Why I don't ship Stydia or Sterek?!

Hello my people haha,

I obivously didn't forget you today so I'm going to write about interesting stuff.
I'm going to tell you The reasons why I don't ship Stydia and Sterek.
I hope you'll enjoy and unterstand me cuz I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but I have to say the truth.
#NoHate #Don'tJudge

So let's get into this...

First of all... Reasons why I don't ship Stydia?!
At the beginning I shipped Stydia so ,so much. You probbably think "Than why you stop shipping them?".
Well, I shipped them first season so hard, but I got sick of Lydia's behavior.
"What if you have your Stlies but you're too Lydia to see it?!"

I admit, it was cute at the beginning, how he "ran" after her but she didn't appreciate it so ...
When you don't appreciate things you have ,you'll lose them! END OF THE STORY!

Let's clear something, I DON'T HATE LYDIA AT ALL! I LOVE HER! She is powerfull, cute, smart and amazing girl but she didn't appreciate Stiles, so he found happines in somebody else who loves him and cares about him.
So... I want Lydia to be happy ,too and I think Parrish is "the one" for her. #Marrish #Stalia

You have to unterstand that Stiles couldn't wait all his life being second choice to her. He wanted to be loved. And that's what he got with Malia. Malia loves him and he loves her.

So we cleared that. Let's talk about Sterek.

I mean... Wth?! Sterek?! Stiles and Derek?! This is ridiciolous! Okay...

So... Stiles and Derek? I mean... How could you think about something like that?
I mean, Derek never showed sympathy for Stiles, nor Stiles did for Derek. Idk why this ever exist,this ship.
The time Derek was in the Beacon Hills Stiles was in love with Lydia and he never did anything with Derek to make you think about this.

I've said enough, you are probbably bored so I'm going now.
Goodbye until tomorrow.
Love ya, x