Stalia Songs

Hello guys and welcome to another post! It's Saturday which means it's time for Stalia post.
Today I'm writing a little bit different post. I'm going to share with you a playlist with Stalia songs from Teen Wolf.
Hope you'll enjoy!


Check it out right here ---> CLICK  !
Teen Wolf episode 3x20 when they share a moment.


Check it out right here --> CLICK  .
Teen Wolf episode 4x10 .


Check it out right here --> CLICK  .
Teen Wolf episode 5x04 .


Check it out right here --> CLICK  .
Teen Wolf episode 4x11 .


Check it out right here --> CLICK  .
Teen Wolf episode 3x20 .

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14th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and welcome to another post!
Today I'm gonna be doing ''14th Episode Got Me Like...'' but first of all, I have announcement about my posting schedule. I'm going to publish 2 posts weekly. Every Thursday - ...Episode Got Me Like... Every Saturday - Stalia post.
Hope you are fine with that. I'd love to post daily but my school started this Monday and because I'm the last middle school year our teachers are stricter and they are expecting more from us so I'm kind off going to study this year,I guess...

This went to long and we haven't even started!
Let's do this!

First of all, I'm happy to announce that...

Yaay! Yes, the pack is back and I couldn't be more happy right now! 
This time, I'm not going to write like a book about everything that happened in this episode to make it more visually readable to you. 

  • Argents are totally back. Chris and Gerard are working hard and investigating this case about the Beast to help the pack. I'm happy knowing they aren't alone in this but everytime I look at Chris or Gerard I remember Allison and it hurts knowing that she's never coming back like her character.
  • Theo showed his real face again. I could say that I told you he's evil but, oh, I won't. He cheated Malia about the promise he gave her that he'll help her to kill her mother. Breaden said her to don't trust him but I know Malia was desperate to find the Desert Wolf so she forgot to be careful about trusting anyone. He helped the Desert Wolf and basically drag over Malia to her. But at that time, the Beast came out of the wall and they all ran away. Except that, Theo brought the blind Alpha to the Beacon Hills. He wants him to help him to take the Beast's power but in exchange, the blind Alpha wants SCOTT'S EYES!
  • Alpha helps Beta. Liam was still feeling guilty about trying to kill Scott but Scott's helping him to get over it. #socute
  • Parrish = Hellhound. Okay, we all knew that Parrish is a Hellhound, but did he knew? No. But now he knows it. Gerard and Chris helped him turn into a Hellhound and realize what he is. At the painting in the tunnels is a Hellhound fighting with the Beast. But (I think you are not going to like this...) under them... Are people. They are our pack. And they are dead. 
  • #Banshees. Meredith helped Lydia realize that she's powerful but she needs to learn to use her weapon - her voice. Lydia was asking her to tell her how's she doing it but Meredith answered that her way is a bad one, she needs to find a good way, her own way. Watching how the Desert Wolf is killing Malia forced Lydia to find her way immidiately and she did it! She broke the glass, she woke up and beat the guards in the Eichen House but they cought her up at the gate. But don't worry our dear Banshee, our pack is coming to help you! And oh, Stiles was visiting Lydia, he was trying to help her wake up before this but she didn't and it was so sad. He found a shaved part of her head and he asked her mom what are they doing to her but she told him that's for some kind of medical investigation but I'm not sure that's it because before she woke up, a man from the Eichen House was holding a glass syringes with a steel needle and I think that's not the medicine for her! 
  • #THEPACKISBACK. At the end, Malia,Breaden and Deaton saved themselves from the Beast and Malia is back with pack now. Malia,Stiles,Kira,Scott and Liam are trying to get Lydia from the Eichen House to make their pack complete. MISSION SAVING LYDIA BEGINNS! I'm so happy! I think this is the time when Stalia will reconcile and they'll get back together.#excited

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We are close to 15k! I can't believe this is actually happening! 

