Waiting For You

Hello guys! It's been so long I talked to you! I had so much to do, I'm going crazy in school so I couldn't find any extra time to talk to you. And I'm so sorry about that! Hope I'll finally make my schedule works so I can find some time to enjoy here writting new posts. 
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''Blue jeans, white shirt walk into the room, you know you made my eyes burn...''
I love you, bad boy. 
I love how your eyes are saying things you did. Oh those eyes make me melt every time they look at me but I'm acting so cool hoping you can't see that I want you.
I want you by my side now and forever.
I'm trying to act cool making you try harder to get me. 
It's hard, you know?
Because I only want to hug you and never let you go again.
I know you well. I know you are showing your cold side on the outside making everyone freeze when you walk in but, inside... You are just a boy wanting someone to love him forever. Someone who will give him promises and don't break them. Someone who will give him all her heart 'cause you just wanna feel loved... You just wanna feel like when you die, someone would actually cry because of you. Like someone would care for all your wounds and make them disappear. It's truth, isn't it?
And the only thing I can promise to you is that I will love you forever.
'Cause I'm the person that gives everything or nothing.
I'll love you with all my heart or I'll hate you. It's simple.
When you get to know me better you'll realize I'm not perfect, but I'm not even trying to be. I just want someone who would treat me like I am and I'll give him all my world. I'll never let him go.
Is that enough to you?
If it is, come! I'm waiting for you..

Again I'm so sorry about my inactivity but I'll try harder to organize my time because I just love you all and I love writting here, talking to you...
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I love you all,
Stay alive, xx


  1. Konacnoo haha . ♥♥♥
    - savrsen post , kao i obicno . samo nastavi ovako ! :-)

  2. Great post:) Have a nice week Dear:)


  3. Sjajan post, svaka cast :) <333

  4. I like this! Great post. :D

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    1. Thank you so much! I've already joined your site. xx