me like I am and I'll give him all my world. I'll never let him go.
Is that enough to you?
If it is, come! I'm waiting for you..

Again I'm so sorry about my inactivity but I'll try harder to organize my time because I just love you all and I love writting here, talking to you...
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