11th Episode Got Me Like...

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I hope you are fine and I'm pleased  I can announce you the first "... Episode Got Me Like..." after the longest break EVER! So welcome to "11th Episode Got Me Like..." 
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So where should I start? I don't even know how I feel about this episode... All these retrospective showing got me like... Ugh! So, at the beginning Lydia was in the strange room,
I don't know if that's even Eichen House (?) and a strange man was with her. I also wonder who the hell is he?! And why he wants to give Lydia some sort of protection or whatever? Mhm I really have lots of questions... 

Then Lydia told him story about saving Stiles' father life which was the mean part of the episode.
 Stiles' dad was fighting with one of the Chimeras whos name is Noah. Stiles was literally freaking out and I was so worried about him... He even fighted with Scott at the hospital. I think he blamed him because his father is laying in the hospital and because of the feeling like he can't help him but Scott decided to make Stiles to let him to help his father by finding Noah. They first called Theo who is thinking that Scott is dead ( unfortunately he's really, really bad! ) and he didn't give him any informations, he just told that something big is coming and that he isn't the bad guy ( is he? I mean, creating your own Chimera army is not the move you are doing for no reason.) so they decided to figure it out themselves. They relized that the Chimera who almost killed the Sherrif must be Noah so they went to search for him.  But... Scott called Malia, too. And I hated the part when Stiles said to Scott "You called her?!" like he even HATES HER! Malia told Scott that she thinks they 'kind of' broke up... That actually broke me up in a hundred of pieces after the hope I had seeing Marrish moment before (which wasn't even real but Parrish's thoughts and, as usually, that ended up really bad with the scene of Lydia's bloody  nails).Well, they caught up Noah abd realized that the part of the bones from his hands when he changes into a Chimera was in Sherrif's body! The doctor performed surgery and saved his life. At that moment, Parrish realized that Lydia is missing and he went out to look up for her. He found her but when he got her into the hospital, one of the doctors made her mom to sign a document to transfer her daughter to the Eichen House.
Then he took her to a strange room in which a strange man made a hole in her head to make her remember about the certain moments he wanted to know about which leads us at the beginning.
But... Theo and his army of Chimeras came there. The strange man asked Theo why does he need a Banshee and his immediate response was that he is not looking for a Banshee! He's looking for the Hellhound! At the end, Parrish came there turning into the Hellhound. 
Theo, you wanted the Hellhound? You've got it!

Photos source : www.mtv.com .

So that was all for today guys! 
Oh wait! 

NEWS : BuzzFeed News can exclusively reveal that Reed will guest star on the Feb. 23 episode ofTeen Wolf, titled “The Maid of Gévaudan.” But there’s a twist: She won’t be playing Allison Argent. Instead, she’ll breathe life into the progenitor of the Argent family line, Marie-Jeanne Valet, in the flashback-heavy episode, written by executive producer Jeff Davis.

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  1. Sounds great, might have to watch it! I know a lot of people are obsessed and I want to see what all the hype is about :) Xx

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  6. thsi episode left me in awe and then they ended it so suddenly anxiously awaiting the next episode and love your post.

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    I really love you :) Happy New Year!

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