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'You Are My Happiness'

Everytime your eyes meet mine my world turns for 360 degrees.
It's weird, you know... 
How your eyes keep me in love years from our first meeting...
You smile, I smile. 
But also, you cry, I cry.
Oh babe, do you remember winter '14? 
I wanna go back there every day, I wanna go back to the days where everything was fine and all that matters was our love.
We built a snowman and you took a photo of it. Holding that photo now and crying because I miss you.
I miss how we fight, love, smile and cried together. I miss our snowball fight when you made me freeze first so you can warm me up, so you can hold me tight in front of our fireplace where we were watching the fire all night, not saying anything.
The words weren't important. 
You and me. We were just kids in love, baby. 
I am still. But are you?
Do you smile when you think about me?
Do it hurts? Knowing that I'm a miles away from you, not able to help you, cure every your pain with my love? 
I don't know about you,baby... 
But you are still my happiness and sadness at the same time.
Happy to have you even if they say you aren't mine anymore and sad to not be able to hug and kiss you, to show you my love.

Hello guys! 
Since they 'kind of broke up' I'm feeling really sad and I need to write texts like this. 
Hope you like them! 
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13th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and welcome to another post!
I've just watched the 13th episode of Teen Wolf and you know what is next...
'13th Episode Got Me Like...'

Where should I start? 
Umh... I should start with good news, I guess. 
So, I'm really happy to say this : KIRA IS BACK! 
Oh my God she's such a badass! At the beginning, she was fighting with Skin Walkers who said that there are 2 possible solutions for Kira's situation which are : she'll be doing like a test and if she pass it, they'll be able to help her but if she doesn't she'll need to become one of them, one of the Skin Walkers. I was so scared but she passed the test (at least she thought she did) and I was so proud of her but then, they said that she didn't pass it, the FOX inside her passed it so like, it doesn't count and she'll have to stay there with them and become one of them. I was like, what is wrong with you weirdos?! I was so sad because her mother told her, if it's the only way for her to survive, she'll have to leave her with Skin Walkers.

Stiles and Scott fixed the jeep after Liam visited Scott offering his help but Scott, of course, didn't accept it. Scott and Stiles decided to go and search for Kira. At their way to some kind of desert, they talked about Malia.
Scott asked Stiles why he's not talking to Malia and his response was that she doesn't talk to him or anyone. And then comes the part where Scott told him that Malia is up to something really bad because she's looking for her mother and he even scent Breaden in her house.
He said that he thinks she's going to kill her mother...
And... At the gas station Stiles told Scott everything about his self-defense and Scott asked him why didn't he told him earlier about that because he know the difference, he knows what is self-defense.
I love the fact that Sciles is finally back! 

Meredith is helping Lydia to realize the power of her voice and to learn how to use it like her weapon.
I can't wait for Lydia to finally learn how to use her voice! She's going to be such a badass (like every other girl in the Teen Wolf except Hayden, I don't really like Hayden anymore because she thinks like Theo is the best because he get her back from death but she doesn't know what is he up to...)

At the end, Stiles and Scott saved Kira and her mother from the Skin Walkers  and it was such a beautiful moment, I even got chills...
Liam and Mason found out that Theo is looking for the blind Alpha a.k.a Deucalion! 

So that was all for this post!
Hope you enjoyed!
And, oh yes, I added the new playlist and this one is just... BEAUTIFUL! Hope you like the songs as well as I do.

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Love Doesn't Disappear Just Like That

We are mad at each other. It's true. They saying we broke up. I don't even know if we did but...
It's kinda hard, isn't it? Watching the person you love the most slowly rambling from you...
Then you start asking yourself : What have I done to you? Don't you love me anymore?
And you find the answer in his eyes...
He loves you. And he will always do.
Why? Because you were the first one who loved him with all of your heart! You were the one that found the potential in that person while everybody wasn't even noticing in! You were the one that supported him when he needed it the most and you were the one that accepted him with all his bad and good sides. 
And , people... I ask you now : Could love disappear just like that? Could he forget me just like that?
Relationships have the bad and the good days. 
We have had a lot of good ones and who am I to say that we don't deserve the bad ones? We are all like soldiers and we need to survive through the hardest battles. We can't just give up when the first obstacle comes on our way! 
He is mine and I am his. 
He lovey me and I love him. 
We can survive through this, baby....




