16th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys!
What's going on with you? This week has been a hell for me because the school is 'finally' starting with eating me alive but hey, who cares ... I hope you are doing great because I'm not really after watching the 16th episode of Teen Wolf.
It's not like I'm bad but I'm kind of confused and depressed at the same time...
 Umh... Let's start with this post...

Before I say anything else I want you to know... YES, OUR PACK HAS SAVED LYDIA FROM THE EICHEN HOUSE AND I COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPY ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW. But there are other things I'm kind of confused about... The mask, you know, which Vallack was planning to put on Lydia's head to make her say who's the Beast but that'd actually kill her but the pack came at the right time and the only one who died was Valack. And I'm kind of sorry for him because I don't thing he's that bad because of the words he told in this episode... He told that the Dread Doctors made him the beast in people's eyes and... That's just so sad but I know, I know, he didn't care if the mask would kill Lydia and he's bad because of that. Let's get back on the mask theme... After they've saved Lydia from the Eichen House, Theo brought that mask with him and told Deucalion that he didn't find what was he looking for but he has found something better- the mask! And I'm asking you now... Why does Theo need that freaking mask when he hasn't got a Banshee in his pack?! At least I have understand that the mask could only be useful on the Banshees to make them tell who's the Beast. What do you think?

And about the Hayden... I don't really know on which side is she now? On Liam's and Theo's at the same time? Well, girl, you can't do that. You can only be on out pack's side or on the Theo's side and concluding by the fact you are in Theo's pack and you think that Scott can't save them all from the Beast but Theo can - you are on Theo's side.
Yes, I think he loves Liam, but I don't ship Layden at all. I think our little werewolf deserves something better that her. #sorrynotsorry

Stydia's shippers be like : wow, Lydia is back now and that means that Stydia is back, too!
Well, let me tell you something...
They might have some feelings for each other, after all Stiles was in love with her for years and she was his first love but... Have you seen Marrish?!
Parrish has basically saved Lydia when she was screaming in the Eichen House!
Like they said, there's obviously a connection between Banshee and the Hellhound a.k.a between Lydia and Parrish and I think that there are some plans for their relationship,too, because Parrish has dreamed Lydia a couple of times and he's really showing that he's in love with her.

That was all for today! Hope you enjoyed!

Stay alive,xx


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