5 Cute Stalia Moments

Hello guys,
So I know I actually wrote the similar post to this which was called something like "5 Stalia Moments" or something like that but this time... I'm bringing you the Stalia moments which are actually sentences they said to each other.
So I know it sounds a little bit weird but I don't really know how to explain it to you but when you read this post you'll probably be like "Oh I got it!" or no?! Please somebody stop me beacuse I know I'm not good in intros and this really sound like nonsence what I wrote but... Just let's get started!
Note: I had a lot things to do today so I didn't really had time to write a post so today I'm writting on my cellphone and this post might go bad because I got used to write on my computer where I can upload like hundreds of photos and write a novel here but now I'll only wrote that cute moments between Stiles and Malia and I won't be adding any photos which I'm so,so,so sorry about but what can I say... I just needed to write a post beacuse I have that promise to you from the beggining that I'll write every single day and I don't break promises even when I need to write on my cellphone and bring you up horrible post because it doesn't contain photos and all that fun stuff but let's just get started!

1. Stiles : "You hate me?"
- Malia : "I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot. "
Stiles : "I can work with that."
Personaly my favorite! From [4x10]
Love is in the air people! Haha. How could you not ship them?

2. Malia : " You're coming  back, right?"
- Stiles : "Yeah. I would never leave you behind."

I mean.... How cute is that?

3. Stiles: "You... you please don't do that ever again!"
- Malia: "Do what? "
Stiles: " I... I thought you just took off. I thought you were running. "
-Malia: "I was running."
Stiles: "No, I mean, like, I thought you were leaving."
- Malia: "I wouldn't leave without you."
Stiles: "Really?"
- Malia: "I would never leave without you."

I said at the beginning that one was my favorite but can I have like 2 favorites or more? I mean, they are all so cute, if you ask me, and I can't decide which one is my personaly favorite (*thinking: who the hell cares which one is your favorite?! People only want to read 'bout Stalia!* loooool!)

4. Stiles : "Malia what did we say about eating people?"
- Malia : "Humans are friends, not food..."

I mean, I would love to be werewolf or werecoyote girl and have a boyfriend who teaches me to stop eating people, I msan... That would be my dreams coming true. But seriously now, that's so freaking cute! (At least to me...)

5. Stiles: “I need to talk to my dad. Might take a while.”
- Malia. “Are you going to tell him about Donovan?”
Stiles: ??????!!!?
- Malia: “I saw the bite on your shoulder while you were sleeping.”
- Malia: “It didn’t matter to me, that’s why I didn’t say anything.”
Stiles : “It matters to me.”

Okay, am I the only one who think this scene from 5x10 was so cute by just thinking about that Malia notices every single thing about Stiles' behavior or changes?! I mean, it's also cute knowing that they still sleep together, because in 5x9 episode Scott told that no one talks to each other from the pack anymore but even when they don't talk to each other they sleep together and live together and I think that's what true relationship with full respect and understanding level means! But also, the last sentence from Stiles "It matters to me."kinda left my heart broken but oh, well...

So guys that was all for today. Hope you enjoyed, please let me know if you did in the comments down bellow. Love you guys so much, see you tomorrow.

Stay alive,xxx


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