This day has finally arrived. Maybe it'll sound you stupid but I'm really crying now... It's half a year since I made this blog!
First of all,I want to thank you guys for everything! You are my everything!
You were there for me when I needed it the most, you were there and you are still here, by my side. Although all this is 'virtual', as they say, I feel extremely connection to you guys! You are like... I don't even know how to describe you but AMAZING and WONDERFUL!
Maybe it sounds like cliche to you but when I write you thank you for your extremely nice words, that they mean so much to me, I MEAN IT!
They do! And they will always do!
I don't even know if I deserve you guys! Before half a year I would never though I will have 100+ GFC followers, 65+ Google+ followers, INCREDIBLE 13.5+k views but at the most... I would never though I will earn THOUSANDS OF FRIENDS! Yes, you are my friends and you will always be!
I don't know what to say, I completely lose my inspiration at these moments, especially when I can't hold my tears...
HALF A YEAR?! I said it out so loud but still... I CAN'T BELIEVE!!!

One 'thank you' for every month you spend reading my posts and making my day with your wonderful comments!
That probably is not enough but I don't know how to thank you!

I said my Mom half a hour ago that I will come to the living room for 5 minutes and I'm still here.
I can't go from you! That's because you are amazing!

I want every reader of mine to know that I love him or her to the moon and back (AND MORE)!
You are wonderful! Every single one of you!

Now I really have to go haha...

I love you!

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12th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and before I say anything more... Sorry because I didn't post for 5 days but I was having private reasons so I hope you'll forgive me because today I'm writing ''12th Episode Got Me Like...'' and I know you love these posts!

Let's get into this...

So this episode, like every episode in this season, was INTENSE (I LOVE when Mason says that in crazy situations haha) !

First to start with good news... Sciles is BACK! Oh my God I waited so long to say this, just look at how many sentences I wrote before this but oh  my God I can't even describe how beautiful feeling is in my heart right now! I want to thank Sherrif Stilinski because he said Stiles that, to forgive himself for killing Donovan, he needs to forgive others starting with Scott. SO HAPPY!

But at the other hand... Stalia! They didn't even meet in this episode and it's sick! But I totally understand Malia! She wants to kill Desert Wolf because it's, you know, Malia or her. So I'd definitely choose Malia, wouldn't you? And I love... Let me think how to say it... Balia or Mraeden? Idk but I love the fact that Braeden is back and she'll help Malia kill the Desert Wolf. But I don't like the fact that Deaton is Desert Wolf's hostage... And, oh, Malia thinks that her pack will not love her anymore if she kills the Desert Wolf... Oh my God that's so sad! #WeWillAlwaysLoveYouMalia

Hmmm... Lydia and Meredith! Meredith will teach Lydia how to use her voice as her weapon to help her friend survive.
I love the fact that Lydia will finally show off her Banshee powers!

But the scene before... Meredith in that black rheum... Gross!

Liam and Hayden are back together? Again? I don't ship them at all. First thing first, Liam was really bad Beta and he tried to kill Scott, and all the love I felt for him suddenly disappeared... Idk, it just did. I miss the old ' I fell into a hole' Liam and I miss good not-Chimera Hayden. Does he even know that she's Chimera? I think he do but why did he kiss her? He kissed Chimera! Hayden has changed a lot since Theo got her back from death and I think there's a hidden plan behind all this 'love' she's feeling for Liam.
Judge me if you want but I think it does.

Cory is the only cute and good Chimera!
I literally love him so much because he's so cute oh my God but wait! I don't want to love someone again like I loved Liam and get disappointed again! My heart wouldn't take it! My Stiles and Scott have never disappointed me and I'm just in love with them. Okay? But oh... Corey is cute!
And what do you think about Theo now? I just don't know what to think. I mean, he keeps saying that we are on the same side VS La Bete but I don't know if we could trust him...

He even told Corey that he won't ask him to kill the people of our pack because we are on the same side.

Gerard is back! Yeah! When we finally thought he was dead he's back! But Chris helped him and I think he has got good reasons! 
Maybe Gerard will try to redeem to our pack for every single evil thing he did to us!
If it's truth... Naaah, I still hate him.

