The greatest thing in life is finding someone who knows all about your mistakes and still sees the best in you. But also, the hardest thing in life is confesing your mistakes to the person you love the most because you want them to think the best about you so they would want to stay.
Telling your mistakes to the person you love feels like pushing them from yourself and thinking they would leave you because of your imperfections.
But... The truth is... I want to know all your imperfections and that will never change my thoughs about you. Maybe my thoughs, but never my feelings about you. Feelings last forever. We can't change that fact. And I don't want to change it because I really don't mind loving you forever.
Did I told you that falling in love with you was the best thing that happend to me? Yeah, like hundreds of times. But I want you to know that even when you've done something stupid, don't be ashamed to confese me everything, I'm not here to leave at the first problem, I'm here to solve it with you. Our love is stronger that every obstacle, right? 

''All my life, you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me

All these lights, they can't blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down''

Thank you for being here where nobody else was.
You're my everything, let me be yours.

Love means forever yours to me. 

Hello guys,
Today I wrote this text like ''Malia to Stiles'' type of text.
I hope you understand why I picked up this theme. If you've watched last episode you'll understand.
Stiles didn't say anything about Dunovan to Malia. And it just breaks my heart seeing him not trusting to her and he didn't even say Scott, his best friend! I'm so worried about him...
Nobody will ever accuse him for self-defending.

Haha , agree with me?

And yeah, we've reached 1,300+ views and thank you so much for everything <3! 
Bye, see you tomorrow, Love ya , x


1000 VIEWS! YouTube?!

Hello guys,

I'm so, so happy! And it's because of you! Yeah, you!
We've reached 1000 VIEWS!


I've said I'll start making videos on YouTube when I reach 1000 views but I don't know now...
I don't know if you are with me through this because I need your support.

There's one thing I want you to do! I want you to COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT THIS IDEA.
If I get 50 comments I'll start making videos.
I don't know if we can do it but I feel it's the only way I'll know if you'll support me.

And there's another problem...
I don't really have a camera so I'll film with my phone.
I hope videos will be ok.

I really want to make videos! I hope you're excited as I am!
On my channel will be videos like challenges, I'll make something special about Stalia and I'll make Q&A first to let you meet me.


Have a great day,
Bye, xx


6th Episode Got Me Like...

Hey guys what's up? :)

I've just seen 6th Teen Wolf episode and in this post I'm going to talk about it a little bit.
First thing first I love Malia so,so much! She's such a queen! She said Theo that she doesn't own him nothing because not telling Scott about her memorie with Desert Wolf. You go girl! #TaliaDoesn'tExist :D !
But... Why Stiles is hiding the fact he killed Dunovan?! It was self-defence and I really thought he's gonna tell it at least Malia. But he didn't.
And why is Malia hiding the fact she didn't kill her ''fake'' mom and sister?! She should tell it and wash off blood from her hands.
I think we need more Stalia moments but it's so tensely in Beacon Hills because of the Dread Doctors.
They really shoudn't read that book. Look what it did to Lydia, Scott and Stiles. Lydia found how her grandma died... I feel so sorry about her and I feel so sorry about Scott. He found that his dog died when he was child... And Stiles... Oh my God! His mom Claudia was suffering from disease that caused hallucinations... I feel so,so sorry about him finding out that his mom told him that he want to kill her. He was only 10! Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Malia #StayStrong <3!

And what about Kira? In 5th episode, when Scott saved her from Eichen House causing him hurt because of her like lighting, I remembered Kira's mom telling ''Wolfs and foxes don't go together''... I'm dying to know... If she's negative now?
Scott said he can't trust her. But I loved #Scira :(

And only positive thing, not totally positive, is Liam and Hayden! I totally ship them but is Hayden Chimera too? I hope she's not. #KeepingMyFingersCrossed

And I can't forget this! #MarrishMomentsAreTotallyStunning !

And there are more and more Chimeras every second. I feel scared for the pack.
Are they going to continue reading the book?
Are they all going to die?
Are Dread Doctors gonna make them Chimeras?
I can't wait to find out all the answers to this and hundreds of questions I have in next episode!
I hope they all are gonna be alright!

