Never Be Alone

Imagine this : Stiles got sherrif job but in another town and he has to leave but Malia can't go with                              him because she needs to finish college. And he says...

Babe we need to talk...
You know I'd do everything for you and I can reject this offer and...
- You got the job, didn't you? *smile on her face was pretty weird, it's the smile you can see on person without any selfish feeling in her heart, the person who is happy for others, sad for her and never shows her sadness*
Yeah, yea, I got the job but I didn't accept it yet and you know I'd never ever done anything without hearing your opinion and if you want...
- Stiles... Accept the job. *smile was still there but so were the shining tears in her eyes*

After a fight about the job offer, Malia finally convinced him to go...


I know I'll be pretty far away from you when you will be reading this and please... I don't want tears, I don't want you to be sad because I won't be there for you to wipe away your tears and draw a smile on your face. I won't be there to hug you tight... 
Maybe the world isn't always like we want him to be. This situation is... Just driving me crazy. 
Just thinking about the fact I won't be by your side when you wake up, I won't be the one who you'll be spending your best days with, I won't be there when you feel weak for living this life, and wanting to give up, to kiss you and hug you so you don't forget how important you are to me and how much you actually mean to me... Is just driving me crazy.
Oh my love...
Tonight... I won't be laying next to you but in my thoughts, you know, I'm always with you. I'm afraid babe, I'm afraid you will get sick of waiting for me, I'm afraid it'll get a little too much for you but... Remember, tonight and always... At least, we are laying under the same stars praying to God to keep each other safe and alive.
I promise that one day I'll get home and you'll be waiting for me at the doors. I promise, I'll kiss you and ask you how your day was and we'll have dinner in our big house talking about our future, our children and about us.
I promise that one day this will all be behind us and I'll remind you daily how strong our love was to survive the distance... I promise... I'll be telling bed stories to our children about us and we'll be their heroes...
Wipe your tears away darling... I know you are crying but what I've said? I don't want tears but you always need to be kicker and you know what? That's why I love you...
You are different...
You are mine... Forever.
Our love is meant to be the one that lives even after we do, after we are just bones in dirt, our love is living.
I love you baby, I will never give up on you and distance will never be obstacle for me to love you even more then I do now if it's even possible, because I love you the most.
My princess, my sultana, my love, my happiness, my darling, the one I love beyond this world...
I love you.

''And take a piece of my heart and make it all your own so when we are apart... 
Never be alone...''' - Shawn Mendes

Happy Monday people!
So it isn't exactly ''happy Monday'' because I literally cried writting this. This text is inspired by Shawn Mendes' song ''Never Be Alone'' which I absolutely LOVE like all of his songs. 
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Falling For You ...

''It's been said that you only truly fall in love once. 
But I don't believe it because everytime I see you , I fall in love all over again.''

It might seem stupid but when I first saw you, I just felt, I knew that you are something special and that you'll mean something special to me.
But I didn't know I could ever love this much or someone could ever mean so much to me that I would give everything I have to see your smile again. I would accept death if they would promise me you'll never cry again or even be sad at all. 
Baby, I would give everything on this world for you. 
I've fallen so hard for you and I can't pick myself up without you. Only your hands in mine can heal my wounds, hide my scarfs and make my darkness fade.
When I'm not with you, I think about you every second. Everybody says I'm crazy because I sometimes smile for ''no reason'' but babe if they just could know... 
If they could know that your smile can make my every single day and bring me back hope in better days I often lose. 
They don't know that I fall asleep with stupid smile on my face every night you wish me sweet dreams.
They don't know that I remember every single message you sent me and I smile when I remember them, when I remember you and me, lost souls that found each other in the world full of hate, we found love.
Oh my loving one...
Falling for you was like taking an afternoon nap ; promising myself only a brief slumber , but as soon as I get fallen, I was already dreaming.
I don't even know do you feel the same way I do but I can't even help myself...
I can't say to my brain to don't think about you when it all reminds me of you. 
Every love song seems to be about us, every love story was written for us and every single second feels like being meant to be spend with you.
I love you...

