14th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and welcome to another post!
Today I'm gonna be doing ''14th Episode Got Me Like...'' but first of all, I have announcement about my posting schedule. I'm going to publish 2 posts weekly. Every Thursday - ...Episode Got Me Like... Every Saturday - Stalia post.
Hope you are fine with that. I'd love to post daily but my school started this Monday and because I'm the last middle school year our teachers are stricter and they are expecting more from us so I'm kind off going to study this year,I guess...

This went to long and we haven't even started!
Let's do this!

First of all, I'm happy to announce that...

Yaay! Yes, the pack is back and I couldn't be more happy right now! 
This time, I'm not going to write like a book about everything that happened in this episode to make it more visually readable to you. 

  • Argents are totally back. Chris and Gerard are working hard and investigating this case about the Beast to help the pack. I'm happy knowing they aren't alone in this but everytime I look at Chris or Gerard I remember Allison and it hurts knowing that she's never coming back like her character.
  • Theo showed his real face again. I could say that I told you he's evil but, oh, I won't. He cheated Malia about the promise he gave her that he'll help her to kill her mother. Breaden said her to don't trust him but I know Malia was desperate to find the Desert Wolf so she forgot to be careful about trusting anyone. He helped the Desert Wolf and basically drag over Malia to her. But at that time, the Beast came out of the wall and they all ran away. Except that, Theo brought the blind Alpha to the Beacon Hills. He wants him to help him to take the Beast's power but in exchange, the blind Alpha wants SCOTT'S EYES!
  • Alpha helps Beta. Liam was still feeling guilty about trying to kill Scott but Scott's helping him to get over it. #socute
  • Parrish = Hellhound. Okay, we all knew that Parrish is a Hellhound, but did he knew? No. But now he knows it. Gerard and Chris helped him turn into a Hellhound and realize what he is. At the painting in the tunnels is a Hellhound fighting with the Beast. But (I think you are not going to like this...) under them... Are people. They are our pack. And they are dead. 
  • #Banshees. Meredith helped Lydia realize that she's powerful but she needs to learn to use her weapon - her voice. Lydia was asking her to tell her how's she doing it but Meredith answered that her way is a bad one, she needs to find a good way, her own way. Watching how the Desert Wolf is killing Malia forced Lydia to find her way immidiately and she did it! She broke the glass, she woke up and beat the guards in the Eichen House but they cought her up at the gate. But don't worry our dear Banshee, our pack is coming to help you! And oh, Stiles was visiting Lydia, he was trying to help her wake up before this but she didn't and it was so sad. He found a shaved part of her head and he asked her mom what are they doing to her but she told him that's for some kind of medical investigation but I'm not sure that's it because before she woke up, a man from the Eichen House was holding a glass syringes with a steel needle and I think that's not the medicine for her! 
  • #THEPACKISBACK. At the end, Malia,Breaden and Deaton saved themselves from the Beast and Malia is back with pack now. Malia,Stiles,Kira,Scott and Liam are trying to get Lydia from the Eichen House to make their pack complete. MISSION SAVING LYDIA BEGINNS! I'm so happy! I think this is the time when Stalia will reconcile and they'll get back together.#excited

So that was all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to let me know in the comments down below if you did and follow me on GFC and G+, please! Thank you so much! 
We are close to 15k! I can't believe this is actually happening! 

I love you!
Stay alive,xx 


  1. i do hope they get back together, i just cant stand theo as much as he is cute hes a traiter

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