Noah Foster - Stiles Stilinski Too Much ?

Hello my dear wolfiers!
I wanted to publish this post earlier because I started watching Scream TV show 4-5 days ago and I've watched every episode in 3 days. Now, I'm waiting for the new ones to come out, as well as the next episodes of Teen Wolf.
Getting to know Scream characters, I noticed that Noah Foster has a lot common with Stiles.
I mean, they both are somehow special part of the group. 
They are always investigating something and finding the most important news, details and tips to help them and their friends to survive.
Stiles had created like a 'crimes board' , if I can call it like that, which helped him solve a lot of mysteries, to discover who is the bad guy or guys etc. They are both really smart, intelligent and always have the most interesting details and stories to tell. They may look a little bit awkward to their friends while they do it because why would teenagers like them know that much about serial killers (Noah) or supernatural creatures (Stiles). 
And ohh, listen to this one, it's really interesting : when they are being hunted by bad guys or they go to catch them, they bring similar 'weapons'. Noah always finds some kind of tube or board and we all know what Stiles uses - his famous bat.
Guess what? Noah has the similar one.  
I don't know if this is valid connection between the two of them, but I fell in love with both of them so that should mean they are really alike. Or not? Haha never mind.
I feel like MTV has discovered the secret of Teen Wolf show popularity : it's all about Stiles guys! 
So they decided to create a similar character in Scream so the show would get really popular, too.
I mean, what would Teen Wolf be without Stiles?
Or Scream without Noah?

Buuum, that's all! I've discovered you a BIG SECRET! Sarcastic a little bit, don't mind please.
If you watch the both of these shows, please tell me down bellow if you had noticed the same thing I did. Thank you very much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

Stay alive,xx


  1. Never thought about that before...

    1. Ohh this means I'm the only one ? I feel a little bit weird because I notice things like this...

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