See you tomorrow, bye, x



You know... Sometimes... I dream. I dream us.
Little house in the wood. Children's voice and laugh. Nights on the grass watching the stars, hugging you thightly. ''The full Moon tonight'', I whisper, ''How do you feel?''
You turn your head to me , ''Don't worry, if I feel safe, Moon won't affect me...'' and smile lovingly.
I feel the butterflies in my stomach like the first time I saw you.
''You feel safe with me?'', I asked.
''Don't be fool! You know you are the only person I feel safe with...'' ,you grab my arm and pull it closer to you, turning your head and body from me placing into my hug.
I smiled.
I feel I need to protect you, you my little werewolf.
Don't ask me why, it's hard to describe my feeling to you. Poets say it's love but I feel it's a lot more than just love. They say you're my girl, but you're more than that. You are my love, my soulmate, my support and basically ... You're my everything.
''Kira come back here! Allison go for her...'' , you shout while watching our children rambling from us. 
Yeah, their names are Kira and Allison and don't forget Scott, but he's too little now to be outside in the dark. He is in the house. Sleeping. 
My dreams might sound crazy to you but you made feel like this, you made my dreams and wish to
make them come true.
Thank you for being the most important part of my life. 
I love you.

-This time I was writting like Stiles.

So guys, as you can see I forgot to publish this post so I'm doing it now.
I hope you'll enjoy.
Love ya,bye x.


The main problem of the life is realising that monsters aren't under our beds but in our heads. It's so much harder to chase something away if it became part of you. Yeah, they became part of me. I can't remember the time I fell asleep without you hugging me, without feeling of your arm around me. When you aren't here I can't fall asleep. They won't stop chasing me until you come. 
The monsters in my head keep getting bigger feeding themselves with my fear, with my desire to feel needed again. Only with you I felt needed. Only with you I felt loved. You saved me from myself. Yeah, from myself. I keep wage wars with my thoughts. Sometimes, I feel like nobody needs me... And I just let the depression kills me from inside while I'm smiling on the outside. This make me think about how people can be hypocrite. I'm hypocrite. I smile. I smile a lot. But inside... I feel disintegration of my soul. I can't help myself. I want to be hypocrite because I don't want people to fake they are worry about me and keep asking questions like ''Why are you sad?'' , ''Are you okay?'' etc. I didn't want anybody to know my pain but you did. 
You knew I was hurt and I didn't tell you that, Stiles. You were the only one who knew how my real smile and the fake one looks like. You are the only one I opened my soul for. 
I think it's because you was the only one who helped me and I didn't ask for help. You helped me. You helped me to realize there's always the way out, the solution and the hope. 
You are the only light star in the dark sky...
And I know you know all this things even if I don't tell them to you. 
I didn't really think that ''soulmates'' exist. You made me feel different. Because you... You are my soulmate. The only person who found everything about me just by looking at my eyes. 
Monsters died when you told me you love me.

Hey guys,
I hope you liked another text by me, this time writting like Malia. :)
It's my pleasure to have you guys, cuz' TONIGHT WE ARE GOING ON 900 VIEWS!
That's right! 900! 
Thank you to the Moon and back, love ya all <3.

And please comment telling me your opinions about this blog and this post.

Tomorrow I'm going on the beach, and I'll be there all day but I'll write post for tomorrow now and then publish it tomorrow morning. :)

Love ya and see you tomorrow <3



Hello guys,
I know I've made similar post to this, I think it was ''Why I don't ship Stydia or Sterek?!'' but I haven't made a post like why I think Stalia has a future and Stydia don't so that's my thema for today, i.e. ''Stydia vs Stalia?!'' .
I'll do 3 thesis to try to bring you closer my opinions. I hope you'll enjoy :).
Let's get into this.

1. LYDIA - Imagine someone had crush on you for like 10 years or more and you didn't give a shit about it (sorry for my  expression) and then you suddenly realize that you love him, imagine when! When he has fallen in love with somebody else. I think the song from One direction- Taken describes this the best : Now that you can't have me
You suddenly want me
Now that I'm with somebody else
You tell me you love me
I slept on your doorstep
Begging for one chance
Now that I finally moved on
You say that you missed me all along.NO LYDIA! GO LOVE PARRISH, YOU CAN HAVE HIM BUT STILES IS TAKEN! haha

And then there's MALIA - From the very beginning of their relationship, Malia had all the power. She first met Stiles after he and Scott saved her from killing her adopted father and turned her back into a human after she had lived as a coyote for the most of her life. At first, Malia hated Scott and Stiles for making her become a human again and for putting her in a mental institution. In fact, she punches him when he shows up in the Eichen House. But as she starts learning more and more about Stiles' problems with Nogitsune, Malia starts to warm up to Stiles quite a bit. She initiated their first kiss. She tells him her feeling first and often. She isn't ashamed of it. Only thing that matters to her is her love to Stiles. Stiles finally found someone who cares about him. #StaliaForever

