3rd Episode Got Me Like...

Hello my dear wolfiers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This one is going to be about the 3rd episode of Teen Wolf from the last week.
I need to tell you something : IT'S ENOUGH!
We need Stiles back!
I am so afraid we will lose him forever if the search for him doesn't success...
Although Scott, Lydia and Malia are pretty good at it.
I get all the chills when the 'INTENSE' scenes come, something like when Scott says he thinks the person who is lost was his best friend and when Malia says that person wants her to stay human. (I won't mention what Lydia says because we all know it but I you know, I am Stalia shipper so...)
Malia turned into the coyote and lost her human side for a while because she misses him .
She misses Stiles.
The first person in life who made her believe in love and mutual support.
She finally learned how to be a human, how to act like one and then...
They took him.
If that isn't sad to you, Idk man, nothing can be sad to you then haha...
Although I loved her in her coyote shape, I am feeling sorry for her because she feels like a part of her is missing and I really want them to finally find Stiles!
The whole thing about Stiles' grandpa ... It gave me chills,too.
The look in Sheriff's eyes when his father said something like go back to your wife and your loser son.
And by the way, his real name is Noah?
And Stiles' is definitely Mischief.

Allison's dad and Melissa McCall have discovered the weird things happening. Several people have died and they all have something in common - a missing piece in their head that I can't remember how it is called but the teacher of Beacon Hills High School has been feeding with it and considering his memory, I think he could be one of the Chimeras.

The bad thing about the Wild Hunt is that Liam, Mason and Hayden, trying to save a girl making a party to keep her safe, made others see the Wild Hunters and yeah... You know what that means...

We found out so much in the last episode of Teen Wolf and I can't wait to see the next one!
I love you all and talk to u soon!

Stay alive,xx