The main problem of the life is realising that monsters aren't under our beds but in our heads. It's so much harder to chase something away if it became part of you. Yeah, they became part of me. I can't remember the time I fell asleep without you hugging me, without feeling of your arm around me. When you aren't here I can't fall asleep. They won't stop chasing me until you come. 
The monsters in my head keep getting bigger feeding themselves with my fear, with my desire to feel needed again. Only with you I felt needed. Only with you I felt loved. You saved me from myself. Yeah, from myself. I keep wage wars with my thoughts. Sometimes, I feel like nobody needs me... And I just let the depression kills me from inside while I'm smiling on the outside. This make me think about how people can be hypocrite. I'm hypocrite. I smile. I smile a lot. But inside... I feel disintegration of my soul. I can't help myself. I want to be hypocrite because I don't want people to fake they are worry about me and keep asking questions like ''Why are you sad?'' , ''Are you okay?'' etc. I didn't want anybody to know my pain but you did. 
You knew I was hurt and I didn't tell you that, Stiles. You were the only one who knew how my real smile and the fake one looks like. You are the only one I opened my soul for. 
I think it's because you was the only one who helped me and I didn't ask for help. You helped me. You helped me to realize there's always the way out, the solution and the hope. 
You are the only light star in the dark sky...
And I know you know all this things even if I don't tell them to you. 
I didn't really think that ''soulmates'' exist. You made me feel different. Because you... You are my soulmate. The only person who found everything about me just by looking at my eyes. 
Monsters died when you told me you love me.

Hey guys,
I hope you liked another text by me, this time writting like Malia. :)
It's my pleasure to have you guys, cuz' TONIGHT WE ARE GOING ON 900 VIEWS!
That's right! 900! 
Thank you to the Moon and back, love ya all <3.

And please comment telling me your opinions about this blog and this post.

Tomorrow I'm going on the beach, and I'll be there all day but I'll write post for tomorrow now and then publish it tomorrow morning. :)

Love ya and see you tomorrow <3

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