5 Cute Stalia Moments

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Today, as the title says, I'm going to show you or remind you of 5 CUTE STALIA MOMENTS !
I hope you are excided as I am.
So... Let's get into this !

There are so many cute Stalia moments, but I'm gonna show you 5 I picked up as the most adorable ones.

5. He helps her concentrate on the full Moon by kissing her! OmG am I the only one that finds this so,so,so adorable and cute?! THAT FEELING WHEN YOU NEED SOMEONE LIKE STILES! Picture says it all. #PowerOfLove haha.

4. They distance from each other and Melissa, Scott's mom, locked them into the hospital room and they reconcile. CAN WE SAY HOW MUCH WE LOVE MELISSA?! SHE IS ONE OF US! #MelissaStaliaShipper! Melissa is queen haha!
Stiles was so cute in this scene! It was like ... Malia asked why would Melissa lock them into the room and Stiles told they shouldn't blame it on her, cuz she tried to apologize hundreds of times, she texted, called... Malia asked is she going to continiue it and Stiles told she might if you don't forgive to her. And you might notice... He was talking about Melissa like him. Cuz' he texted and called Malia to forgive him.  

3.The moment when we all realize how similar they are. I think in first or second season professor called Stiles when he was holding the highlighter in his mouth, and the same scene repeated with Malia... So cute, I know!

2.The moment when Stiles realizes how similar malia is to him. They were studying in his room. It was Math haha. He asked her why all the highlighters are for and she told him the green one is for things she understand, the yellow one is for things she don't mostly understand and the red one is for things she has no clue for. Stiles looked at his wall and saw his like cords which he uses at their cases and HE USES THEM AT THE SAME WAY AS MALIA USES HIGHLIGHTERS! And then he kissed her! Adorable!

1. And the first place goes to...
The saddest and the cutest moment of all! The night Stiles missed Malia... He missed her so much , he dreamed she's lying with him and he's hugging her. When he opened his eyes ... Malia was gone. She never,actually, was there, but he needed her so much he imagined she's there. 
My eyes are sweating...

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