18th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello guys and happy weekend to you!
I can't even explain how I am happy now because it's FINALLY Friday! We'll be having shorter classes on Monday because we'll have a little show in our school with regard to the Bosnia and Herzegovina's Independence Day which is on the first of March. I'll be the master of the ceremony and I'm pretty excited because this day means a lot to me. I just love my country!
But... I went too far from the topic of this post and yeah haha, I think we should talk about the last episode of Teen Wolf which I saw yesterday but I had a lot stuff to do so I couldn't write this post and I'm so sorry about that but here I am now!

This episode was truly AMAZING! I literally can't believe how good it was, I mean... If you have seen the scenes of our dear Allison, I mean the Maid of Gevaudan... It was so nice to see her back in the Teen Wolf, at least in this role. I kind of feel like they have chosen Crystal for this role because Allison was so alike to the Maid of Gevaudan! They both were so brave and sacrificial to save the people around them, they both didn't want anyone to get hurt.
The Maid of Gevaudan was, this time, just a story which Gerard told Lydia. Marie-Jeanne Valet was her real name and she was the one who killed the Beast, which was her brother. He couldn't watch kids and adults get hurt anymore and she decided to find the Beast and kill it. The fact that ''it'' was her brother didn't stop her and she killed him (or it).

I just... It was so emotional for me to see Crystal or Allison, I'd rather call her Allison back... I miss her so much...

Gerard told Lydia this story because he thinks that Lydia can stop the Beast. My heart was breaking at this scene because I felt like Gerard and Chris are seeing Allison in Lydia and... She should be there, she could be the one who would stop the Beast. She could be the Maid of Beacon Hills but...
I can't do this... Oh my God. Lydia told them that she can't be the one who will kill the Beast and that... She said : ''I'm not Allison.''

*Can you hear me crying?*

I don't know why everybody is talking about the fact that we have found out who's the Beast because I just can't stop talking about Allison?
Oh, okay, I need to say you who is the Beast haha.


Intense, right?
Who could even think about him? But something actually made me think that when Corey kissed him and he weirdly stopped, like he felt something...
Scott was saved from the Beast in the library with the help of Malia and Breaden and the next we know is that he is walking on the parking lot looking for the scent of it and BUUM! He found it!
In the Mason's car. He opened the trunk and saw... What?
BLOODY SHOES, of course.

Mason saw him and he asked ''Scott, what are you doing with my car?'' because teenager DOESN'T REMEMBER YET and it's good because WHEN THE BEAST REMEMBERS THE TEENAGER WILL BE GONE. 
I feel sorry for Mason but ohh... Someone really needs to stop him because Corey and him disappeard with his power to make himself invisible and we can't even know where he is now or what is he going to do next!

And also, we've saw one Stalia moment where Malia was looking for Stiles at the school. She was afraid of losing him because he only thinks about his safety. She loves him.

Is the Beast going to remember?
Who will stop the Beast? Lydia or Parrish?
I want to hear your opinions down bellow! 

Hope you like it! 
If you do be sure to let me know in the comments down below and please follow me on GFC and G+.

Thank you! Stay alive,xx


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