Ohh my God guys I'm so nervous since I read this : 

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is expected to introduce new characters with the alleged absence of Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) and Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura). Following his recent accident on the set of “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” multiple reports suggest that the actor will not be coming back in the hit MTV series. Cho, on the other hand, confirmed that she would also not be reprising her role when the show premieres in June.
 Early on in the production of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien suffered serious on set injuries and the accident resulted in O’Brien being hospitalized for an undetermined period of time. Initially, producers of Teen Wolf had planned to wait for Dylan to recover before moving forward, but, realizing that the extent of O’Brien’s injuries might limit his availability to return to work, back up plans were set in place. As time went on and O’Brien still struggled to recover from his injuries, rumors began to circulate that One Direction’s Harry Styles would replace O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski. Those rumors proved to be false and it was later revealed that Styles would not be joining the cast of Teen Wolf at all. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Teen Wolf producers, it seems highly unlikely that O’Brien, still recovering from his injuries, will heal in time to make a return in season 6 and there’s still talk of recasting the Stiles role. One cast member hinted that Teen Wolf fans shouldn’t expect to see too many familiar faces in the sixth installment of the show and it seems she might be referring, at least in part, to Dylan’s departure. 

What the hell is happening?! I hope this is not the truth and I... I just CANNOT imagine Teen Wolf without him! It's like watching football game without football players, all the left is the ball and the field but who would kick the damn ball?! I'm so nervous and I could even start crying because, without Dylan, this show is just not going to be the same...
I really hope this is not the truth... What do you think guys? Please comment down bellow so we can talk about this a little bit because I literally have no one to talk about Teen Wolf with right now and I really need it because this show has became my whole life, especially since I made this blog and met all of you amazing people...

Update : I recently found Arden Cho won't be back to season 6 and this information is 100% true because of her vlog where she said goodbye to Teen Wolf. Umhh this is so sad to me...
I love Kira so much and now you are telling me she won't be back?! What is wrong with you Jeff and all the people out there who are responsible for this?! Just imagine how stupid the whole show will get when Kira won't be there. First, Allison dies, Scott is left with broken heart. Then we have a little cute girl named Kira who succeed in making him happy again and I'm just asking you... What the hell you think you are doing? Don't you have feelings man? I'm expecting nothing less from Scott than being 100% broken now without anyone else who could fix him again. Or maybe you'll bring up a new girl again? No, I don't even wanna think about your silly decisions because this all looks unrealistic now. The life of the teens in Teen Wolf was pretty relatable to every teenager, I'm talking about the one at the day, when they are not supernatural creatures but just teens who fall in love, fight with their parents, do silly stuff, get their heart broken etc. I don't know... I was so excited about the upcoming season before but now... I don't even know how I am feeling...

Stay alive,xx


  1. I didnt know all this i do hope this is not true noone can act like stiles or even try his style is unique to the show i do hope he will recover in time. To behonest its better they delay the show then until he can play his part. I would rather wait

  2. I heard about this the other day, so sad! x


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    1. Me too :/ Thanks for visiting and following my blog.xx

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  6. Ako te tješi, obožavatelji Walking Dead-a ne znaju tko je gotov?! ;) :)

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  8. ne pratim, ali stvarno je blesavo kada iz bilo koje serije izbace ključne likove.

  9. I haven't seen any of the movie , but soind like fun.


  10. This is so sad, hope it's not true!

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