Imagine No.1

Hello my #StaliaShippers ,
Today I haven't much time so I just wrote an imagine, I think it sucks but sorry... I will improve, I promise. ❤

"We've done it." ,Malia said sitting on the front of jeep with Stiles and watching the stars. It was beautiful night.
"Yeah...", Stiles said and turned his face to her watching her with love in his eyes...
"Your eyes are so beautiful, they shine brighter that this stars...", after a while he broke the scilence.
She started to touching his face softly giving him a kiss in the forehead.
"Can you believe college is over and our wedding is on this Saturday?!" , excitment in her voice souned really cute to him. Knowing someone loves you like she loved him maked him so happy and he wasn't embarassed to show it.
"Malia Stilinski... It sounds good.", he said wrapping his arms around her like he wants to show she's his future wife and everyone needs to know that she's his.
"I feel so happy and safe with you... I think I might even be in love with you.",she said being sarcastic, can you tell from who she got it?!
"You little fool..." ,he smiled and pull her closer to him.
This night stars were shining so bright. Maybe they were happy, too. Maybe they felt the piece of love Malia feels seeing Stiles or Stiles hugging her? I think they did.

Like I said... It sucks but I promise better post tomorrow.
Love ya all.
Have a great day 
Bye, x

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