2nd Episode Got Me Like...

 Well hello my dear wolfiers!
How are you guys doing? 

After watching the second episode of the sixth season of Teen Wolf, I'm feeling a little bit better because it kind of gave all of us hopes, I think?
Well , it seems the pack wouldn't forget Stiles that easy...
They feel like the part of them is missing and they are trying to find it.

Malia is feeling like she is missing a person who has been a big part of her life, who made her feel and act like human first time in her life and at the end - who taught her how to love and how it feels to be loved.
Judge me Stydia shippers but I still believe in Stalia. 
Why? Because if Stiles never meant anything to Malia, why would she feel incomplete at all?
He means a lot to her and we can see it by how she acts in the last episode. 
She said she feels like someone wants her to stay human and while studying she accidentally came across the word 'style' which is pretty similar to Stiles and she marked it off with red highlighter feeling like that word could mean something.

Scott misses someone and thinks that 'someone' was his best friend. He woke up in the woods where him and Stiles were in the night he was bitten. He knows he was looking for a dead body but he feels like someone was with him. It doesn't seem to be logical that he walked to that woods at night, alone...

Lydia, at the same time, feels like someone who is missing is the person she loves. 
She hears the voices in her head and when Scott told Deaton about all of this, Deaton found a way to make Lydia enter her subconscious and when she did that, she wrote a lot of 'Mischief' words on the paper forming the word 'Stiles' . 

I guess Stiles' first name is Mischief. 
But why would anyone give their child name 'Mischief'? 
That's so wrong if you ask me haha!

Seeing Stiles' mother for the first time was the weirdest thing for me realizing she's there because Stiles isn't and when Stiles comes back she'll be gone ...
What do you thing about that?

Well, we can definitely tell our pack won't forget Stiles and that we are going to get to know so much about the 'Wild Hunt' and the 'Ghost Riders' .

That was all for this post!
Hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon!

Stay alive,xx