15th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys!
I'm here again writing another post and you know Thursday is all about '...Episode Got Me  Like...' ! 
I've just watched the 15th Episode of Teen Wolf and I'm a bit disappointed... Why? Let's find out.

Well, I expected that this episode is going to be just about the successful plan of saving Lydia and that Lydia will, at the end of the episode , be out of the Eichen House, alive and healthy. But, it didn't turn that way, actually...

Stiles figured out how they can save Lydia but that would include Kira controlling her powers with the help of Malia so they can turn the system down for 5-10 minutes, just enough for Stiles to take Lydia out. Scott and Liam would go with him to the main doors which are protected with Mountain Ash so they can't go further with Stiles. Stiles would take Lydia out and go to the van where Parrish is waiting for them. It was hard to convince Parrish to say yes to the question of using his "police powers" to get them to the Eichen house in the van, but Stiles is the best and he has done it.

Well,well,well... You were hoping there would be no Theo in this episode? Me too.
But unfortunately, he was there. And when I say there, I mean in the Eichen House. With his "pack". Trying to "save" Lydia ,too. Or no?

Stiles entered the Lydia's room successfully but he saw the hole in her head and he knew it was her end. She begged him to go because Vallack did that hole to make her more powerful, but when she would get to that point, she would hear every dying scream on the Earth. And that would, logically, kill her. But when she would die, her dying scream would kill the people around her because it'd be so loud and so powerful.
Stiles heard Vallack coming so he quit the room and hide on the near corner.

Meanwhile, Scott and Liam were trying to break the Mountain Ash, but the guards interrupted them and well, they started beating them. When Scott saw they were beating Liam, he was too angry (man, you can't touch people's Betas!) and he turned into a werewolf and you know how that ends...

Theo and his "pack" went to the Lydia's room and Vallack asked them why the pack of Chimeras need a Banshee and Theo answered that they are not looking for a Banshee but the Hellhound. Parrish couldn't wait anymore so he turned into a Hellhound and went there, exactly when Theo said that they are looking for him.

"You want the Hellhound? You've got it!" - Vallack

And the episode ended when Scott said "Come on, we need to get Lydia out of here" to Liam.

So that was all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to let me know in the comments down below if you did and follow me on GFC and G+, please! Thank you so much!

I love you!
Stay alive,xx


  1. Odličan post si napisala! Also,gifovi su pree :*
    Pogledaj moj novi post,ako nađeš vremena i molim te STISNI NA LINKOVE u najnovijem post,mnogoo mi znači.. Hvala puno ako napraviš to! Ly :*

  2. Svaka ti cast imas dva bloga i oba su sjajna!

    Novi post je na mom blogu, volela bih da pogledas! I zapratila sam te, pa ako zelis uzvrati. Hvala <3

  3. it just ended so suddenly, leaving you to wonder until next week, its making me so anxious

  4. This sounds amazing, once I've watched Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries I need to start watching this! Xx


  5. slatka si stvarno i dopada mi se post!