Take Care Of Here

Hey it's me... It's Stiles Stilinski. Actually... Correction : It's the happiest man alive on the Earth.
You probably wonder why I'm the happiest man alive on this planet, or why I just think so... 
It's her. It's all about her.
About her smile. Her beautiful eyes and her wonderful hair. Oh,and her soft hands that fit in mine just like they are made for mine hands, just like she was made for me and I was made for her. Like we are soulmates.
She's something unspeakably and incredibly... Even when the world's biggest poets would unite to describe her beauty, they would be speachless because... You can't describe the most beautiful things in life. You can't describe love. You can't describe hug or kiss. You can't describe the feeling you get in your stomach watching the person you love.
To me, she's and she'll always be the most beautiful and the best person on this world.
I can't even thank to God enough for giving me her and I can't thank her enough for being with me when I needed it the most. For taking care of me when I was hurted. For being patient with me when I was in pain. Your smile made my scars heal. I'm not a werewolf but you can all my wounds heel so fast when I see you, your smile, touch your hair or your hand...
You are my medicament and...
I'm addicted to you. I can't live without you. You give me strenght to keep going, love to feel human  and happiness to feel alive.
The main poent why I'm writting this (maybe I went a little bit too far because when I talk write about her, the pen is moving by itself...) is to make you, guys, realize something...
Don't hurt the one you love. She's always there for you,she loves you and takes care of you but... Once you hurt a woman, she can say she isn't feeling insulted or hurted but deep inside her is the pain she feels everytime you say something mean to her. 
Once you hurt her , she'll say she has forgiven you but... She will never forget it and her smile will be the revenge for you, you'll felt it after a while, like you miss the times that smile was because of you...
So take care of her. Say her you love her everyday. Hug her everyday. Kiss her everyday. Buy her flowers, a little present just for her. Say her how beautiful she looks like when she's thinking what to wear and sadly staying in front of the mirror because she isn't aware how beautiful she is, she thinks she's ugly but no... Tell her that she's the most beautiful woman on the world. Hearing that from you, the one she's in love with, will make her day, trust me. Say her how gorgeus she looks like, tell her that you will never ever stop loving her. Tell her how much she means to you.
Don't be afraid of showing love to her because... 
If you don't... Someone else will take that role and you'll feel sorry, trust me.

Hello guys, what's up?
So today I wrote a text like Stiles is saying/ giving advice to boys how they should treat their girls because I think that would be pretty cute hearing from Stiles.

What do you think? Did you liked the post? 
Please tell me in the comments down bellow, I read them all and reply to them becasue every single of you means the world to me!

Love you all,see you tomorrow!

Stay alive,xx


  1. This is perfect and very cute . ♥♥♥


  2. Pratim te i na asku, pa znam da znaš hrv ahah uglavnom, jako dobar post, obožavam Tw i Staliu, oni su sreće <3 I inače imaš jako dobre postove, svaka ti čast!
    Ako želiš, pogledaj i moj blog: http://vanesaotional.blogspot.com/ <3