In this episode, also, we've seen La Bete for the first time in Teen Wolf and although our pack was thinking that that beast is the succed Chimera, Theo told it's not Chimera! 
Then, who or, it's better to say, what is that and were did it came from? *scared for our pack*
You can read posts on my blog about La Bete. Just scroll down :). 

Couldn't wait to see Kira again! In this scene at the end of this episode, Kira and her mother were in the desert and buuum! Suddenly the Skinwalkers showed! I was like who the hell are they? 
And why are they looking for them? They look cool somehow...

"It seems that most people agree that Skinwalkers are former Native American shaman that kind of drifted over to the dark side, using evil magic that other shaman shy away from. Most refuse to talk about them, believing that when you talk about them they can hear it, or I've also heard that their power depends on how many people know about them, sort of feeding off a collective fear (if true, this subreddit is actually a bad idea). Because people that actually know about them refuse to talk about them, not much is known, but I've heard some say that a skin walker no longer ages like people do, and that some could live hundreds or even thousands of years old (if you can change shape, your body wouldn't necessarily deteriorate). I think it could be possible that using this evil magic could have a type of ringbearer effect- the more you use it, the more mindless and evil you become. If all that were true, it stands to reason that in desperate times, some shaman could turn to dark side magic to save their people. And that over time, they'd become complete nightmares, but that weren't always that way. There's also a possibility of history. Your referring to Native Mexican skin walkers, which may have a very different past than the Native American skinwalkers we've heard about. You talk about skinwalkers that fight for good and saved hundreds of people. It's possible that the Native American ones started the same way... But their history didn't turn out the same. Imagine how furiously crazy you could be living in a land run by the brat kids of the people that slaughtered your family, and that you've lived with it for hundreds of years. You'd be a freaking monster."
Wow! Scary! 

I have nothing to talk about in this post. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments down bellow and also, tell me did you like this post and some suggestions for changes if you didn't like it. 
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11th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys! 
How are you doing? 
I hope you are fine and I'm pleased  I can announce you the first "... Episode Got Me Like..." after the longest break EVER! So welcome to "11th Episode Got Me Like..." 
I hope you'll enjoy! Let's begin!

So where should I start? I don't even know how I feel about this episode... All these retrospective showing got me like... Ugh! So, at the beginning Lydia was in the strange room,
I don't know if that's even Eichen House (?) and a strange man was with her. I also wonder who the hell is he?! And why he wants to give Lydia some sort of protection or whatever? Mhm I really have lots of questions... 

Then Lydia told him story about saving Stiles' father life which was the mean part of the episode.
 Stiles' dad was fighting with one of the Chimeras whos name is Noah. Stiles was literally freaking out and I was so worried about him... He even fighted with Scott at the hospital. I think he blamed him because his father is laying in the hospital and because of the feeling like he can't help him but Scott decided to make Stiles to let him to help his father by finding Noah. They first called Theo who is thinking that Scott is dead ( unfortunately he's really, really bad! ) and he didn't give him any informations, he just told that something big is coming and that he isn't the bad guy ( is he? I mean, creating your own Chimera army is not the move you are doing for no reason.) so they decided to figure it out themselves. They relized that the Chimera who almost killed the Sherrif must be Noah so they went to search for him.  But... Scott called Malia, too. And I hated the part when Stiles said to Scott "You called her?!" like he even HATES HER! Malia told Scott that she thinks they 'kind of' broke up... That actually broke me up in a hundred of pieces after the hope I had seeing Marrish moment before (which wasn't even real but Parrish's thoughts and, as usually, that ended up really bad with the scene of Lydia's bloody  nails).Well, they caught up Noah abd realized that the part of the bones from his hands when he changes into a Chimera was in Sherrif's body! The doctor performed surgery and saved his life. At that moment, Parrish realized that Lydia is missing and he went out to look up for her. He found her but when he got her into the hospital, one of the doctors made her mom to sign a document to transfer her daughter to the Eichen House.
Then he took her to a strange room in which a strange man made a hole in her head to make her remember about the certain moments he wanted to know about which leads us at the beginning.
But... Theo and his army of Chimeras came there. The strange man asked Theo why does he need a Banshee and his immediate response was that he is not looking for a Banshee! He's looking for the Hellhound! At the end, Parrish came there turning into the Hellhound. 
Theo, you wanted the Hellhound? You've got it!

