5th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys,
I've just saw 5th episode of season 5 and I'm so... I can't explain what I feel now.
Nothing really happend with Lydia and Stiles, he just wanted to protect her and that's all but... Malia and Theo? I hate Theo so much now! He's so hypocritical and oily ,and I'm so sick of him!
He just want to defy Stiles so he wants to do it by seduce Malia but she was like ''Wtf is wrong with you?'' when he sat with her. I love her face when he try to make a conversation with her.
I'm so,so happy that she remembered that Desert Wolf killed her not-real mum and sister! And Stiles... I almost cried when he talked with Scott in front of Eichen House telling him that murder can be justifiably if it was defence and Scott told him that they need to rescue that people, not kill them cuz' they are victims.
I don't know why he didn't told Scott and Malia that he killed Dunovan... I hope he'll tell them because it was self-defence and I think it's justifiably. If he didn't kill Dunovan, he would eat his leg, and he meant it seriously.
I love it that Stiles doesn't show any feelings but friendly for Lydia. He wanted to protect her as a friend and it was so nice when he knows he loves Malia and he wasn't any upset like he was before just being in Lydia's presence.
Ugh I felt so frustrated when Theo touched Malia's hand! Like wtf, you know she has boyfriend (by the way ,with who he wants to be pretend-good).
I simply don't like hypocritical people eww...
#TheoIsBitch #MaliaLovesStiles #StilesLovesMalia

And that's it for today!
Please tell me in the comments bellow did you enjoyed and your feelings about new episode! I can not wait for next week to see 6th episode and JEFF MAN GIVE US #STALIAMOMENTS! Haha
See ya tomorrow!
Stay cool haha! xoxo


  1. Nakon ove epizode svi kazu #stydia i to ali nije se dogodilo nista posebno.. Staliaaaa! ❤️