#TeenWolfWiki : PART 8!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post!
Wow, the end of this column is getting closer and you know what that means! Just 3 days till the season 5B! Oh my God, I'm so excited that I can't even describe it to you! This season is surely going to be something special.
But, let's get into this!
Today I'll be writing about ...

As you probably know, Parrish is supernatural creature named Hellhound. Hmm scary name! But what is his purpose?

“We always start a season talking about different mythologies, and this was one of those more fascinating ones — the story of the ghost riders and the idea that the Hellhound, or the black dog, is part of it all the way back to Woden’s Hunt. You don’t know whether [Parrish is] a good guy or a bad guy but that he serves a function, that he is definitely there for a reason, that he was drawn to Beacon Hills for a purpose. And the purpose of a Hellhound is they’re a guardian of a supernatural place, and that’s what he is. And we’re going to find out just what that role entails in season 5B and how dangerous it’s going to become for the rest of the characters.” - Jeff Davis 
 Davis also reveals that one of the creatures depicted in the Dreads’ painting is indeed a Hellhound. So the evil MDs are definitely tied to the Wild Hunt, but as for how… time will tell.

*ow cute, isn't it? *

We all thought that Parrish was Phoenix which is basically ''the bird on fire''. But what made us think different at the end? The fact that he's taking dead bodies to the Nemeton. So Lydia realized that he's the Hellhound. 
Hellhound is a supernatural creature that looks like dog (that's why I always say Helldog except Hellhound. I think they should've listened me and give him the properly name. I mean... Who is always right? Jk, I'm always wrong but this went to far...) . 
I have to admit, I love Parrish but... He's the creature of a Wild Hunt who both bears death and protects the supernatural which is kind of hard to explain (especially when you can't explain it to yourself) but well, oh... He is a friend of death and he has the power to bear it but he protects all the supernatural creatures which include werewolves? 
Does it mean that he bears death to the non-supernatural creatures? That's not good. We all know that our pack, especially its leader don't like killing people (even when they are trying to kill them). 

Okay, these sentence is making me nervous but we'll have to wait 3 more days to find out if he's the bad or the good boy. #fingerscrossed 
I really ship Marrish so I would not like Lydia's boyfriend to be the bad guy, logical.
And I like his red eyes (total life goals omG) and I like him and Parrish would you marry me?! ... Okay, this went to far. I'm Stiles' girlfriend so I can't disappoint him. If you are asking me how, because Malia is with him, well, I'm in the relationship with my boyfriend and his girlfriend. It says enough. 
I'm really crazy today, ain't I? 

*the man on fire. I like it.*

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Thank you again and I love you guys!
Stay alive,xx


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