Photos source : www.mtv.com .

So that was all for today guys! 
Oh wait! 

NEWS : BuzzFeed News can exclusively reveal that Reed will guest star on the Feb. 23 episode ofTeen Wolf, titled “The Maid of Gévaudan.” But there’s a twist: She won’t be playing Allison Argent. Instead, she’ll breathe life into the progenitor of the Argent family line, Marie-Jeanne Valet, in the flashback-heavy episode, written by executive producer Jeff Davis.

Sorry I'm a bit late with this post but I was so busy the last few days so I hope you don't mind. 
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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 10!

Hello guys and HAPPY JANUARY 5TH! I'm so excited knowing that tomorrow (in my country) new episode of Teen Wolf will be on all movies and series portal! I'm screaming!
So, we haven't finished this column yet and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post, last part!
Today, I'm going to write about...
We all know what this is blog about and I feel I've neglected our favorite couple a little bit...
But... I'm only going to post some quotes that remind me of them or by them and couple of photos (mostly hard to find photos) of them. I hope you'll enjoy!

“He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man. "

"You hate me? I like you Stiles… I like you alot.
I can work with that."

"Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses."

"You’re coming back, right? Yeah. yeah, i’d never leave you behind. "

Look at how cute they are?! How someone can hate them? Look at the photos down bellow!
That was all for today!
Hope you enjoyed, if you did, be sure to let me know in the comments down bellow and follow me on GFC and G+.
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   "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever." — The Notebook 

"You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." — Dr. Seuss

 "All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love." — Leo Tolstoy

"Once you truly believe you're worthy of love, you will never settle for anyone's second best treatment." — Charles J. Orlando


#TeenWolfWiki : PART 9!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post.
I took the "day off" yesterday because I didn't have time to write, couple of friends came to my house so... I hope you don't mind.
Today I'll be writing about...
Thunder Kitsune!

Well, Thuner Kitsune is the supernatural creature which is, in Teen Wolf, Kira Yukimura.
Kira first showed in the season 3b. She moved with her family to the Beacon Hills and started going to the same high school like our pack (I like to call them like that).  
Kira's mom, Noshiko, is Japanese while her father is Korean. Her mother's family has a connection to Beacon Hills going back generations.
Her father, Ken, claims Kira hasn't made any friends during her first three weeks in school but she is not shy and boldly inserts herself into a private conversation with Scott and his friends. Kira and Scott quickly start a romantic relationship.
Do you ship Scira? I do, but I miss Allison...

Kira first manifest a supernatural ability by absorbing dozens of megawatts (estimate) of electricity into her hands. Flash photography and Scott's enhanced werewolf vision reveal the glowing outline of a fox surrounding Kira's entire body.
She also found that having a sword in her hand gives her balance and agility she lacks in her everyday life.

But the pack realized that she becomes another person when she changes into a fox, I mean, in a couple of episodes she showed that her mother's teory that werewolves and foxes can't go together. But I really like Kira and I hope they'll help her to controle her powers and use them in the right way.


That was all for today guys! January 5th is coming! Aren't you excited?! I COULD START SCREAMING NOW HAHA!
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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 8!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post!
Wow, the end of this column is getting closer and you know what that means! Just 3 days till the season 5B! Oh my God, I'm so excited that I can't even describe it to you! This season is surely going to be something special.
But, let's get into this!
Today I'll be writing about ...

As you probably know, Parrish is supernatural creature named Hellhound. Hmm scary name! But what is his purpose?