Hello people!Sorry for my inactivity. There's so many things happening around here and I just find no time for blogging which I loooove doing because I love to kinda talk with you guys and I want you to know that I have so many exams coming in school  and I'm also preparing for school trip by the end of the next week when I'm going with my class to Albania for 4 days and I've got so much things to do, to get ready, go shopping and pretty much everything haha! So I don't know yet about posting schedule, I'll probably write everytime I've got the time and I'll post it. 
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Better With You

Let me hold you a little bit more before you leave cause babe you make me feel like there's no one else on this world but you and me. You make me feel I need to be better cause you're the best. You make me think about my mistakes and trying to fix them. Just... You make me better person because when I'm with you... Ohh I would never done something stupid because I do care about you and I don't want to lose you...
I just think about how you felt when I did something stupid, how you were mad at me for days and I just want that to never happen again. I want to be with you forever.
It might seem crazy but I feel like you are my motivation to be better, to be better person, boyfriend, son, student... Just everything. 
Because when I think about your eyes, I want them to shine because of me and for me, just for me.
And when I think about your smile... I want to be your reason to smile.
I want our hands to perfectly match into each other like puzzles.
I want you to be mine forever and I'm not going to screw the chance you gave to me because my promises are serious, and I never break them.
Like Aristotle says  : 
''Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.'' 
That's why you make me better. Because you're the best and we are one.
Because when I touch your hand, the whole world stops for a while, we are trapped in the most beautiful moment we never want to end.

You know... There are night when dark starts to reign my body but then... 
I remember you exist and I chase my demons out of my head because I'm not VOID anymore. And it's because of you. 
It's because all nights seem perfect to be with you just walking on a beach, on a full moon, describing your smile and talking how you shine brighter than stars do. 
'Cuz when you are with me... I can even notice anybody or anything.
Even stars became not that beautiful by your side because you eclipsed them with your shine they could never reach.

Hello there! Did you miss me? Haha so I'm so sorry I didn't post on Wednesday but I really have good excuse and it's, you're guessing... SCHOOL! I just had so much to do and I felt like doing nothing so I just layed on my bed until like 8 pm and then I remembered of all the homework and stuff like that I have to do and I had chemistry test today so please be reasonable to me because I'm doing my best and I hope you appreciate it. I love you all and I'll start writting more  and better in the next week. Thank you for your support! 

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Just Hold Me Tight...

I need you. I need you by my side. I want to hear your heart beating in the way I breathe. I want your hand in mine telling me you love me and you'll never let me go. I need to see your smile because it makes me feel alive. You know that... Without you... Nothing makes sense and my heart doesn't beat the same way. It doesn't feel like when I'm by your side. When I'm by your side my heart beats so fast like I'm falling in love with you again and again everyday... 
I feel butterflies in my stomach everytime I see you, everytime you smile and when you say me you love me... That... I can't even describe. My words aren't amazing enough to describe us. 
God created us in couples. Every human being has its soulmate. But what is the chance you'll find yours in 7 billion people? It sounds impossible, right? But yeah... I found mine! 
I found what I was looking for all my life. I found the person who understands my thoughts without hearing them. I found the person who stays by my side at my worst and motivates me to live. Yeah... To live. Living is hard thing especially when you are surviving but you know what? 
Human being starts living the moment it starts to love. 
To love with all its heart. With all its soul. 
Love is the term which can not be described.
You don't describe the best things in life.
You don't describe love, falling for someone, you don't describe hugs, kisses or pride!
You feel it...
And that's what makes us human. Feelings make us human.

Surviving became living with you.
Smiling became laughing with you.
Hugs became tighter with you.
Everything got purport with you because you are the purport of my life.
Just hold me tight and don't you ever let me go because without you I feel lost...
Look what you done to me... I can't imagine my life without you...
That's probably because I love you...

Hello guys, HAPPY MONDAY! 
Yeah right, happy Monday ... Who would even say that Monday can be happy? Ohh I got to deep into this. So let's talk about... Global warming? Just kidding. Loool! You aren't laughing? Okay...
So I don't even know why I wrote this ''intro'' like this... Maybe because I'm ''SO GOOD'' at writting intros I was that smart to mix intro and outro together and boooom! Got this! Just in case you didn't noticed...
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But I have new plan to start writting down themes for my blog when I get inspiration because everytime I'm like at school, writting homework, cleaning my room or listening to new music I got so much amazing ideas in my head and I alway forget them but expect something more special at Wednesday! 