2. LYDIA -  Lydia treated Stiles very bitchy (if you ask me) until... Say it! You know it! UNTIL MALIA DIDN'T SHOW UP what means she just want someone like Stiles to love her forever while she is with another guys. She only wants to have someone who cares about her like Stiles did. But now... You've seen last episode. Stiles doesn't show her feelings around her and even Scott said that he was different around her before. #MaliaChangedHim :)

MALIA - As I've said ,Malia was the one who kissed him first, told her feeling about him first and she had never show interest for other guys. I repeat, you've seen last episode. Theo tried to flirt with her but she was like ''Wtf are u trying to do , I'm taken?!'' and that's what I like about her. She is loyal to Stiles. :)

3. LYDIA - Stydia shippers be like '' How can you ship 3 scenes when they(Stiles and Lydia) have history?'' and I'm like ... WHAT?! It's waaaaaaay more than 3 scenes and history?! What history?! Are you talking about Stiles ''running after'' Lydia and Lydia constantly refusing him? Like... if that's your history I don't have anything more to say. Just ask yourself.

MALIA - Maybe Malia hasn't history with Stiles yet but can't you see it? Every episode they are writting history and all you can say about Stydia is history. If you know the meaning of that word you'll know that history is passed, gone, no more... If you know what I mean. :)

And that was it. I hope you understand me and I hope I've explained myself and the purpose of this blog IS NOT HATING STYDIA BUT SHIPING STALIA. I DON'T HATE LYDIA AT ALL, I LOVE HER BUT I SHIP STALIA. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU JUDGE. THANKS.

I hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow , x



It's been 3 months and 4 days.. Yeah, I count. This is my 57th letter to you. Idk if you feel the same but I... I feel lost without you. In the daytime it's okay... At least, I pretend it is. But when the night comes I fall asleep in tears and wake up with them. Sometimes I dream you. You are here and I can see you but I can't touch you. It hurts so much. I have friends here, a lot of them but no one can replace you. No one! But baby, it's coming.... Our day after 4 months! I can't wait to see you! To hug and kiss you! You know... I miss your hugs so much... I miss us holding hands, walking and talking about stupid things. I know I'm boring sometimes but I make fool of myself to keep you with me.
I know there are a lot of better girls than me. Prettier, smarter... But... I love you. I love your smile. I love your hair. I love your hands. I love your eyes. I love your sarcasm. I love everything about you. You are perfect to me, my eyes can't see your imperfections. They are blind, they can't see anything but you. You are the center of my world. It's everything about you...

I read your letters again and again and everytime I cry. I know you don't want me to cry but... I can't just stop it. It hurts. 
Time goes so slow... Every 4 months I see you. It's so long time. I want you to be here with me forever. It's rarely how time with you goes fast but without you it seems like forever.
I'm counting down days till graduation. We made promise. We'll be together. Forever and always. 
I'm not wanting much. Just you and me. 
Place? Time? It doesn't matter. 
Only thing that matters is you. To me, you are the best. Don't you ever change. I love your smile, eyes,hands, hair, your amazing sarcasm, your cleverness... Everything. 
I hope you are happy and excited. Just 26 days baby. I'll count. Don't blame it on me if I can't let you go from my hug, if I don't want the end of our time. Don't blame it on me. You know I'm crazy. But I'm crazy about you.
To the moon and back? To the moon and back. 

*This was my work about Stiles and Malia separated miles away from each other. They are on college and seeing each other every 4 months. I wrote this like Malia.*
thank you for reading.
Hello my dear people haha,
I can't really believe like 10 people read my blog, but 700+?! 
I love you so much <3

Your support means whole world to me, especially when I read your comments. There are not a lot of comments but every comment makes my day cuz' I want to see your opinions about every post, what you want to see, what you like, what you don't like so I can improve myself. :)
CAN WE DO IT ON 800?! 

