Love Doesn't Disappear Just Like That

We are mad at each other. It's true. They saying we broke up. I don't even know if we did but...
It's kinda hard, isn't it? Watching the person you love the most slowly rambling from you...
Then you start asking yourself : What have I done to you? Don't you love me anymore?
And you find the answer in his eyes...
He loves you. And he will always do.
Why? Because you were the first one who loved him with all of your heart! You were the one that found the potential in that person while everybody wasn't even noticing in! You were the one that supported him when he needed it the most and you were the one that accepted him with all his bad and good sides. 
And , people... I ask you now : Could love disappear just like that? Could he forget me just like that?
Relationships have the bad and the good days. 
We have had a lot of good ones and who am I to say that we don't deserve the bad ones? We are all like soldiers and we need to survive through the hardest battles. We can't just give up when the first obstacle comes on our way! 
He is mine and I am his. 
He lovey me and I love him. 
We can survive through this, baby....


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