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5 Things I Wish (Didn't) Happend in Teen Wolf \\ COLLAB WITH ALEKSANDRA'S MAGICAL WORLD

Hello guys! First of all... Oh my God I'm so excited about this post because it's a collab with one of the best bloggers I personally follow here on Blogger! It's collab with lifestyle blogger Aleksandra. (HER BLOG ) She's girl from Serbia writting her blog on Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian and she'll be doing her post on these language so I'm sorry if you don't understand these languages but it was easier for her to write on these languages so if you understand these languages be sure to check her blog out because she writes amazing posts! And I think we should get into this...
I'll be writting 3 things I wish didn't happend and 2 things I wish happend in Teen Wolf. And yeah, it's because I feel like there are more things that I wish never happend in Teen Wolf than things I wish happend... Hope you enjoy!
1.Allison's death
First of all, I need to mention this because I feel this is the moment... Oh my God... Don't you feel your heart breaking when you just think about there's no more Allison in Teen Wolf... Like, everything feels empty without her, the pack isn't the pack we used to know anymore. Always in our hearts, Allison Argent and three points on her story that is still unfinished and we are hoping that somehow, after all, she'll be back and finish her story like true hero she really is...

2.Derek and Isaac leaving the show
I feel like we all, reading this, are keeping our fingers crossed and praying to God that they'll be back in 5B or it is just me? Really miss Derek's sarcasm which he got from Stiles by the way haha. And missing Isaac in our pack.
Are they coming back? We'll need to wait till 5B to find out...

3.Desert Wolf coming in Beacon Hills as well as Theo
Don't you ever feel like you are dying to find out who is someone and dying waiting to see them in Beacon Hills but you get disappointed by the fact they are so evil you can't even describe it?! And you just want them to go back to whichever hole they came from and let your pack alone?! I know that feeling. Just go to the place you belong to Desert Wolf and Theo! Beacon Hills is too good for you!!

4.More Stalia moments
And let's get on this "I wish that happend" things. And ,as you know me, #foreverstaliashipper couldn't start this without paying attention on my babies first. Just ugh Jeff give us more Stalia moments and less Theo being evil moments! Who's with me?!

5.Me in Beacon Hills
I mean, why not? I could be Malia's sister, good werewolf helping the pack but the strogest and the most powerful werewolf in Beacon Hills! Yeah, that would be awesome! #SomeonePleaseDriveMeToBeaconHills #ScottMakeMeWerewolf And if I that would happen, I swear guys, I wouldn't forget you and I would write posts about how my life is going around in Beacon Hills. Haha I know I'm the craziest person you know, everybody says that and I'm proud to be something in superlative! Haha. Okay, I need to stop... Okay...

And guys, that was all for today! Tomorrow's my birthday but I'm celebrating tonight and I'm also excited about that!
If you are reading this right now... I want you to know that you are beautiful and somebody loves you.
Love you all with my whole heart!
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Story of a Werecoyote

''8 years ago almost an entire family died in a car accident...
With the bodies a young girl named Malia was never found...''
- Sherrif 

''They drive and Malia is starting to change, she goes out of control, the mom crashes and everybody dies...''
-''Except Malia...''
''She blames herself, right? Going running in the woods and eventually becomes trapped inside the body of the coyote.''
- Stiles 

You found me Stiles and Scott... You found me and changed me. I was human again. But now... Trapped inside the body of the woman but with the thoughts of coyote...

''Are you sure that this is a girl and not an animal?'' - Sherrif
''YES!''- Stiles

Slowly getting into this human thing but right after that being comitted to Eichen House. 
Feeling angry, forced to be what I can't be - human , meeting Stiles in the Eichen House I punched him hard and get him to know that I lived ''pretty good '' like werecoyote and that I don't need all this stuff, I just want to go back in the woods and it was all your fault, Stiles! But... As the time went far my wish to go back to my old ''life'' was getting smaller and smaller and yeah, I fell for you, Stiles. 

''I fell in love the way you fall asleep : slowly and then all at once.'' - John Green

Finding out that all my life was a big lie and mistake, that my parents aren't my parents, that my real parents left me when I needed them the most, that they are pyschos who should forever be in Eichen House, that my mom wants to kill me really drowned me down... Got me insane... Through all this drama you were with me , helping me, loving me, and never letting me go... 
We fight a lot but we loved more.
This is my story.
 Story of a werecoyote.
Story which stopped when I met HIM, the love of my life. You probably wonder why?
Because this isn't MY story anymore... It's OURS. 
We are creating our forever.

Hello guys, I hope you liked this post, I thought I write too little about Malia and she deserves more so here I am with ''Story of a Werecoyote''!

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Love Like Ours...

I just need you to trust me, baby.
I love you more than you'll ever love yourself. 
I asked myself... How to describe this feeling? How to describe our love? But than I remembered...