Love ya all,
See you tomorrow, x


''You are my everything Malia''

You...You helped me when I needed it the most. My darkness disappeared when I met you. You were there for me when I cried. You made me laugh when I didn't even wanted to live. You helped me to find out that life is beautiful if you love. I loved you and I still love you. You are the best thing that happened to me. My heart goes crazy when I see you and... When you call me yours I just, honestly don't know where I am. The only place I feel safe is your hug. Just wrapp your arms around me and shhh... Let the silence speak. Every single day I just wanna hear how was your day, I want you to tell me your dreams and I'll do anything to make them come true, to make my little girl happy. I know, I know, you don't want me to call you little girl,  you want to feel powerfull but you still seem little in my arms. Don't worry, that's what I love about you. Oh, but your smile... I can't even describe it... Words aren't enough to describe feeling in my stomach seeing you smile. Oh, if I just could stop the time and watch you smile. And don't even try to hide your sadness and pain from me. I know when you are really happy, and I know when you pretend to be. I don't want you to hide anything from me. I want to know. Every little thing. I want to know everything about you. Your dreams, fears, ambitions... Tell me what you want me to be, I'll do my best. Just to keep you with me. Cuz' if you go, everything that I care about goes with you. If you die, I die. If you smile, I smile. If you cry, I cry. 
I found everything in you and don't ever ,ever leave me,my soulmate. 
I love when we fight and you get so nervous and sad, 'couse I know that you care about me, about my opinions. And everytime we fight it ends with ''But I love you''. Maybe you think I don't know how to defend myself but the truth is... I don't want you to feel unhappy. and screw up the problems, there's always solution! Loving you was the hardest but again the most beautiful thing that happened to me. It was hard to convince the person who was hurted so many times that there's still somebody who can love her. But I did. I screamed, I fight, I hugged, I kissed, and I don't regret any second with you. 
I love you. R U Mine? 


Thank you all so ,so much! We are going on 600 views today! You really make me happy!
Love ya,
See you tomorrow, x



Hello my people haha,
First thing,
Happy birthday One Direction! It's been 5 years! Time goes fast but still #ProudDirectioner❤ !

And... Second thing... I was just thinking that every ship has name and surname. Our ship's name is Stalia but we don't have surname. What do you think about Talinski? Tell me in the comments bellow ☺.

And the big ANNOUNCEMENT is...
When I get 1000 viewers on this blog I'll start filming youtube videos☺.
I'll make Q&A (questions and answers) videos, challenge videos, #TalkAboutStalia videos etc.
What do you think about this idea?
Would you watch my videos?❤

I need your support now more than ever!

Today I only wanted to talk about this announcements and suggestions so... That's it for today. See ya tomorrow, hope you like my posts ☺
Love ya all, x
Stay cool haha


5th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys,
I've just saw 5th episode of season 5 and I'm so... I can't explain what I feel now.
Nothing really happend with Lydia and Stiles, he just wanted to protect her and that's all but... Malia and Theo? I hate Theo so much now! He's so hypocritical and oily ,and I'm so sick of him!
He just want to defy Stiles so he wants to do it by seduce Malia but she was like ''Wtf is wrong with you?'' when he sat with her. I love her face when he try to make a conversation with her.
I'm so,so happy that she remembered that Desert Wolf killed her not-real mum and sister! And Stiles... I almost cried when he talked with Scott in front of Eichen House telling him that murder can be justifiably if it was defence and Scott told him that they need to rescue that people, not kill them cuz' they are victims.
I don't know why he didn't told Scott and Malia that he killed Dunovan... I hope he'll tell them because it was self-defence and I think it's justifiably. If he didn't kill Dunovan, he would eat his leg, and he meant it seriously.
I love it that Stiles doesn't show any feelings but friendly for Lydia. He wanted to protect her as a friend and it was so nice when he knows he loves Malia and he wasn't any upset like he was before just being in Lydia's presence.
Ugh I felt so frustrated when Theo touched Malia's hand! Like wtf, you know she has boyfriend (by the way ,with who he wants to be pretend-good).
I simply don't like hypocritical people eww...
#TheoIsBitch #MaliaLovesStiles #StilesLovesMalia

And that's it for today!
Please tell me in the comments bellow did you enjoyed and your feelings about new episode! I can not wait for next week to see 6th episode and JEFF MAN GIVE US #STALIAMOMENTS! Haha
See ya tomorrow!
Stay cool haha! xoxo


5 Cute Stalia Moments

Hello guys :)
First of all, I want to thank you for amazing 170+ views. I really can't believe it! THANK YOU SO,SO ,SO MUCH! We are going on 200 views! Can you do it?! I know you can!

Today, as the title says, I'm going to show you or remind you of 5 CUTE STALIA MOMENTS !
I hope you are excided as I am.
So... Let's get into this !

