12th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and before I say anything more... Sorry because I didn't post for 5 days but I was having private reasons so I hope you'll forgive me because today I'm writing ''12th Episode Got Me Like...'' and I know you love these posts!

Let's get into this...

So this episode, like every episode in this season, was INTENSE (I LOVE when Mason says that in crazy situations haha) !

First to start with good news... Sciles is BACK! Oh my God I waited so long to say this, just look at how many sentences I wrote before this but oh  my God I can't even describe how beautiful feeling is in my heart right now! I want to thank Sherrif Stilinski because he said Stiles that, to forgive himself for killing Donovan, he needs to forgive others starting with Scott. SO HAPPY!

But at the other hand... Stalia! They didn't even meet in this episode and it's sick! But I totally understand Malia! She wants to kill Desert Wolf because it's, you know, Malia or her. So I'd definitely choose Malia, wouldn't you? And I love... Let me think how to say it... Balia or Mraeden? Idk but I love the fact that Braeden is back and she'll help Malia kill the Desert Wolf. But I don't like the fact that Deaton is Desert Wolf's hostage... And, oh, Malia thinks that her pack will not love her anymore if she kills the Desert Wolf... Oh my God that's so sad! #WeWillAlwaysLoveYouMalia

Hmmm... Lydia and Meredith! Meredith will teach Lydia how to use her voice as her weapon to help her friend survive.
I love the fact that Lydia will finally show off her Banshee powers!

But the scene before... Meredith in that black rheum... Gross!

Liam and Hayden are back together? Again? I don't ship them at all. First thing first, Liam was really bad Beta and he tried to kill Scott, and all the love I felt for him suddenly disappeared... Idk, it just did. I miss the old ' I fell into a hole' Liam and I miss good not-Chimera Hayden. Does he even know that she's Chimera? I think he do but why did he kiss her? He kissed Chimera! Hayden has changed a lot since Theo got her back from death and I think there's a hidden plan behind all this 'love' she's feeling for Liam.
Judge me if you want but I think it does.

Cory is the only cute and good Chimera!
I literally love him so much because he's so cute oh my God but wait! I don't want to love someone again like I loved Liam and get disappointed again! My heart wouldn't take it! My Stiles and Scott have never disappointed me and I'm just in love with them. Okay? But oh... Corey is cute!
And what do you think about Theo now? I just don't know what to think. I mean, he keeps saying that we are on the same side VS La Bete but I don't know if we could trust him...

He even told Corey that he won't ask him to kill the people of our pack because we are on the same side.

Gerard is back! Yeah! When we finally thought he was dead he's back! But Chris helped him and I think he has got good reasons! 
Maybe Gerard will try to redeem to our pack for every single evil thing he did to us!
If it's truth... Naaah, I still hate him.

In this episode, also, we've seen La Bete for the first time in Teen Wolf and although our pack was thinking that that beast is the succed Chimera, Theo told it's not Chimera! 
Then, who or, it's better to say, what is that and were did it came from? *scared for our pack*
You can read posts on my blog about La Bete. Just scroll down :). 

Couldn't wait to see Kira again! In this scene at the end of this episode, Kira and her mother were in the desert and buuum! Suddenly the Skinwalkers showed! I was like who the hell are they? 
And why are they looking for them? They look cool somehow...

"It seems that most people agree that Skinwalkers are former Native American shaman that kind of drifted over to the dark side, using evil magic that other shaman shy away from. Most refuse to talk about them, believing that when you talk about them they can hear it, or I've also heard that their power depends on how many people know about them, sort of feeding off a collective fear (if true, this subreddit is actually a bad idea). Because people that actually know about them refuse to talk about them, not much is known, but I've heard some say that a skin walker no longer ages like people do, and that some could live hundreds or even thousands of years old (if you can change shape, your body wouldn't necessarily deteriorate). I think it could be possible that using this evil magic could have a type of ringbearer effect- the more you use it, the more mindless and evil you become. If all that were true, it stands to reason that in desperate times, some shaman could turn to dark side magic to save their people. And that over time, they'd become complete nightmares, but that weren't always that way. There's also a possibility of history. Your referring to Native Mexican skin walkers, which may have a very different past than the Native American skinwalkers we've heard about. You talk about skinwalkers that fight for good and saved hundreds of people. It's possible that the Native American ones started the same way... But their history didn't turn out the same. Imagine how furiously crazy you could be living in a land run by the brat kids of the people that slaughtered your family, and that you've lived with it for hundreds of years. You'd be a freaking monster."
Wow! Scary! 

I have nothing to talk about in this post. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments down bellow and also, tell me did you like this post and some suggestions for changes if you didn't like it. 
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I love you guys! 
Stay alive,xx


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