3rd Episode Got Me Like...

Hello my dear wolfiers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This one is going to be about the 3rd episode of Teen Wolf from the last week.
I need to tell you something : IT'S ENOUGH!
We need Stiles back!
I am so afraid we will lose him forever if the search for him doesn't success...
Although Scott, Lydia and Malia are pretty good at it.
I get all the chills when the 'INTENSE' scenes come, something like when Scott says he thinks the person who is lost was his best friend and when Malia says that person wants her to stay human. (I won't mention what Lydia says because we all know it but I you know, I am Stalia shipper so...)
Malia turned into the coyote and lost her human side for a while because she misses him .
She misses Stiles.
The first person in life who made her believe in love and mutual support.
She finally learned how to be a human, how to act like one and then...
They took him.
If that isn't sad to you, Idk man, nothing can be sad to you then haha...
Although I loved her in her coyote shape, I am feeling sorry for her because she feels like a part of her is missing and I really want them to finally find Stiles!
The whole thing about Stiles' grandpa ... It gave me chills,too.
The look in Sheriff's eyes when his father said something like go back to your wife and your loser son.
And by the way, his real name is Noah?
And Stiles' is definitely Mischief.

Allison's dad and Melissa McCall have discovered the weird things happening. Several people have died and they all have something in common - a missing piece in their head that I can't remember how it is called but the teacher of Beacon Hills High School has been feeding with it and considering his memory, I think he could be one of the Chimeras.

The bad thing about the Wild Hunt is that Liam, Mason and Hayden, trying to save a girl making a party to keep her safe, made others see the Wild Hunters and yeah... You know what that means...

We found out so much in the last episode of Teen Wolf and I can't wait to see the next one!
I love you all and talk to u soon!

Stay alive,xx


2nd Episode Got Me Like...

 Well hello my dear wolfiers!
How are you guys doing? 

After watching the second episode of the sixth season of Teen Wolf, I'm feeling a little bit better because it kind of gave all of us hopes, I think?
Well , it seems the pack wouldn't forget Stiles that easy...
They feel like the part of them is missing and they are trying to find it.

Malia is feeling like she is missing a person who has been a big part of her life, who made her feel and act like human first time in her life and at the end - who taught her how to love and how it feels to be loved.
Judge me Stydia shippers but I still believe in Stalia. 
Why? Because if Stiles never meant anything to Malia, why would she feel incomplete at all?
He means a lot to her and we can see it by how she acts in the last episode. 
She said she feels like someone wants her to stay human and while studying she accidentally came across the word 'style' which is pretty similar to Stiles and she marked it off with red highlighter feeling like that word could mean something.

Scott misses someone and thinks that 'someone' was his best friend. He woke up in the woods where him and Stiles were in the night he was bitten. He knows he was looking for a dead body but he feels like someone was with him. It doesn't seem to be logical that he walked to that woods at night, alone...

Lydia, at the same time, feels like someone who is missing is the person she loves. 
She hears the voices in her head and when Scott told Deaton about all of this, Deaton found a way to make Lydia enter her subconscious and when she did that, she wrote a lot of 'Mischief' words on the paper forming the word 'Stiles' . 

I guess Stiles' first name is Mischief. 
But why would anyone give their child name 'Mischief'? 
That's so wrong if you ask me haha!

Seeing Stiles' mother for the first time was the weirdest thing for me realizing she's there because Stiles isn't and when Stiles comes back she'll be gone ...
What do you thing about that?

Well, we can definitely tell our pack won't forget Stiles and that we are going to get to know so much about the 'Wild Hunt' and the 'Ghost Riders' .

That was all for this post!
Hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon!

Stay alive,xx


1st Episode Got Me Like...

Literally it's like someone slapped me in the face and I kind of liked it.
- short description for how I feel right now.

Hello my dear wolfiers!
How are you guys? What have you been doing these days?
I must admit I am kind of in confused, I don't know how am I feeling.
I've just seen the first episode of Teen Wolf season 6 and ...
I cried.
Here's the thing about the new season : there is a myth about the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt and basically this whole season is about it. What they do? They don't just take people, they wipe away them, erase them... Like they have never been on this planet, no one remembers them, they are just GONE. 
In this episode, it happened to parents of this little boy called Alex and then the Ghost Riders came for Alex. The pack investigated about it because Stiles persuaded them because he was feeling something's not right about the missing parents story. But, also, he was feeling like the people in Beacon Hills don't need them anymore like their protectors from the supernatural.
As he was investigating the 'case' he saw one of the Ghost Riders and basically whoever sees them is going to be erased. 
That happened to Stiles,too.
And it was sooooooo freaking sad, I can't describe it to you!
You need to see it. But bring some tissues with you.
I am so confused now.
What is going to happen with Stiles' character?
Would his friends be able to remember him somehow?
I am literally so anxious now! And we'll have to wait until the next week to see it...
And I am feeling sad about Stalia just being dismissed , like they've never freaking existed, been together or anything like that, they are going to make Stydia the endgame! That's so ... ugh, can't find a word for it! It's not fair to Malia, she's such a nice girl omG!
I hope it will change in the end and the Stalia would somehow be the endgame.

Let's write in the comments bellow : 

I can't write too much now, it's a school day and I have so much to do so I better start with my assignments.
I love you all and talk to you soon!

Stay alive,xx


Final Season Is Coming...

Hello my dear wolfiers and welcome to a new post on my blog, after a really, really, like really long time haha! 
I want to thank you for visiting my blog, leaving wonderful comments on my posts and increasing the number of followers while I was away. We've hit that BIG number of 40000 page views and I couldn't be more happier!
I didn't post for a while because I was waiting for Teen Wolf premiere (and I was pretty busy with school and my other blog) and yeah, I am still waiting for Teen Wolf but there are just 4 days left to premiere of Teen Wolf which is going to be on November 15th .
I don't know how I feel about it, seeing all those sneak peeks and realizing it's going to be a really sad season and just the fact that it is the last one... O-M-G that was really hard to write , the LAST season! Wish you could see my face right now, realizing Teen Wolf is going to be over soon... Just the fact that this is the final season of Teen Wolf kind of hurts and it's pretty sad for me because I kind of got used to this show, to the wonderful actors, to the brilliant story of this show and ...I got used to the excitement of waiting for new seasons, new challenges for our pack, new adventures...
And it's all going to be over soon...

I wonder what would you do when it's over?
Would you watch it again?
I think I might because it's for sure that I'll miss this awesome TV show which made my life better.

About the Wild Hunt ... Are you scared?
It's kind of creepy but I can't say that I'm actually scared. I'm more like curious and can't wait to find more about it.

I want to hear your thoughts down bellow!
Talk to you soon and love you!

Stay alive,xx


The Sparkles In Your Eyes

 It's so strange
Seeing you watching someone else
With the sparkles in your eyes
The way you used to look at me
And make me feel special
Because I thought I was the only one
Who could make you feel like that
But every single second 
You show me how wrong I was 
Thinking I could be the only one
To anyone
To you

So hello my lovely wolfiers after a really long time!
It's been almost a month since I posted on this blog and I'm sorry about that...
I just hadn't time or inspiration to post anything. 
Teen Wolf hasn't started yet and I am pretty confused about these trailers and sneak peeks about Stydia I see all over the social medias.
Is Stydia the endgame?
I guess we'll have to wait till the 15th November to find out but I am just so excited and so sad at the same time because it's the last season of Teen Wolf and it sucks knowing everything, even Teen Wolf has it's end but a really fast coming one!
Since I didn't post for a while , I thought the statics about the past months pageviews are going to be really bad but YOU surprised me with a very big number of pageviews and I couldn't be more happier seeing you've missed me and that you appreciate my effort in this blog!
Thank you!

Well, I hope I'll post more frequently now and that's it for now!
Love you all!

Stay alive,xx


Hiding My Real Self #2

She was sitting alone in the cafe
And I was looking at her
Probably even staring
But I couldn't help myself 
Her eyes were so beautiful,
gorgeous ...

But I felt they were kind of dark, 
Like they are hiding something

The energy between two of us
Was odd
She attracted me in weird way

I had to came closer to her and ask her 
'What is bringing you here?'
She didn't answer for a while
She just looked at me

After few minutes
Her eyes started shining
In color I can't describe
So beautiful
But so sad

And she said
'You' .

In that second
I swear
I knew we were somehow connected


Hiding My Real Self

There are the days
When I feel like the beast inside me
Will defeat me 
And I'll just become void

It scares me
How there are multiple persons or even creatures
In one person
Maybe I should just stop thinking about it 
But every time I see you
I wonder
If you feel the same
Are there the voices in your head
Making you evil and bad and...

I can't stop thinking
I think too much 
Maybe I should let it all go
Let the werewolf inside me
Speak and do instead of me
There are the things I wanna do 
But can't
Because people will judge
Always and forever
And I'm learned I should hide my real self 
But I wonder 
Until when ?

AU Explanation : Stiles lives normal life but he's a werewolf. 
He hides his nature because he thinks people will judge and think of him as a beast but then he sees Malia and he asks himself does she feel the same, maybe she could also be werewolf.

Stay alive,xx


Slay Werecoyote Slay

Hello my dear wolfiers! 
How are you doing? Hope you're okay.
It's that time of the year when summer is getting to the end and you are probably getting back to school or work so before I start this post, I wish you the best year of your lives, a lot of success, happiness and love! 
In this post, I've chosen some of the most beautiful Shelley Hennig's a.k.a Malia's photos from this year and I wanted to share them with you.
Hope you'll like them!

How pretty is she? 
I think she's so underrated actor and she should get more opportunities.
I just love her style and everything about her because she's such an inspiration!

So that was all for this post! Hope you enjoyed!


Thank you so much for amazing 30k views! That's unbelievable! I'm so happy now, I can't even describe it to you!
I love you guys so much and I just can't thank you enough for this amazing support you gave me every single time I write a post. You are always there for me and I want you to know I'm always there for you, too. 
I started this blog as a hobby and I can't believe you loved it enough to read my posts, comment them and follow me.
I'm so grateful for every single one of you!

Thank you for everything!
Love ya!

Stay alive,xx


August 26th 1991

August 26th 1991 is the day Dylan O'brien was born.
Dylan O'brien or Stiles, I'd say, is really warm, beautiful and lovely actor who always brings smiles to our faces.
He's so special and I really want to meet him.
I'm so glad I was born in the time he lives in and I have a chance to meet such an amazing person, although that chance is smaller than anything, I still hope my dream of meeting him will, one day, come true.
What's so special about him?
I'd say he's not like the other actors. Why? He's not really obsessed with fame or popularity according to the fact he barely uses any social network.
He is the person who's smile will make thousands of people laugh.
There's something special about some people. We don't even know the reason why but we love them...
I'd call it unexplainable love but really wonderful one.

Thank you for everything, the cutest actor ever!
I love you very much and wish you the happiest birthday ever!


Lydia Has Evolved

Hello wolfiers and welcome to another post!
Haven't posted anything in a while because I hadn't inspiration for a post but when I saw a couple of videos on Teen Wolf official Facebook page, I thought I could do a post about them.

First, we're going to talk about how Lydia has evolved.
What do I mean by 'evolved' ?
Well, you probably remember Lydia from the first season of Teen Wolf...

She was an ordinary what you call rich and popular high school girl who dated the most popular boy in their school. She absolutely had everything - from her look, to financial status and her lifestyle.
Or it just seemed like that?
Lydia has changed a lot. That's a true fact.
But what if she was always an intelligent girl who doesn't care about popularity or money but she didn't showed it until she lost her boyfriend and realized she is a supernatural creature.
But not just any supernatural creature - a Banshee.
The things she went through made her stronger than ever, made her become a real badass Banshee and at the end - realize Stiles was the one who loved her for what she was, not for what she looked like but sorry Lydia, it's too late - he has a girlfriend.

She's a character who is a true inspiration to many girls around the world and lately we found out that Holland made Jeff to make Lydia smart.
Check the video out and see what am I talking about.

I'm glad Lydia has evolved, I'm actually really happy about that because he's a member of our pack and I've always loved her character and hated that she was represented like a stupid rich girl. 

What do you think?
(she totally reminds me of Miley Cyrus here) 

So that was all for this post!
Oh God, I cannot wait for November to see the first episode of the 6th season!
November seems so far right now and it makes me so sad!

Stay alive,xx


I Exist

Do you hold her like you used to hold me
Or tell her funny little stories like you used to tell me
To fall asleep easier
Not being afraid of the monsters and evil
On this world
Because I thought no one can touch me
When you are protecting me.

But now...
That's all gone 
And I can't fall asleep no more
Without your arms wrapped around me
And all the funny stories
Because I feel empty and the feeling of safeness...
It's gone...
Everything's gone now...

I don't want you to worry about me,
I want you to be happy,
Even without me
With her
Who will probably never love you like I do.

I don't want you to worry about me,
I'll find happiness when the time does itself


Who am I kidding?
I'll never be truly happy again but...

I don't want you to worry about me,
Love her,
And tell her I was just a mistake in your life,
But I know you'll never forget me
After you realize no one can love you like I did
No one can hug you as tight as I did
And no one can make you happy and sad like I can

When you realize it,
When you realize I exist,
Don't come and knock on my door
I won't open it
I don't want to be anyone's second choice
Too proud for that 
Too smart for that


Lie, Lie, Liar

Before I say hello I want to say sorry to you guys because I didn't post anything in a while but I just didn't feel like it, I was spending my days (over) watching The Originals and desperately waiting for Teen Wolf but yeah, we are all still waiting.
Just a little bit more, I hope.

Hello wolfiers!
How are you doing? Hope you are all fine!

For today's post I'm sharing with you another poem I recently wrote!

What is happening to us?
Who or what is separating us baby?
I thought we would be together forever,
as you used to say me whenever I would feel down 
and now I'm asking myself was it all a huge lie 
did you just felt sorry for me and kept making me happy 
trying to erase my painful history
knowing you will never love me like you love her,
knowing your heart wouldn't recognize me in the darkest moments 
when you'd probably be calling her name instead of mine
was it all just a big lie you used to say to me?
I can't believe how huge fool I was 
to start believing in you, to trust you
But now, when all of this is over
I'd say I don't regret it 
If you just , at the end, 
let me believe
There was just a single truth 
in all of the empty words you told me!
But baby,
You gotta understand
I hate liars
More than anything on this dirty world.


Show Me You Love Me

You inspire me to be someone else
Someone more beautiful 
Joyful and happier
You love to see me smile 
But you stopped making me laugh
I don't know what I did wrong
I don't know for what should I even apologize
What did I done wrong
Why are you leaving
Am I cursed?
Because it seems like everyone is running away from me
Why are you running away from me
I though I was your everything
You don't just leave the people you love
Like that
You fight for them
You kill for them
You die for them
You should be ready to do everything for them
To take a risk
To hit their feelings
To make them laugh and smile again
You should simply show the people you love 
That you really do love them
It's that simple...
But yet so complicated,
Isn't it?



Hello wolfiers!
I wanted to talk about Teen Wolf season 6 trailer with you as soon as it came out but I couldn't, I had some things to do in my life and that stopped me from publishing and writing this post earlier but here I am now and I hope you don't mind!

So there's this first official promo trailer of season 6 of Teen Wolf. My reaction for this one was changing my excitement to fear. I was not afraid of all the scary clips in this video at the beginning, it just get scary when I saw the writing 'the final season' and I was afraid because I didn't know what I'm gonna do when Teen Wolf completely ends. There won't be the moments like this one, the excitement before releasing the next new season of this amazing show which I'm so obsessed with. 
I was so sad and then I got even more sadder ...

...When I saw this trailer. Why are you doing this to us Jeff?! Why?!
So there are going to be 3 bad guys, as we know for now, and somehow it will happen that they are going to forget everything about everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone except Stiles who will remember Lydia and she will remember him, as we see in the trailer and that's just not fair!
Malia was always there for him, she supported him when almost everybody gave up on him, she was the only one by his side when he was left alone by almost everybody he loved and now, congratttts Stydia shippers, you freaking won! He will choose the girl who freaking didn't noticed him until she lost her ex boyfriend and was devastated! How is that fair? 
I love Lydia but I don't want to be like her at that point. 
I don't want to be in the situation where I have my Stiles but I'm too Lydia to see it.
I'd rather be Malia, the girl who falls in love and fights for it although she gets left behind every single damn time!
I'll be literally so pissed off (sorry for this but... yeah) if they make Stydia the endgame.
It literally means that all this show was made for them, just to follow the 'love story' of Stiles and Lydia, blah blah blah... It feels like everything's about them and I'm so sorry about Malia...

The only choice we have now is to wait and see what is the next season bringing to us.
We hope Stalia is the endgame. Thank you so much for reading, I love you!

Stay alive,xx


Teen Wolf exclusive first look: Dylan O'Brien's officially back in season 6

Hello wolfiers!
I just wanted to say you, if you already don't know, that Dylan O'brien, a.k.a our Stiles is officially back in season 6!
I feel so happy about this!!

“Stiles is a big part of the season because a lot of this season’s mystery revolves around him,” Davis says. “We’re going to see just what Stiles’ friendship means to Scott, Lydia, and Malia. We’re going to see why exactly he’s Scott’s best friend, what it means that he’s Malia’s human anchor, and what his will-they-or-won’t-they relationship is with Lydia.”

Oh my God! I just want everything related to Stydia ship to stop! Stiles doesn't need Lydia as his girlfriend! C'mon , he has Malia! Malia is enough! Jeff, please don't disappoint us!
If Stalia would be over, that wouldn't mean just left-behind feeling for Malia but for Parrish,too. Why make 2 people suffer when they all can be happy as Stalia and Marrish ?!

Just wanted to share with you a couple photos from exclusive first look article. Thank you for reading and see you next time! 

Stay alive,xx



Hello there!
If you are reading this, it means you are special to me. It means I'm your friend although you don't even know me. It means I love you and I'm thankful to you with all of my heart.
Thank you so much for this wonderful year behind us, for always being there for me with your kind comments and I can't even believe so many people read my posts, the words I write with intention to feel better because writing really does that - it makes you feel better. But if someone actually reads your articles and poems and find them interesting - that's really something , something big for me! 
I could cry now... I can't even believe it's been a whole year since I made this blog and my first post which was totally awkward (check it out here so we can laugh at myself together).
I've never worried about views or comments on this blog like I'd beg someone to see my new post and comment on it. I've always wanted to have real readers who love what I do and who are there only because of that. I might have not much views on my blog since it's been a whole year of me starting it but I don't care because I'm hear just to write because I love writing and I have no hidden intentions with this blog, I'm not planning to make money from it or something like that. I'm here because I just love it, I'm here because of you guys, because I love you! I can't even describe you how wonderful it feels when I read like a long comment on my post saying that I'm good in what I'm doing, that I should keep going etc. It makes me really proud and thankful to you guys. I really appreciate every single letter you comment on my posts. I know I could have a lot more views or followers because I've had a lot of breaks through this blogging journey. We all need breaks sometimes, don't we? This blog is like a place I'm relaxing at. It's not like I must post something today, it's more like I feel like writing today, so why don't I publish a post. This blog is different than the another one I'm writing - Living Like V because lifestyle and fashion blogs are more popular in general, they have a bigger audience than the ones like Stalia is BAE. The audience at blogs like this one is smaller because there are not a lot of people who love Teen Wolf, Stalia and reading blogs at the same time. For people like me, that doesn't mean anything, I'll write on this blog until I've got like 1 view per post because that one person who is reading it is worth it. 
I just wanted you to know that...
Thank you so much for everything! I love you guys to the moon and back and I'll never ever forget you and this blog. Even if I stop writing on it for like 10 years or more, I'll never forget you and this will be one of the most beautiful memories to me from my teenage years. I really need to stop now because I'll start crying...
Oh so, I guess that was all I wanted to say... I love you so, so , so much and you all mean the world to me! Thank you for everything and don't forget to...

Stay alive,xx


New Teen Wolf Season 6 Spoilers

Hello wolfiers! 
How are you doing? I hope you are all good. 
We all love spoilers, don't we? So today I'm bringing you a few new spoilers from upcoming season 6 of Teen Wolf. 
There are going to be three new bad guys in season 6. One of them, probably the most interesting one, is going to be a Nazi werewolf - the mystery man who crawled out of the tank at the Dread Doctors' hideout at the end of the season 5 finale.

"We have a Nazi werewolf, which might be the most interesting villain we've ever had on the show," said Tyler Posey / Scott McCall. "I think this might be the oldest werewolf that we've ever [had], and of course he's not a normal werewolf. That would just be too easy for the 'Teen Wolf' world."
I love the last sentence when he said that normal is to easy for Teen Wolf world! He's such a bae! 
Jeff Davis added that they are going to show us some throwbacks on Nazi Germany which I'm pretty excited about, I think the upcoming season is going to be amazing!

Last March, Entertainment Weekly reported that the man on horseback featured in the first teaser for season 6 is also one of the new villains. As for the other baddie, his/her identity remains a mystery.
Man on horseback? Umh... That really doesn't remind me of Teen Wolf at all, it's just now Teen Wolf-ish thing... I hope I'm wrong...
Davis ,also added, that new three villains are pretty cool, and tall,too.

 Davis went on to reveal that the arrival of these three new villains will bring serious trouble to Beacon Hills, most especially for Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby). "I can say that it causes a lot of pain in Beacon Hills, and that Sheriff Stilinski's life will be thrown into turmoil," said the showrunner.
I'm really sorry for him, I just hope he is not going to die.

The premiere date for season 6 is expected to be announced at the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel later this month.
I can't really wait for that! I'm pretty excited and I can't wait to see who are the new villains and how is our pack going to deal with them!

So that was all for this post! Wait... I have some cute gifs to share with you!

Shelley, Dylan and Arden are totally Stalia shippers ! I love them! 

So that was really everything for this post! Hope you enjoyed! 
Comment down bellow what are you mostly excited about in the next season!
Thank you for reading and I love you!

Stay alive,xx


Just If

If you ever come back 
To the city we loved
Where benches are still shouting our names
And where the leaves are singing along
To our song,
Remember me...

If the owls are making loudly noises
Next to your window at night
Would the noises make you realize
How lonely you feel 
Without me,

And just if you buy the same perfume 
I used to wear to make you feel
Like I'm there
Next to you
It still doesn't feel the same scent
It used to have on me
Would you realize
You shouldn't let me go, 
Never, ever, 

Hello my lovely wolfiers! How are you? It's been a long time since I've wrote a post and here I am now, apologizing for my absence. You can read more about why I wasn't blogging in a past few weeks at my second blog Living Like V. 
I hope you aren't mad at me or something like that...
I promise that I'll try harder to make my posts better and more regularly.
Thank you very much for reading!
I love you wolfiers!

Stay alive,xx


Noah Foster - Stiles Stilinski Too Much ?

Hello my dear wolfiers!
I wanted to publish this post earlier because I started watching Scream TV show 4-5 days ago and I've watched every episode in 3 days. Now, I'm waiting for the new ones to come out, as well as the next episodes of Teen Wolf.
Getting to know Scream characters, I noticed that Noah Foster has a lot common with Stiles.
I mean, they both are somehow special part of the group. 
They are always investigating something and finding the most important news, details and tips to help them and their friends to survive.
Stiles had created like a 'crimes board' , if I can call it like that, which helped him solve a lot of mysteries, to discover who is the bad guy or guys etc. They are both really smart, intelligent and always have the most interesting details and stories to tell. They may look a little bit awkward to their friends while they do it because why would teenagers like them know that much about serial killers (Noah) or supernatural creatures (Stiles). 
And ohh, listen to this one, it's really interesting : when they are being hunted by bad guys or they go to catch them, they bring similar 'weapons'. Noah always finds some kind of tube or board and we all know what Stiles uses - his famous bat.
Guess what? Noah has the similar one.  
I don't know if this is valid connection between the two of them, but I fell in love with both of them so that should mean they are really alike. Or not? Haha never mind.
I feel like MTV has discovered the secret of Teen Wolf show popularity : it's all about Stiles guys! 
So they decided to create a similar character in Scream so the show would get really popular, too.
I mean, what would Teen Wolf be without Stiles?
Or Scream without Noah?

Buuum, that's all! I've discovered you a BIG SECRET! Sarcastic a little bit, don't mind please.
If you watch the both of these shows, please tell me down bellow if you had noticed the same thing I did. Thank you very much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

Stay alive,xx


3 Great TV Shows Besides Teen Wolf

Hello my dear wolfiers! 
How are you? Hope you are all doing great.
We all know the feeling when one season of Teen Wolf is over and we have to wait for like a half year to see the new episodes and, of course, we get so bored searching for TV shows who are at least half as good as Teen Wolf. What happens next? Well, you have me, who is as bored as you are and that motivated me to write this post.

This is an awesome show which I stared watching 2 days ago and for just 2 days I watched the entire first season. When I saw that 2nd season has just a couple episodes because it's not done yet, I was asking myself what I'm going to do with my life when I watch those episodes and we don't even know when Teen Wolf season 6 is coming out yet...
And if you watch Scream, tell me which character reminds you of Stiles, I mean not how he looks but his behavior? 

I started watching this TV show a long time ago but because I hadn't time to watch it, I stopped till the few weeks before. At first, I liked it so much when they were only fighting demons and supernatural creatures but when all the story with God and Angel finding God started, I said naah, it's a little too much if you ask me.
But I recommend it if you don't mind them mentioning God in that way...

This show isn't like the first two but I like it so much. My sister and I watch it every night waiting for suhur haha. It's amazing and I highly recommend it.

So that was all for today's post. Please leave me a comments down bellow telling me if you have any TV shows to recommend. I'd love to hear from you! 

I love you!

Stay alive,xx


Malia Green Eyes

I love to imagine I was Malia but why not to imagine Malia was me? So I TRIED to make her eyes green like mine in this edit and I know I'm not good at it yet but I'm still learning.
Malia would look stunning with green eyes although her brown as a human and blue as a werewolf / werecoyote are wonderful,too!
She's such a queen, isn't she?
Oh I love her!!!

Stay alive,xx


What about us?

 You know what hurts the most? - I asked the total stranger sitting on a bench right next to me.
He looked at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I am but after everything, how could I be normal?
What? - He asked still looking at me.
Seeing somebody you love slowly moving away from you. Like I was nothing to him! That hurts...
Especially knowing it's all my fault. I can't watch fake people around people I love and every time, every single time, I decide that something is wrong with me, not them and I just... I start pushing people away from me. Because I... I know I cannot change them, I cannot change the way they see things or people. I can't choose their friends and that kills me.
Sounds selfish, I know but I... I want somebody to choose me over anyone else. I want to be someones first choice, the person they think about when they read all these cute quotes about love. 
And I know I'll never find that person because the last one I trusted that way... He betrayed me. And... And there's absolutely no one who could fix me, put my broken pieces together. I cannot live without him, although he is not mine now... Ohh, who am I kidding? He'll always be mine. Even when he doesn't want to, when he wants to forget me, delete me completely from his life... I'll always be there. Watching for him and making sure he's okay, you know. It's always dangerous out there and I just wanna make sure he's safe. Oh my God, why didn't he stop me from saying goodbye ?! Why didn't he chose me over her?! Why?! What have I done, I've never hurt anybody and I was always caring about people, about their feelings... But now, when I'm shattered into pieces, nobody is there for me. 
I'm a bad person, ain't I?

Malia, this one is for you. I love you!

Stay alive,xx



There's  poetry in your eyes ,
And the stars in your head. 
Surely, there's love in your heart, 
Cause your soul is a pure art.
Sometimes, you don't like the fact you show your feelings,
But baby, what you feel gives me wings
To fly like a bird
Oh my God, I'm such a nerd
But I don't even care
 I write poetry and it's 'bout you 
I can't live without you , you're my air
Ohh I hope I won't screw
Up this time 
Just give me a chance to show you
Who truly I'm.
I'd tell you all about me, my dreams, wishes and everything
I'll be your queen, you be my king

Wooow LONG 9 days without you, wolfiers but I'm here now! 
What do you think about maybe 2 posts a week now? Yes, you've read it right! I'm going to post more frequently now but, of course, if you want me to. 

So what's up with you guys? Tell me down bellow what's going on with your lives right now, I love reading your comments!
And oh, btw.if you find out something new about the upcoming season, please let me know! 

Thank you for visiting and reading! 
I love you! 

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Ohh my God guys I'm so nervous since I read this : 

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is expected to introduce new characters with the alleged absence of Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) and Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura). Following his recent accident on the set of “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” multiple reports suggest that the actor will not be coming back in the hit MTV series. Cho, on the other hand, confirmed that she would also not be reprising her role when the show premieres in June.
 Early on in the production of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien suffered serious on set injuries and the accident resulted in O’Brien being hospitalized for an undetermined period of time. Initially, producers of Teen Wolf had planned to wait for Dylan to recover before moving forward, but, realizing that the extent of O’Brien’s injuries might limit his availability to return to work, back up plans were set in place. As time went on and O’Brien still struggled to recover from his injuries, rumors began to circulate that One Direction’s Harry Styles would replace O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski. Those rumors proved to be false and it was later revealed that Styles would not be joining the cast of Teen Wolf at all. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Teen Wolf producers, it seems highly unlikely that O’Brien, still recovering from his injuries, will heal in time to make a return in season 6 and there’s still talk of recasting the Stiles role. One cast member hinted that Teen Wolf fans shouldn’t expect to see too many familiar faces in the sixth installment of the show and it seems she might be referring, at least in part, to Dylan’s departure. 

What the hell is happening?! I hope this is not the truth and I... I just CANNOT imagine Teen Wolf without him! It's like watching football game without football players, all the left is the ball and the field but who would kick the damn ball?! I'm so nervous and I could even start crying because, without Dylan, this show is just not going to be the same...
I really hope this is not the truth... What do you think guys? Please comment down bellow so we can talk about this a little bit because I literally have no one to talk about Teen Wolf with right now and I really need it because this show has became my whole life, especially since I made this blog and met all of you amazing people...

Update : I recently found Arden Cho won't be back to season 6 and this information is 100% true because of her vlog where she said goodbye to Teen Wolf. Umhh this is so sad to me...
I love Kira so much and now you are telling me she won't be back?! What is wrong with you Jeff and all the people out there who are responsible for this?! Just imagine how stupid the whole show will get when Kira won't be there. First, Allison dies, Scott is left with broken heart. Then we have a little cute girl named Kira who succeed in making him happy again and I'm just asking you... What the hell you think you are doing? Don't you have feelings man? I'm expecting nothing less from Scott than being 100% broken now without anyone else who could fix him again. Or maybe you'll bring up a new girl again? No, I don't even wanna think about your silly decisions because this all looks unrealistic now. The life of the teens in Teen Wolf was pretty relatable to every teenager, I'm talking about the one at the day, when they are not supernatural creatures but just teens who fall in love, fight with their parents, do silly stuff, get their heart broken etc. I don't know... I was so excited about the upcoming season before but now... I don't even know how I am feeling...

Stay alive,xx



These black walls around me are getting so big,
I feel I'm disappearing in them...
You are my drug 
And now when you are gone
I'm left alone with my addiction
Without cure
How can I get myself together
When you've shattered me in the pieces
With just few words
'I can't... I'm leaving' ,
You said but baby you forgot one thing...
You didn't ask me would I be able to live 
Without you
Without my drug
'Cause when you get addicted to someone
Their departure kills you inside
But you need to hide it.
Love you too much to let you go,
But too proud to stop you from leaving.
How can I live this live without you 
When you are everything 
That still keeps me alive
- me 


New Characters In Season 6

Hello my dear wolfiers!
It's finally Friday and I can't even describe you how happy I'm about that! This week has been really stressful to me because I'll be finishing school on May 26th and it's only week and a half away! Crazy to even think about the fact that I'm going to be in high school next year! But I'm not here to talk about myself now, because I have some exciting news for you guys!
There is going to be a new player in lacrosse team in season 6 and his name is Ross Butler. He'll be playing Nathan , a guy who is new in lacrosse team and doesn't believe in supernatural creatures and you know what's next - that's about to change!

He's pretty cute, no doubt but the question is : do we need new characters?
Is this going to far and would Ross be the only new character in the season 6?
I personally always prefer something or someone I got used to and I kind of miss the times where there were no 'strange' characters for us. Don't you feel like sometimes it gets to complicated when they add new characters and buuuum they accidentally die after 2 episodes. We do not need death in that measure! I know this is kind of horror TV show but let's be honest, killing the character we kind of get used to and replacing him/her with the new one has no sense. Let's take Kira, for example.
I have nothing against here, I find her cute and pretty but she'll never replace Allison. The reason why they added Kira in Teen Wolf should be (I'm not saying 100%) to replace Allison because just at the time Allison and Scott broke up new girl is going to their high school. Not coincidence at all? 
Well, what I want to say with this post would be : Please Jeff, one if enough, we do not need new characters just more action with the old ones. And, yeah, Ross (Nathan) welcome to the Teen Wolf family! Just please don't fall in love with Malia, or do, but just to help Stiles get aware of how much he loves her! This was poetic! 

So that was all for today! 
I'd love to hear your opinions in the comment down bellow!
I love you guys!

Stay alive,xx


Fake Season 6 Opening and My Thoughts

Hello my lovely wolfiers!
How are you? I hope you are doing fine!
So recently I've seen the Season 6 opening video and I though it was legit, but don't worry - it's not.

Before I start with sharing my thoughts after watching this video with you, I want you to actually watch it so you know what I am talking about ...

Amazing job whosoever has done it but I must admit I was scared! No, not because all the blood and everything but have you noticed something? There is no Malia in this video! 
Just Scott, Stiles, DEREK and Lydia! I was happy to see Derek thinking it was legit but when I noticed there's no Malia or Kira I was disappointed. 
First thoughts about blood and Lydia's scary scenes were ''Ohh my God! This is going to be a GREAT season!''. I love when it's actually something happening. Something related to supernatural creatures that are constantly fighting enemies but it wouldn't be interesting at all if their enemies were always the same. We have had the Berserkers, the Oni, the Alpha pack, Darach, the Kanima, the Mute etc. and although we all hate them, we must admit it was exciting to see our teen pack fighting with them while trying to live normal teen life (which was normal till the night in the woods, the first episode, the bite). Maybe I'm repeating myself but Lydia's scenes here... They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Hope Jeff sees this video and makes episodes based on this but, of course, adding Malia and Kira , 'cause what would we do with our girls? 

I'm wondering what are you expecting in the sixth season of our favorite show? Do you like this video and what would you add or remove from it? 
Wanna hear your thoughts wolfiers!

Hope you'll be having an awesome weekend! 
Love ya all! 

Stay alive,xx


Passenger - Let Her Go

This song is so pretty...
I literally cry every time I listen to it because I found myself in this song. I found my thoughts and emotions, feelings for you...
There are things in this world that we love but they are not good for us and then, there are the things we hate but they are good for us.
I never thought you were bad for me, but I were for you...
So I let you go...
If you are happy, somewhere on the Earth with someone you love, who am I to ruin that happiness? If you are happy - I'm happy, too.
It sounds like a cliché but I really mean it.
I used to be moderate in everything but then you came and I loved you more than I should.
Love hurts when the person you love doesn't love you back.
But we need to come to terms with it. - Malia

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same old empty feeling in your heart
Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast

Well you see her when you fall asleep
But never to touch and never to keep
Cause you loved her too much and you dived too deep


Friday Feels

'Everybody know how to love,
but only few people know how to stay in love
with one person for a long period of time.'


To The End Of The Universe

Love is something you can't really describe... 
It's all the feelings mixed up together, if you understand what I mean. 
You can't know how it feels, no one can describe it to you, if you don't feel it.
It doesn't need to be described, it only needs to be felt. 
Feeling I get when I see you... It's just to complicated.
Every time you smile, I swear, I'd die only to keep that smile on your face like that forever. 
Because what are we actually fighting for? We are fighting for something that lasts forever.
Some things are temporary and then... There's love which you cannot stop, you cannot un-fall in love or something like that. It just happens. Sadly, not all people who love each other are together physical but I strongly believe that they are somehow in their dreams and thoughts together and no one can separate them in their own universe. 
I have a little universe,too. I want to share it with you. 
I want you to feel the same when you see me, I want you to love me... 
But not temporary.
Love me to the end of the universe and... 
You already know that I love you even more than that...