There are so many cute Stalia moments, but I'm gonna show you 5 I picked up as the most adorable ones.

5. He helps her concentrate on the full Moon by kissing her! OmG am I the only one that finds this so,so,so adorable and cute?! THAT FEELING WHEN YOU NEED SOMEONE LIKE STILES! Picture says it all. #PowerOfLove haha.

4. They distance from each other and Melissa, Scott's mom, locked them into the hospital room and they reconcile. CAN WE SAY HOW MUCH WE LOVE MELISSA?! SHE IS ONE OF US! #MelissaStaliaShipper! Melissa is queen haha!
Stiles was so cute in this scene! It was like ... Malia asked why would Melissa lock them into the room and Stiles told they shouldn't blame it on her, cuz she tried to apologize hundreds of times, she texted, called... Malia asked is she going to continiue it and Stiles told she might if you don't forgive to her. And you might notice... He was talking about Melissa like him. Cuz' he texted and called Malia to forgive him.  

3.The moment when we all realize how similar they are. I think in first or second season professor called Stiles when he was holding the highlighter in his mouth, and the same scene repeated with Malia... So cute, I know!

2.The moment when Stiles realizes how similar malia is to him. They were studying in his room. It was Math haha. He asked her why all the highlighters are for and she told him the green one is for things she understand, the yellow one is for things she don't mostly understand and the red one is for things she has no clue for. Stiles looked at his wall and saw his like cords which he uses at their cases and HE USES THEM AT THE SAME WAY AS MALIA USES HIGHLIGHTERS! And then he kissed her! Adorable!

1. And the first place goes to...
The saddest and the cutest moment of all! The night Stiles missed Malia... He missed her so much , he dreamed she's lying with him and he's hugging her. When he opened his eyes ... Malia was gone. She never,actually, was there, but he needed her so much he imagined she's there. 
My eyes are sweating...

I hope you enjoyed! Can we get to 200 views?! I know you can so let's do it!
Love ya all, see you tomorrow, x 


Why I don't ship Stydia or Sterek?!

Hello my people haha,

I obivously didn't forget you today so I'm going to write about interesting stuff.
I'm going to tell you The reasons why I don't ship Stydia and Sterek.
I hope you'll enjoy and unterstand me cuz I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but I have to say the truth.
#NoHate #Don'tJudge

So let's get into this...

First of all... Reasons why I don't ship Stydia?!
At the beginning I shipped Stydia so ,so much. You probbably think "Than why you stop shipping them?".
Well, I shipped them first season so hard, but I got sick of Lydia's behavior.
"What if you have your Stlies but you're too Lydia to see it?!"

I admit, it was cute at the beginning, how he "ran" after her but she didn't appreciate it so ...
When you don't appreciate things you have ,you'll lose them! END OF THE STORY!

Let's clear something, I DON'T HATE LYDIA AT ALL! I LOVE HER! She is powerfull, cute, smart and amazing girl but she didn't appreciate Stiles, so he found happines in somebody else who loves him and cares about him.
So... I want Lydia to be happy ,too and I think Parrish is "the one" for her. #Marrish #Stalia

You have to unterstand that Stiles couldn't wait all his life being second choice to her. He wanted to be loved. And that's what he got with Malia. Malia loves him and he loves her.

So we cleared that. Let's talk about Sterek.

I mean... Wth?! Sterek?! Stiles and Derek?! This is ridiciolous! Okay...

So... Stiles and Derek? I mean... How could you think about something like that?
I mean, Derek never showed sympathy for Stiles, nor Stiles did for Derek. Idk why this ever exist,this ship.
The time Derek was in the Beacon Hills Stiles was in love with Lydia and he never did anything with Derek to make you think about this.

I've said enough, you are probbably bored so I'm going now.
Goodbye until tomorrow.
Love ya, x


Imagine No.1

Hello my #StaliaShippers ,
Today I haven't much time so I just wrote an imagine, I think it sucks but sorry... I will improve, I promise. ❤

"We've done it." ,Malia said sitting on the front of jeep with Stiles and watching the stars. It was beautiful night.
"Yeah...", Stiles said and turned his face to her watching her with love in his eyes...
"Your eyes are so beautiful, they shine brighter that this stars...", after a while he broke the scilence.
She started to touching his face softly giving him a kiss in the forehead.
"Can you believe college is over and our wedding is on this Saturday?!" , excitment in her voice souned really cute to him. Knowing someone loves you like she loved him maked him so happy and he wasn't embarassed to show it.
"Malia Stilinski... It sounds good.", he said wrapping his arms around her like he wants to show she's his future wife and everyone needs to know that she's his.
"I feel so happy and safe with you... I think I might even be in love with you.",she said being sarcastic, can you tell from who she got it?!
"You little fool..." ,he smiled and pull her closer to him.
This night stars were shining so bright. Maybe they were happy, too. Maybe they felt the piece of love Malia feels seeing Stiles or Stiles hugging her? I think they did.

