Love Before Life

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For today's post, I prepared you the story made by photos I edited and I hope you'd like it.

''Love Before Life''
- Vildana Šuta

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18th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and happy weekend to you!
I can't even explain how I am happy now because it's FINALLY Friday! We'll be having shorter classes on Monday because we'll have a little show in our school with regard to the Bosnia and Herzegovina's Independence Day which is on the first of March. I'll be the master of the ceremony and I'm pretty excited because this day means a lot to me. I just love my country!
But... I went too far from the topic of this post and yeah haha, I think we should talk about the last episode of Teen Wolf which I saw yesterday but I had a lot stuff to do so I couldn't write this post and I'm so sorry about that but here I am now!

This episode was truly AMAZING! I literally can't believe how good it was, I mean... If you have seen the scenes of our dear Allison, I mean the Maid of Gevaudan... It was so nice to see her back in the Teen Wolf, at least in this role. I kind of feel like they have chosen Crystal for this role because Allison was so alike to the Maid of Gevaudan! They both were so brave and sacrificial to save the people around them, they both didn't want anyone to get hurt.
The Maid of Gevaudan was, this time, just a story which Gerard told Lydia. Marie-Jeanne Valet was her real name and she was the one who killed the Beast, which was her brother. He couldn't watch kids and adults get hurt anymore and she decided to find the Beast and kill it. The fact that ''it'' was her brother didn't stop her and she killed him (or it).

I just... It was so emotional for me to see Crystal or Allison, I'd rather call her Allison back... I miss her so much...

Gerard told Lydia this story because he thinks that Lydia can stop the Beast. My heart was breaking at this scene because I felt like Gerard and Chris are seeing Allison in Lydia and... She should be there, she could be the one who would stop the Beast. She could be the Maid of Beacon Hills but...
I can't do this... Oh my God. Lydia told them that she can't be the one who will kill the Beast and that... She said : ''I'm not Allison.''

*Can you hear me crying?*

I don't know why everybody is talking about the fact that we have found out who's the Beast because I just can't stop talking about Allison?
Oh, okay, I need to say you who is the Beast haha.


Intense, right?
Who could even think about him? But something actually made me think that when Corey kissed him and he weirdly stopped, like he felt something...
Scott was saved from the Beast in the library with the help of Malia and Breaden and the next we know is that he is walking on the parking lot looking for the scent of it and BUUM! He found it!
In the Mason's car. He opened the trunk and saw... What?
BLOODY SHOES, of course.

Mason saw him and he asked ''Scott, what are you doing with my car?'' because teenager DOESN'T REMEMBER YET and it's good because WHEN THE BEAST REMEMBERS THE TEENAGER WILL BE GONE. 
I feel sorry for Mason but ohh... Someone really needs to stop him because Corey and him disappeard with his power to make himself invisible and we can't even know where he is now or what is he going to do next!

And also, we've saw one Stalia moment where Malia was looking for Stiles at the school. She was afraid of losing him because he only thinks about his safety. She loves him.

Is the Beast going to remember?
Who will stop the Beast? Lydia or Parrish?
I want to hear your opinions down bellow! 

Hope you like it! 
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Let Them Say What They Want

But baby, you know that nobody understands us. They can't reach the meaning of our love and the power of it. And you are wondering why is that? Why they don't support us? 
Oh baby, they don't understand our love because they are not us. 
They don't crave to spend every moment of their lives together. 
They have never cried together like us reaching and discovering the hidden parts of each others. They just see the bad in everyone but we can't do it like that.
 We are in love and that's what makes us happy. 
Your smile makes me happy and I can't escape this feeling... 
Why would I even want to escape it? It's wonderful. I have never been happier... 
I love you and please... Let them say what they want. 
Because they are not us. They don't walk in the same shoes as we do. They don't get the feelings we do when we look at each other.
 They don't understand the power of the true love. 
True love will always be interrupted with obstacles, but never stopped.
 Because you can't stop what you feel and you can't erase our story. 
You can't! It's because it's not written by a pen, it's written by the tears of the both of us while we were miles separated. It's impossible to erase the tears I've cried, a whole ocean for you baby.
 But now, when you are here with me, nothing could stop me from keeping you here with me because my life has been like a tragedy without you and I don't want to go through all of that again. 
I don't wanna be without you. 
Everything is more beautiful with you.
 The Sun shines brighter and the starts make the pretty romanse with the sky up there deleting every atom of the fear we feel in the dark without them.


17th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and welcome to 17th Episode Got Me Like... post!
I have just watched the 17th episode of Teen Wolf and I... I can't even describe how I feel. Am I scared, sad, excited or happy? Can I be everything at the same time?
Well, this episode surely didn't leave me speechless...
We have even saw Stalia moments! When the Desert Wolf asked Malia why is she trying to help those people who she doesn't even know, she continued asking her ''Is it him?'' when she looked at Stiles and Malia turned around and saw him.
And the another great news is that Parrish remembered who he was with the help of Argents and Lydia. But scary thing is that he said he needs to leave.
If he leaves, who will rescue our pack from the Beast?
The Beast is getting stronger everyday and it's really not good feeling knowing that our pack is not that strong to stop it.
I mean, I believe in them but they are all insecure at some point... Malia is wishing to kill her mother which is the obstacle to concentrate on the plan of killing the Beast. Stiles doesn't have the supernatural power to fight with it but he's surely great at planning the ''missions'' for the pack which is really important thing. Kira... Well, Kira can't fight with the fox inside her what we have seen in this episode where she was fighting with werewolf girl (I can't remember her name...) and she even attacked Scott who was able to stop her because he finally has healed and that's great because our Alpha is back again! It's also great to know that Lydia is back with the pack (that even rhymed) and also, Hayden has realized that she should be on our pack's side and she's with us now (finally)!
Malia's mother, a.k.a. Desert Wolf is a such annoying... Ugh, I won't say that word because I want to be polite her with you haha.
Mason and his boyfriend are also helping the pack because they are trying to figure out who was wearing the bloody shoes, I mean... WHO'S THE BEAST!
Marrish moment in this episode was truly adorable!
She was almost crying when the Hellhound or the bad spirit in the Parrish's body was saying that Parrish is just the body for them and he's actually dead.
There is clearly a strong connection between the two of them!
When the episode was ending, Liam saw the Beast on the lacrosse field and he's such a hero because jumped on him trying to rescue everybody else, facing it!
And when we are talking about the lacrosse... Yeah, the coach is back and we are very happy about that!
Unfortunately, they didn't let us see what was going to be with the people who came to watch the game and also, with our pack because the Beast was there and...
I just hope they can kill it...

That was all for today! 
Hope you enjoyed!
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O'Hennig / Stalia Videos

Hello guys!
For today's post I prepared you some of my favorite O'Hennig/ Stalia videos and I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did!

I love you guys!

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History// Truly, Madly, Deeply// More Than This// Still The One

Hello guys! For today's post I decided to share with you some of the Stalia photos I have made recently and to go with them, I just wrote the lyrics of the songs I was inspired by to make those photos!

Hope you like it! 
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16th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys!
What's going on with you? This week has been a hell for me because the school is 'finally' starting with eating me alive but hey, who cares ... I hope you are doing great because I'm not really after watching the 16th episode of Teen Wolf.
It's not like I'm bad but I'm kind of confused and depressed at the same time...
 Umh... Let's start with this post...

Before I say anything else I want you to know... YES, OUR PACK HAS SAVED LYDIA FROM THE EICHEN HOUSE AND I COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPY ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW. But there are other things I'm kind of confused about... The mask, you know, which Vallack was planning to put on Lydia's head to make her say who's the Beast but that'd actually kill her but the pack came at the right time and the only one who died was Valack. And I'm kind of sorry for him because I don't thing he's that bad because of the words he told in this episode... He told that the Dread Doctors made him the beast in people's eyes and... That's just so sad but I know, I know, he didn't care if the mask would kill Lydia and he's bad because of that. Let's get back on the mask theme... After they've saved Lydia from the Eichen House, Theo brought that mask with him and told Deucalion that he didn't find what was he looking for but he has found something better- the mask! And I'm asking you now... Why does Theo need that freaking mask when he hasn't got a Banshee in his pack?! At least I have understand that the mask could only be useful on the Banshees to make them tell who's the Beast. What do you think?

