#TeenWolfWiki : PART 7!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post! 
This time, I'm going to be writing about...
The Desert Wolf! 

The Desert Wolf is a code name for trained assassin who's trying to kill Malia. Okay, that was simple. But! It's, unfortunately, Malia's mother! 
You know that Malia killer her mom and sister when she turned into a werecoyote but we all know she's adopted and it appeared that Peter is her father. And... Yeah, her mother is the Desert Wolf (it's kind of weird to call her like that, like, do you have a real name?)
She was often mentioned in a couple of seasons. I think : season 3, throughout season 4 and now, in season 5. 
Peter Hale mentioned her as a possible assassin shortly after the Hale House fire suggesting he's been aware of her for several years.
Braeden, while working as a U.S. Marshal, spent most of her career trying to catch her without success (she's professional, I have to admit).
But, Stiles and Malia (aww Stalia) are trying to catch her for a while. 
While Malia had some kind of flashback throughout the accident with her adopted mother and sister, she concluded that her biological mother is responsible for their accident, not Malia!
She was shooting at the car causing the death of mother and sister, but Malia , turned into a werecoyote, escaped into the woods and stayed there, living with guilty conscience for a long time, till Scott finally turned her into a human.
In one episode (can't remember which), Deaton meets the Desert Wolf and she confronts him and asks about her daughter. She says if Malia is still alive then she will have to kill her again.
He said that Malia was dead to protect her but I don't think that she believed him.   

But I'm asking you just one question : why? Why is mother trying to kill her daughter? She must be psycho! 
And I am just scared for Malia... This psychotic bitch is coming into the Beacon Hills and I... I just hope the pack will success in protecting Malia. But she has to tell them about this, right? I hope she'll share that with the pack because I think she can't fight alone with this one. 
When Breaden found out that's she's coming to Beacon Hills, she warned Malia. 
And that's all we know about this werecoyote. We'll need to wait till the January 5th to find something more out. 

Ughh scary... But #believeinourpack! 
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