You know... Sometimes... I dream. I dream us.
Little house in the wood. Children's voice and laugh. Nights on the grass watching the stars, hugging you thightly. ''The full Moon tonight'', I whisper, ''How do you feel?''
You turn your head to me , ''Don't worry, if I feel safe, Moon won't affect me...'' and smile lovingly.
I feel the butterflies in my stomach like the first time I saw you.
''You feel safe with me?'', I asked.
''Don't be fool! You know you are the only person I feel safe with...'' ,you grab my arm and pull it closer to you, turning your head and body from me placing into my hug.
I smiled.
I feel I need to protect you, you my little werewolf.
Don't ask me why, it's hard to describe my feeling to you. Poets say it's love but I feel it's a lot more than just love. They say you're my girl, but you're more than that. You are my love, my soulmate, my support and basically ... You're my everything.
''Kira come back here! Allison go for her...'' , you shout while watching our children rambling from us. 
Yeah, their names are Kira and Allison and don't forget Scott, but he's too little now to be outside in the dark. He is in the house. Sleeping. 
My dreams might sound crazy to you but you made feel like this, you made my dreams and wish to
make them come true.
Thank you for being the most important part of my life. 
I love you.

-This time I was writting like Stiles.

So guys, as you can see I forgot to publish this post so I'm doing it now.
I hope you'll enjoy.
Love ya,bye x.

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