Hello my dear #StaliaShippers !
First of all, Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world, have great days with your family and friends. XOXO

It's been 3 days since I posted my first post on this blog introducing myself and telling you what is this blog about. From today I'm going to post EVERY SINGLE DAY. It won't be hard to me 'cause I love doing this and I hope you love reading it. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS WHAT POST YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE! Thanks!

In this post I'm going to talk about 5 THINGS ABOUT STALIA. I hope you like it ! x

So let's start...

1.How did they met each other? 
It was in season 3.  Stiles and Scott wanted to recover Malia to be human again. After Stiles steals her sister's doll, Malia tricks him to the school where she attacks Kira. Scott uses his Alpha power and roar to force Malia to become human again. After that, Malia and Stiles were in Eichen House. She helped him to get into the basement. They started kissing on an old sofa and Stiles gives up his fight with the Nogitsune to save her. 

2.Malia's first love, Stiles' second.
Malia was werecoyote all her life before Scott and Stiles recovered her into human again so... Stiles is her first love, first boyfriend and first kiss. On the other side, Malia is Stiles' second love.
His first love WAS Lydia. He loved her a long time and she ignored him. She ignored him the whole time and when he fell in love with Malia she started to have feelings for him. Like wtf?! You can't just ignore him whole time and be with other guys then, when he move on, start to have feelings for him!
YES, HE LOVED HER! I'm not denying it! But he's find someone who cares about him and who helped him to ''fall out of love'' for Lydia. And simply, he has fallen in love with Malia. Stydia shippers sorry but you don't exist anymore. #MarrishAndStaliaForever

3.He helped her to start thinking like human, not werecoyote. 
This was so cute to me, oh my Gosh!
Malia used to think humans need to be eaten ,killed etc.,but he learned her to think like human.
And that's what love is for. #NeedBoyfriendLikeStiles !

4.They want to protect each other.
Once Malia didn't feel good sleeping in her own bed so she sneaked in to Stiles' and cuddles because she felt she need to protect him because he is a ''little spoon''. A LITTLE SPOON! CAN YOU SEE THE HEARTS GOING OUT FROM MY EYES?! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

5.They would never leave behind each other. There were so many times they told each other they wouldn't leave without each other. They were hurt, they were sad and happy but they never did leave each other. Once Stiles was scared because he thought Malia was running to leave, but she denied it and said she would never leave him because she loves him. That was so cute. And also...

That was it! I hope you enjoyed it as I did. :)
Lots of love xoxo.
See ya tomorrow!
Bye :) !

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