6th Episode Got Me Like...

Hey guys what's up? :)

I've just seen 6th Teen Wolf episode and in this post I'm going to talk about it a little bit.
First thing first I love Malia so,so much! She's such a queen! She said Theo that she doesn't own him nothing because not telling Scott about her memorie with Desert Wolf. You go girl! #TaliaDoesn'tExist :D !
But... Why Stiles is hiding the fact he killed Dunovan?! It was self-defence and I really thought he's gonna tell it at least Malia. But he didn't.
And why is Malia hiding the fact she didn't kill her ''fake'' mom and sister?! She should tell it and wash off blood from her hands.
I think we need more Stalia moments but it's so tensely in Beacon Hills because of the Dread Doctors.
They really shoudn't read that book. Look what it did to Lydia, Scott and Stiles. Lydia found how her grandma died... I feel so sorry about her and I feel so sorry about Scott. He found that his dog died when he was child... And Stiles... Oh my God! His mom Claudia was suffering from disease that caused hallucinations... I feel so,so sorry about him finding out that his mom told him that he want to kill her. He was only 10! Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Malia #StayStrong <3!

And what about Kira? In 5th episode, when Scott saved her from Eichen House causing him hurt because of her like lighting, I remembered Kira's mom telling ''Wolfs and foxes don't go together''... I'm dying to know... If she's negative now?
Scott said he can't trust her. But I loved #Scira :(

And only positive thing, not totally positive, is Liam and Hayden! I totally ship them but is Hayden Chimera too? I hope she's not. #KeepingMyFingersCrossed

And I can't forget this! #MarrishMomentsAreTotallyStunning !

And there are more and more Chimeras every second. I feel scared for the pack.
Are they going to continue reading the book?
Are they all going to die?
Are Dread Doctors gonna make them Chimeras?
I can't wait to find out all the answers to this and hundreds of questions I have in next episode!
I hope they all are gonna be alright!

See you tomorrow, bye, x


  1. Great post! I totally agree with you! 😄❤️

    1. Thank you so much❤
      Your blog is stunning!☺🙈🙊

    2. Thank you! It means a lot! And since this episode i totally ship
      Hayden and Liam haha,and i think that Hayden is a chimera but she is a good one,i guess? :3 and your blog is cool af! I totally like the theme.. ❤️

    3. Me too but if she's c
      chimera, Dread Doctors like control and lead her and other Chimeras, but I think Liam will save her☺
      Thank you so much, sweetie ❤❤❤❤❤

    4. Ughh,i really don't know cuz she still didn't do nothing.. And i love the Hayden and Liam thing they are so freaking cute together but if Liam and Hayden are going to be together no one would be single anymore! I mean,Stiles and Malia,Scott and Kira,Lydia and Parrish (not yet but still..) and Liam is damn af so,i really don't know what to think hahaha

    5. Fine af* Not damn haha 😂🔫

    6. Maybe she did something but she isn't aware of it, you know, like she killed someone but she doesn't remember it because she wasn't thinking as doing it, she was controlled by Dread Doctors but I hope she hasn't done anything *fingers crossed*.
      Oh I ship Hayden and Liam so much ( do they have ship name, I mean like Stiles and Malia = Stalia?) and I ship Marrish and Scira a lot but I'm scared of Kira and Parrish, 'cuz I'm not sure now if they are ''good guys'' :/
      <3 <3

    7. I hope that Hayden is a good character,and i think that their ship name is Layden haha,but I can't imagine Liam getting into relationship haha,he falls in holes,not in love haha,and he is so cute haha.. Kira is a badass female character and i really like her now,she is getting stronger and stronger,but you do you remember that one episode when she said that foxes don't like wolfs haha... Parrish is the good guy i hope so,and i think that. He is a phoenix and i hope that in the next episode they show us more about Parrish and Hayden .. ❤️

    8. Oh my... Thank you so much for telling me what's Parrish, I've googled it many times but I couldn't find it out. He's a Phoenix... I love this show! It's getting intressting and intressting every episode! I'm so excited! #Stalia ❤❤❤❤❤#Marrish❤ #Scira❤ #Layden❤

    9. Yeeess girl! Teen wolf is life,I love this show so much,can't wait for antoner episode... And yes, #Layden #Marrish #Scira #Stalia ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Ok,sure <3 Sub4sub?
      Your blog is amazing! Love it :) !

  3. Great post! I am pretty sure Hayden is chimera but she is okay. Liam and she are wonderful together. And Parish is okay, but I ship Stydia. Sorry, but Malia and Theo are amazing together. Maybe it is because I want to see Stiles with Lydia, idk.That's my opinion. Oh, that book. :( You have new member! :)

    1. Thank you <3 ! Oh you're a Stydia shipper haha. Theo is cute, but he's evil and I don't want to see Malia with him, actually I don't want to see Malia with anybody but Stiles haha. Do you remember what Theo did to his dad? :O I hate his behavior but he's beautiful! Evil spirit in such a beautiful body haha but again, Stalia is bae <3!
      Thank you again, welcome on my blog :)

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