17th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and welcome to 17th Episode Got Me Like... post!
I have just watched the 17th episode of Teen Wolf and I... I can't even describe how I feel. Am I scared, sad, excited or happy? Can I be everything at the same time?
Well, this episode surely didn't leave me speechless...
We have even saw Stalia moments! When the Desert Wolf asked Malia why is she trying to help those people who she doesn't even know, she continued asking her ''Is it him?'' when she looked at Stiles and Malia turned around and saw him.
And the another great news is that Parrish remembered who he was with the help of Argents and Lydia. But scary thing is that he said he needs to leave.
If he leaves, who will rescue our pack from the Beast?
The Beast is getting stronger everyday and it's really not good feeling knowing that our pack is not that strong to stop it.
I mean, I believe in them but they are all insecure at some point... Malia is wishing to kill her mother which is the obstacle to concentrate on the plan of killing the Beast. Stiles doesn't have the supernatural power to fight with it but he's surely great at planning the ''missions'' for the pack which is really important thing. Kira... Well, Kira can't fight with the fox inside her what we have seen in this episode where she was fighting with werewolf girl (I can't remember her name...) and she even attacked Scott who was able to stop her because he finally has healed and that's great because our Alpha is back again! It's also great to know that Lydia is back with the pack (that even rhymed) and also, Hayden has realized that she should be on our pack's side and she's with us now (finally)!
Malia's mother, a.k.a. Desert Wolf is a such annoying... Ugh, I won't say that word because I want to be polite her with you haha.
Mason and his boyfriend are also helping the pack because they are trying to figure out who was wearing the bloody shoes, I mean... WHO'S THE BEAST!
Marrish moment in this episode was truly adorable!
She was almost crying when the Hellhound or the bad spirit in the Parrish's body was saying that Parrish is just the body for them and he's actually dead.
There is clearly a strong connection between the two of them!
When the episode was ending, Liam saw the Beast on the lacrosse field and he's such a hero because jumped on him trying to rescue everybody else, facing it!
And when we are talking about the lacrosse... Yeah, the coach is back and we are very happy about that!
Unfortunately, they didn't let us see what was going to be with the people who came to watch the game and also, with our pack because the Beast was there and...
I just hope they can kill it...

That was all for today! 
Hope you enjoyed!
Love you!

Stay alive,xx


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