Like I said... It sucks but I promise better post tomorrow.
Love ya all.
Have a great day 
Bye, x



Hello my dear #StaliaShippers !
First of all, Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world, have great days with your family and friends. XOXO

It's been 3 days since I posted my first post on this blog introducing myself and telling you what is this blog about. From today I'm going to post EVERY SINGLE DAY. It won't be hard to me 'cause I love doing this and I hope you love reading it. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS WHAT POST YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE! Thanks!

In this post I'm going to talk about 5 THINGS ABOUT STALIA. I hope you like it ! x

So let's start...

1.How did they met each other? 
It was in season 3.  Stiles and Scott wanted to recover Malia to be human again. After Stiles steals her sister's doll, Malia tricks him to the school where she attacks Kira. Scott uses his Alpha power and roar to force Malia to become human again. After that, Malia and Stiles were in Eichen House. She helped him to get into the basement. They started kissing on an old sofa and Stiles gives up his fight with the Nogitsune to save her. 

2.Malia's first love, Stiles' second.
Malia was werecoyote all her life before Scott and Stiles recovered her into human again so... Stiles is her first love, first boyfriend and first kiss. On the other side, Malia is Stiles' second love.
His first love WAS Lydia. He loved her a long time and she ignored him. She ignored him the whole time and when he fell in love with Malia she started to have feelings for him. Like wtf?! You can't just ignore him whole time and be with other guys then, when he move on, start to have feelings for him!
YES, HE LOVED HER! I'm not denying it! But he's find someone who cares about him and who helped him to ''fall out of love'' for Lydia. And simply, he has fallen in love with Malia. Stydia shippers sorry but you don't exist anymore. #MarrishAndStaliaForever

3.He helped her to start thinking like human, not werecoyote. 
This was so cute to me, oh my Gosh!
Malia used to think humans need to be eaten ,killed etc.,but he learned her to think like human.
And that's what love is for. #NeedBoyfriendLikeStiles !

4.They want to protect each other.
Once Malia didn't feel good sleeping in her own bed so she sneaked in to Stiles' and cuddles because she felt she need to protect him because he is a ''little spoon''. A LITTLE SPOON! CAN YOU SEE THE HEARTS GOING OUT FROM MY EYES?! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

5.They would never leave behind each other. There were so many times they told each other they wouldn't leave without each other. They were hurt, they were sad and happy but they never did leave each other. Once Stiles was scared because he thought Malia was running to leave, but she denied it and said she would never leave him because she loves him. That was so cute. And also...

That was it! I hope you enjoyed it as I did. :)
Lots of love xoxo.
See ya tomorrow!
Bye :) !


Introducing myself (not boring,I hope)

Hello everbody,
In this post I want to introduce myself. So... Where should I begin? I'm a regular girl living boring life. I'm almost 14 y/o.
I decided to make this blog cause I'm opsessed shipping Malia and Stiles, I mean Stalia.
OmG they are so cute together and everybody ,including me,want relationship like their. On this blog I'm going to post photos,texts and imagines about them. I'LL MAKE MY OWN PHOTOS AND TEXTS SO I'M NOT STEALING FROM ANYONE.
And another reason why I made this blog is 'cause...I used to give up on everything I started, on internet and in real life... I used to get motivated, started and give up on everything. I wasn't patient. So... I really want to start doing something I love, and that's writing and editing. I hope you'll like my posts.

"I don't know why I'm so happy when I'm with you... There's a weird feeling in my stomach when I see you but it's not like I'm sick or something... I don't know what's happening with me Stiles..." ,she said nervously  lowering her head.
"It's okay...",he hugged her gently, "...cuz I feel the same."
Stiles lifted her head and saw happiness tears in her eyes. He smiled and kissed her in her forhead... She felt safe with him.

Please tell me what you think about this post. Are you excided as I am cuz I can't wait to start publishing Stalia texts,photos,imagines etc?
Xoxo 