13th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and welcome to another post!
I've just watched the 13th episode of Teen Wolf and you know what is next...
'13th Episode Got Me Like...'

Where should I start? 
Umh... I should start with good news, I guess. 
So, I'm really happy to say this : KIRA IS BACK! 
Oh my God she's such a badass! At the beginning, she was fighting with Skin Walkers who said that there are 2 possible solutions for Kira's situation which are : she'll be doing like a test and if she pass it, they'll be able to help her but if she doesn't she'll need to become one of them, one of the Skin Walkers. I was so scared but she passed the test (at least she thought she did) and I was so proud of her but then, they said that she didn't pass it, the FOX inside her passed it so like, it doesn't count and she'll have to stay there with them and become one of them. I was like, what is wrong with you weirdos?! I was so sad because her mother told her, if it's the only way for her to survive, she'll have to leave her with Skin Walkers.

Stiles and Scott fixed the jeep after Liam visited Scott offering his help but Scott, of course, didn't accept it. Scott and Stiles decided to go and search for Kira. At their way to some kind of desert, they talked about Malia.
Scott asked Stiles why he's not talking to Malia and his response was that she doesn't talk to him or anyone. And then comes the part where Scott told him that Malia is up to something really bad because she's looking for her mother and he even scent Breaden in her house.
He said that he thinks she's going to kill her mother...
And... At the gas station Stiles told Scott everything about his self-defense and Scott asked him why didn't he told him earlier about that because he know the difference, he knows what is self-defense.
I love the fact that Sciles is finally back! 

Meredith is helping Lydia to realize the power of her voice and to learn how to use it like her weapon.
I can't wait for Lydia to finally learn how to use her voice! She's going to be such a badass (like every other girl in the Teen Wolf except Hayden, I don't really like Hayden anymore because she thinks like Theo is the best because he get her back from death but she doesn't know what is he up to...)

At the end, Stiles and Scott saved Kira and her mother from the Skin Walkers  and it was such a beautiful moment, I even got chills...
Liam and Mason found out that Theo is looking for the blind Alpha a.k.a Deucalion! 

So that was all for this post!
Hope you enjoyed!
And, oh yes, I added the new playlist and this one is just... BEAUTIFUL! Hope you like the songs as well as I do.

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Love you guys!

Stay alive,xx


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  4. just read the post didnt want to read it before i watched it lol, im glad scott and stiles was in time to save them it would be sad to see kira become one of the skin walkers they are so weird

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