Hello guys,
I know I've made similar post to this, I think it was ''Why I don't ship Stydia or Sterek?!'' but I haven't made a post like why I think Stalia has a future and Stydia don't so that's my thema for today, i.e. ''Stydia vs Stalia?!'' .
I'll do 3 thesis to try to bring you closer my opinions. I hope you'll enjoy :).
Let's get into this.

1. LYDIA - Imagine someone had crush on you for like 10 years or more and you didn't give a shit about it (sorry for my  expression) and then you suddenly realize that you love him, imagine when! When he has fallen in love with somebody else. I think the song from One direction- Taken describes this the best : Now that you can't have me
You suddenly want me
Now that I'm with somebody else
You tell me you love me
I slept on your doorstep
Begging for one chance
Now that I finally moved on
You say that you missed me all along.NO LYDIA! GO LOVE PARRISH, YOU CAN HAVE HIM BUT STILES IS TAKEN! haha

And then there's MALIA - From the very beginning of their relationship, Malia had all the power. She first met Stiles after he and Scott saved her from killing her adopted father and turned her back into a human after she had lived as a coyote for the most of her life. At first, Malia hated Scott and Stiles for making her become a human again and for putting her in a mental institution. In fact, she punches him when he shows up in the Eichen House. But as she starts learning more and more about Stiles' problems with Nogitsune, Malia starts to warm up to Stiles quite a bit. She initiated their first kiss. She tells him her feeling first and often. She isn't ashamed of it. Only thing that matters to her is her love to Stiles. Stiles finally found someone who cares about him. #StaliaForever

2. LYDIA -  Lydia treated Stiles very bitchy (if you ask me) until... Say it! You know it! UNTIL MALIA DIDN'T SHOW UP what means she just want someone like Stiles to love her forever while she is with another guys. She only wants to have someone who cares about her like Stiles did. But now... You've seen last episode. Stiles doesn't show her feelings around her and even Scott said that he was different around her before. #MaliaChangedHim :)

MALIA - As I've said ,Malia was the one who kissed him first, told her feeling about him first and she had never show interest for other guys. I repeat, you've seen last episode. Theo tried to flirt with her but she was like ''Wtf are u trying to do , I'm taken?!'' and that's what I like about her. She is loyal to Stiles. :)

3. LYDIA - Stydia shippers be like '' How can you ship 3 scenes when they(Stiles and Lydia) have history?'' and I'm like ... WHAT?! It's waaaaaaay more than 3 scenes and history?! What history?! Are you talking about Stiles ''running after'' Lydia and Lydia constantly refusing him? Like... if that's your history I don't have anything more to say. Just ask yourself.

MALIA - Maybe Malia hasn't history with Stiles yet but can't you see it? Every episode they are writting history and all you can say about Stydia is history. If you know the meaning of that word you'll know that history is passed, gone, no more... If you know what I mean. :)

And that was it. I hope you understand me and I hope I've explained myself and the purpose of this blog IS NOT HATING STYDIA BUT SHIPING STALIA. I DON'T HATE LYDIA AT ALL, I LOVE HER BUT I SHIP STALIA. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU JUDGE. THANKS.

I hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow , x