1st Episode Got Me Like...

Literally it's like someone slapped me in the face and I kind of liked it.
- short description for how I feel right now.

Hello my dear wolfiers!
How are you guys? What have you been doing these days?
I must admit I am kind of in confused, I don't know how am I feeling.
I've just seen the first episode of Teen Wolf season 6 and ...
I cried.
Here's the thing about the new season : there is a myth about the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt and basically this whole season is about it. What they do? They don't just take people, they wipe away them, erase them... Like they have never been on this planet, no one remembers them, they are just GONE. 
In this episode, it happened to parents of this little boy called Alex and then the Ghost Riders came for Alex. The pack investigated about it because Stiles persuaded them because he was feeling something's not right about the missing parents story. But, also, he was feeling like the people in Beacon Hills don't need them anymore like their protectors from the supernatural.
As he was investigating the 'case' he saw one of the Ghost Riders and basically whoever sees them is going to be erased. 
That happened to Stiles,too.
And it was sooooooo freaking sad, I can't describe it to you!
You need to see it. But bring some tissues with you.
I am so confused now.
What is going to happen with Stiles' character?
Would his friends be able to remember him somehow?
I am literally so anxious now! And we'll have to wait until the next week to see it...
And I am feeling sad about Stalia just being dismissed , like they've never freaking existed, been together or anything like that, they are going to make Stydia the endgame! That's so ... ugh, can't find a word for it! It's not fair to Malia, she's such a nice girl omG!
I hope it will change in the end and the Stalia would somehow be the endgame.

Let's write in the comments bellow : 

I can't write too much now, it's a school day and I have so much to do so I better start with my assignments.
I love you all and talk to you soon!

Stay alive,xx


  1. now im scared to watch it, stiles is one of the main characters!!!

    1. I'm scared what will happen next because if they don't bring him back the show will be pointless somehow...

  2. I want so much watch that serie :\
    Awesome blog! I'm following you! Follow back?***