“We always start a season talking about different mythologies, and this was one of those more fascinating ones — the story of the ghost riders and the idea that the Hellhound, or the black dog, is part of it all the way back to Woden’s Hunt. You don’t know whether [Parrish is] a good guy or a bad guy but that he serves a function, that he is definitely there for a reason, that he was drawn to Beacon Hills for a purpose. And the purpose of a Hellhound is they’re a guardian of a supernatural place, and that’s what he is. And we’re going to find out just what that role entails in season 5B and how dangerous it’s going to become for the rest of the characters.” - Jeff Davis 
 Davis also reveals that one of the creatures depicted in the Dreads’ painting is indeed a Hellhound. So the evil MDs are definitely tied to the Wild Hunt, but as for how… time will tell.

*ow cute, isn't it? *

We all thought that Parrish was Phoenix which is basically ''the bird on fire''. But what made us think different at the end? The fact that he's taking dead bodies to the Nemeton. So Lydia realized that he's the Hellhound. 
Hellhound is a supernatural creature that looks like dog (that's why I always say Helldog except Hellhound. I think they should've listened me and give him the properly name. I mean... Who is always right? Jk, I'm always wrong but this went to far...) . 
I have to admit, I love Parrish but... He's the creature of a Wild Hunt who both bears death and protects the supernatural which is kind of hard to explain (especially when you can't explain it to yourself) but well, oh... He is a friend of death and he has the power to bear it but he protects all the supernatural creatures which include werewolves? 
Does it mean that he bears death to the non-supernatural creatures? That's not good. We all know that our pack, especially its leader don't like killing people (even when they are trying to kill them). 

Okay, these sentence is making me nervous but we'll have to wait 3 more days to find out if he's the bad or the good boy. #fingerscrossed 
I really ship Marrish so I would not like Lydia's boyfriend to be the bad guy, logical.
And I like his red eyes (total life goals omG) and I like him and Parrish would you marry me?! ... Okay, this went to far. I'm Stiles' girlfriend so I can't disappoint him. If you are asking me how, because Malia is with him, well, I'm in the relationship with my boyfriend and his girlfriend. It says enough. 
I'm really crazy today, ain't I? 

*the man on fire. I like it.*

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#TeenWolfWiki : PART 7!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post! 
This time, I'm going to be writing about...
The Desert Wolf! 

The Desert Wolf is a code name for trained assassin who's trying to kill Malia. Okay, that was simple. But! It's, unfortunately, Malia's mother! 
You know that Malia killer her mom and sister when she turned into a werecoyote but we all know she's adopted and it appeared that Peter is her father. And... Yeah, her mother is the Desert Wolf (it's kind of weird to call her like that, like, do you have a real name?)
She was often mentioned in a couple of seasons. I think : season 3, throughout season 4 and now, in season 5. 
Peter Hale mentioned her as a possible assassin shortly after the Hale House fire suggesting he's been aware of her for several years.
Braeden, while working as a U.S. Marshal, spent most of her career trying to catch her without success (she's professional, I have to admit).
But, Stiles and Malia (aww Stalia) are trying to catch her for a while. 
While Malia had some kind of flashback throughout the accident with her adopted mother and sister, she concluded that her biological mother is responsible for their accident, not Malia!
She was shooting at the car causing the death of mother and sister, but Malia , turned into a werecoyote, escaped into the woods and stayed there, living with guilty conscience for a long time, till Scott finally turned her into a human.
In one episode (can't remember which), Deaton meets the Desert Wolf and she confronts him and asks about her daughter. She says if Malia is still alive then she will have to kill her again.
He said that Malia was dead to protect her but I don't think that she believed him.   

But I'm asking you just one question : why? Why is mother trying to kill her daughter? She must be psycho! 
And I am just scared for Malia... This psychotic bitch is coming into the Beacon Hills and I... I just hope the pack will success in protecting Malia. But she has to tell them about this, right? I hope she'll share that with the pack because I think she can't fight alone with this one. 
When Breaden found out that's she's coming to Beacon Hills, she warned Malia. 
And that's all we know about this werecoyote. We'll need to wait till the January 5th to find something more out. 

Ughh scary... But #believeinourpack! 
That was all for today! 
Thank you guys for reading. I hope you liked it , if you did please comment down bellow and follow me on GFC. I love you! 

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