Everything I can say about you is that... I love you baby and I'll never let you go.
I know we have been through some bad things and situations but I also, remember all the moments we've spent with each other in happiness and I just want to thank you for everything because I've never seen someone like you, some couple like us, so special loving each other and that's why I can't live without you. Or... I actually could live without you but the ''problem'' is that... I don't want to.
I don't want to smile, cry, laugh or love without you.
I don't want to live a life you are not in because the truth is...
You are my life. The biggest part of my life, and the most important... You took the biggest part of my heart and I don't want it back.
''Take a piece of my heart and never let it go so when we are apart... Never be alone.''
They say we are too different, we have different thoughts and that different future is written for us long time ago. But babe, they don't know... Our thoughts match perfectly like puzzles and we are builders of our future, we decide with who we want to build our future, our house and family, we choose if we want to be teachers, doctors or policeman, we choose if we want to be called failures or success. We choose and then we work on it. Just like I choose you and you choose me and we are going to be together forever. Our little infinitive is the most precious thing on this world.
Babe we could to everything with this love...
 Love like ours...

 Hello guys! 
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''When you feel my heat
 Look into my eyes 
It's where my demons  hide...
Don't get too close, it's dark inside...''

You know... One thing that happend to you and didn't actually killed you but it left you with huge pain that kills you every day again, again and again, with the sore in your heart like it's breaking over and over again. Something you even feel like you are lost in this world full of people who don't understand you, so you don't trust them, you can't say them what's bothering you and even when the room is full of people you feel lonly but you still smile. And that's the worst you have to do. 
Smile even when you are crying from inside. 
You just want to cry and scream loud and break everything but you can't...
Because they would act like they care but they are just curious, they don't actually care about you, your feelings and your pain.
So you just smile and act like you are happy. 
But your eyes can't hide the pain.
You smile, you hide, you smile, you hide but then...
You burst like an explosion and your eyes start getting darker and darker and you become a monster that people made of you making your feelings collect and collect inside you and they become a big grenade who can't wait no more so you just burst.
And then... They ask what's wrong with you, why are you becoming a monster but they don't realize it's all their fault so you start planning your revenge. Like, not actually revenge but giving them what they deserve. 
God gave you the power you need to punish them and that's your mission, your only goal left in this life... 
You can't go back, you can't kill them inside you, they controll you...
''Don't grow up, it's a TRAP!'' is truth. 
The biggest problem with growing up is realizing that monsters ,we fell they are here , are not under your bed but in your head. 
They are your only friends so you start loving your voidness and that's why people, that's why I became a monster... A monster you'll never understand...
That's why I became void...
Void Stiles...

So hello out there! 
Did you miss me? I didn't post for 2 days... I think. 
And here's the reason...
My school starts on this Monday (O-M-G!) and I realized it's better to post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday because it's all about QUALITY not QUANTITY because I think I should work harder on these three days than post suck posts every day. I'm going into 9th Grade and this year is our last Middle school year and I really need to work hard. Hope you understand and agree with me. 
And also... I'm preparing you a great COLLAB POST with one of my best girls here on Blogger and I'm so,so,so excided because of that! So get ready guys!

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5 Cute Stalia Moments

Hello guys,
So I know I actually wrote the similar post to this which was called something like "5 Stalia Moments" or something like that but this time... I'm bringing you the Stalia moments which are actually sentences they said to each other.
So I know it sounds a little bit weird but I don't really know how to explain it to you but when you read this post you'll probably be like "Oh I got it!" or no?! Please somebody stop me beacuse I know I'm not good in intros and this really sound like nonsence what I wrote but... Just let's get started!
Note: I had a lot things to do today so I didn't really had time to write a post so today I'm writting on my cellphone and this post might go bad because I got used to write on my computer where I can upload like hundreds of photos and write a novel here but now I'll only wrote that cute moments between Stiles and Malia and I won't be adding any photos which I'm so,so,so sorry about but what can I say... I just needed to write a post beacuse I have that promise to you from the beggining that I'll write every single day and I don't break promises even when I need to write on my cellphone and bring you up horrible post because it doesn't contain photos and all that fun stuff but let's just get started!

1. Stiles : "You hate me?"
- Malia : "I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot. "
Stiles : "I can work with that."
Personaly my favorite! From [4x10]
Love is in the air people! Haha. How could you not ship them?

