Hello wolfiers!
I wanted to talk about Teen Wolf season 6 trailer with you as soon as it came out but I couldn't, I had some things to do in my life and that stopped me from publishing and writing this post earlier but here I am now and I hope you don't mind!

So there's this first official promo trailer of season 6 of Teen Wolf. My reaction for this one was changing my excitement to fear. I was not afraid of all the scary clips in this video at the beginning, it just get scary when I saw the writing 'the final season' and I was afraid because I didn't know what I'm gonna do when Teen Wolf completely ends. There won't be the moments like this one, the excitement before releasing the next new season of this amazing show which I'm so obsessed with. 
I was so sad and then I got even more sadder ...

...When I saw this trailer. Why are you doing this to us Jeff?! Why?!
So there are going to be 3 bad guys, as we know for now, and somehow it will happen that they are going to forget everything about everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone except Stiles who will remember Lydia and she will remember him, as we see in the trailer and that's just not fair!
Malia was always there for him, she supported him when almost everybody gave up on him, she was the only one by his side when he was left alone by almost everybody he loved and now, congratttts Stydia shippers, you freaking won! He will choose the girl who freaking didn't noticed him until she lost her ex boyfriend and was devastated! How is that fair? 
I love Lydia but I don't want to be like her at that point. 
I don't want to be in the situation where I have my Stiles but I'm too Lydia to see it.
I'd rather be Malia, the girl who falls in love and fights for it although she gets left behind every single damn time!
I'll be literally so pissed off (sorry for this but... yeah) if they make Stydia the endgame.
It literally means that all this show was made for them, just to follow the 'love story' of Stiles and Lydia, blah blah blah... It feels like everything's about them and I'm so sorry about Malia...

The only choice we have now is to wait and see what is the next season bringing to us.
We hope Stalia is the endgame. Thank you so much for reading, I love you!

Stay alive,xx


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  4. Great post cant believe its the last season
    this season is gonna be intense

    1. Thank you! I absolutely agree, it's going to be intense but interesting, I hope so.

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  6. Wow, such a great post! I've never watched Teen wolf and I don't even know why, I need to start ASAP!!!

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    1. Thank you so much! You definitely need to watch it!xx