And about the Hayden... I don't really know on which side is she now? On Liam's and Theo's at the same time? Well, girl, you can't do that. You can only be on out pack's side or on the Theo's side and concluding by the fact you are in Theo's pack and you think that Scott can't save them all from the Beast but Theo can - you are on Theo's side.
Yes, I think he loves Liam, but I don't ship Layden at all. I think our little werewolf deserves something better that her. #sorrynotsorry

Stydia's shippers be like : wow, Lydia is back now and that means that Stydia is back, too!
Well, let me tell you something...
They might have some feelings for each other, after all Stiles was in love with her for years and she was his first love but... Have you seen Marrish?!
Parrish has basically saved Lydia when she was screaming in the Eichen House!
Like they said, there's obviously a connection between Banshee and the Hellhound a.k.a between Lydia and Parrish and I think that there are some plans for their relationship,too, because Parrish has dreamed Lydia a couple of times and he's really showing that he's in love with her.

That was all for today! Hope you enjoyed!

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Forget The Past

Everytime I look at your eyes I feel like you hate me...
But why would you hate the person that loves you the most?
I can't give an answer on that question, as like the many other ones that I don't even understand.
The only thing I understand is love. At least I think I do...
Isn't the love the feeling I get when you look at me?
Isn't it the wish to die before you so I would not be able to see you dying?
Isn't it my wish to forget the past and live together again happily?
I don't know what really happened between us... When did we made those spaces between us?
They became really deep, I can't get close to you... 
And once we were inseperable...
But baby, remember this : I love you and I will love you till the end of my life and even after that.
I'd rather cry with you than smile without you.
Because you became the only reason why I smile but... Also, only reason why I cry.
I know, baby, you don't want me to cry but how can hold those tears in my eyes when they can't see you by my side?
Tell me, how?
I want to see you again. I want to feel your arms wrapped around my waist holding me tight like you don't want me to escape. 
But why would I escape when my whole world was there? 
I want everything back. The old times when we were young and happy not caring about the big problems we have now.
Can't we just forget them and move on? I mean, move on together?
Start with a blank page and write the most beautiful love story.
I just want you to forget the past.


15th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys!
I'm here again writing another post and you know Thursday is all about '...Episode Got Me  Like...' ! 
I've just watched the 15th Episode of Teen Wolf and I'm a bit disappointed... Why? Let's find out.

Well, I expected that this episode is going to be just about the successful plan of saving Lydia and that Lydia will, at the end of the episode , be out of the Eichen House, alive and healthy. But, it didn't turn that way, actually...

Stiles figured out how they can save Lydia but that would include Kira controlling her powers with the help of Malia so they can turn the system down for 5-10 minutes, just enough for Stiles to take Lydia out. Scott and Liam would go with him to the main doors which are protected with Mountain Ash so they can't go further with Stiles. Stiles would take Lydia out and go to the van where Parrish is waiting for them. It was hard to convince Parrish to say yes to the question of using his "police powers" to get them to the Eichen house in the van, but Stiles is the best and he has done it.

Well,well,well... You were hoping there would be no Theo in this episode? Me too.
But unfortunately, he was there. And when I say there, I mean in the Eichen House. With his "pack". Trying to "save" Lydia ,too. Or no?

Stiles entered the Lydia's room successfully but he saw the hole in her head and he knew it was her end. She begged him to go because Vallack did that hole to make her more powerful, but when she would get to that point, she would hear every dying scream on the Earth. And that would, logically, kill her. But when she would die, her dying scream would kill the people around her because it'd be so loud and so powerful.
Stiles heard Vallack coming so he quit the room and hide on the near corner.

Meanwhile, Scott and Liam were trying to break the Mountain Ash, but the guards interrupted them and well, they started beating them. When Scott saw they were beating Liam, he was too angry (man, you can't touch people's Betas!) and he turned into a werewolf and you know how that ends...

Theo and his "pack" went to the Lydia's room and Vallack asked them why the pack of Chimeras need a Banshee and Theo answered that they are not looking for a Banshee but the Hellhound. Parrish couldn't wait anymore so he turned into a Hellhound and went there, exactly when Theo said that they are looking for him.

"You want the Hellhound? You've got it!" - Vallack

And the episode ended when Scott said "Come on, we need to get Lydia out of here" to Liam.

So that was all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to let me know in the comments down below if you did and follow me on GFC and G+, please! Thank you so much!

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