2. Malia : " You're coming  back, right?"
- Stiles : "Yeah. I would never leave you behind."

I mean.... How cute is that?

3. Stiles: "You... you please don't do that ever again!"
- Malia: "Do what? "
Stiles: " I... I thought you just took off. I thought you were running. "
-Malia: "I was running."
Stiles: "No, I mean, like, I thought you were leaving."
- Malia: "I wouldn't leave without you."
Stiles: "Really?"
- Malia: "I would never leave without you."

I said at the beginning that one was my favorite but can I have like 2 favorites or more? I mean, they are all so cute, if you ask me, and I can't decide which one is my personaly favorite (*thinking: who the hell cares which one is your favorite?! People only want to read 'bout Stalia!* loooool!)

4. Stiles : "Malia what did we say about eating people?"
- Malia : "Humans are friends, not food..."

I mean, I would love to be werewolf or werecoyote girl and have a boyfriend who teaches me to stop eating people, I msan... That would be my dreams coming true. But seriously now, that's so freaking cute! (At least to me...)

5. Stiles: “I need to talk to my dad. Might take a while.”
- Malia. “Are you going to tell him about Donovan?”
Stiles: ??????!!!?
- Malia: “I saw the bite on your shoulder while you were sleeping.”
- Malia: “It didn’t matter to me, that’s why I didn’t say anything.”
Stiles : “It matters to me.”

Okay, am I the only one who think this scene from 5x10 was so cute by just thinking about that Malia notices every single thing about Stiles' behavior or changes?! I mean, it's also cute knowing that they still sleep together, because in 5x9 episode Scott told that no one talks to each other from the pack anymore but even when they don't talk to each other they sleep together and live together and I think that's what true relationship with full respect and understanding level means! But also, the last sentence from Stiles "It matters to me."kinda left my heart broken but oh, well...

So guys that was all for today. Hope you enjoyed, please let me know if you did in the comments down bellow. Love you guys so much, see you tomorrow.

Stay alive,xxx


Take Care Of Here

Hey it's me... It's Stiles Stilinski. Actually... Correction : It's the happiest man alive on the Earth.
You probably wonder why I'm the happiest man alive on this planet, or why I just think so... 
It's her. It's all about her.
About her smile. Her beautiful eyes and her wonderful hair. Oh,and her soft hands that fit in mine just like they are made for mine hands, just like she was made for me and I was made for her. Like we are soulmates.
She's something unspeakably and incredibly... Even when the world's biggest poets would unite to describe her beauty, they would be speachless because... You can't describe the most beautiful things in life. You can't describe love. You can't describe hug or kiss. You can't describe the feeling you get in your stomach watching the person you love.
To me, she's and she'll always be the most beautiful and the best person on this world.
I can't even thank to God enough for giving me her and I can't thank her enough for being with me when I needed it the most. For taking care of me when I was hurted. For being patient with me when I was in pain. Your smile made my scars heal. I'm not a werewolf but you can all my wounds heel so fast when I see you, your smile, touch your hair or your hand...
You are my medicament and...
I'm addicted to you. I can't live without you. You give me strenght to keep going, love to feel human  and happiness to feel alive.
The main poent why I'm writting this (maybe I went a little bit too far because when I talk write about her, the pen is moving by itself...) is to make you, guys, realize something...
Don't hurt the one you love. She's always there for you,she loves you and takes care of you but... Once you hurt a woman, she can say she isn't feeling insulted or hurted but deep inside her is the pain she feels everytime you say something mean to her. 
Once you hurt her , she'll say she has forgiven you but... She will never forget it and her smile will be the revenge for you, you'll felt it after a while, like you miss the times that smile was because of you...
So take care of her. Say her you love her everyday. Hug her everyday. Kiss her everyday. Buy her flowers, a little present just for her. Say her how beautiful she looks like when she's thinking what to wear and sadly staying in front of the mirror because she isn't aware how beautiful she is, she thinks she's ugly but no... Tell her that she's the most beautiful woman on the world. Hearing that from you, the one she's in love with, will make her day, trust me. Say her how gorgeus she looks like, tell her that you will never ever stop loving her. Tell her how much she means to you.
Don't be afraid of showing love to her because... 
If you don't... Someone else will take that role and you'll feel sorry, trust me.

Hello guys, what's up?
So today I wrote a text like Stiles is saying/ giving advice to boys how they should treat their girls because I think that would be pretty cute hearing from Stiles.

What do you think? Did you liked the post? 
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