5 Things I Wish (Didn't) Happend in Teen Wolf \\ COLLAB WITH ALEKSANDRA'S MAGICAL WORLD

Hello guys! First of all... Oh my God I'm so excited about this post because it's a collab with one of the best bloggers I personally follow here on Blogger! It's collab with lifestyle blogger Aleksandra. (HER BLOG ) She's girl from Serbia writting her blog on Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian and she'll be doing her post on these language so I'm sorry if you don't understand these languages but it was easier for her to write on these languages so if you understand these languages be sure to check her blog out because she writes amazing posts! And I think we should get into this...
I'll be writting 3 things I wish didn't happend and 2 things I wish happend in Teen Wolf. And yeah, it's because I feel like there are more things that I wish never happend in Teen Wolf than things I wish happend... Hope you enjoy!
1.Allison's death
First of all, I need to mention this because I feel this is the moment... Oh my God... Don't you feel your heart breaking when you just think about there's no more Allison in Teen Wolf... Like, everything feels empty without her, the pack isn't the pack we used to know anymore. Always in our hearts, Allison Argent and three points on her story that is still unfinished and we are hoping that somehow, after all, she'll be back and finish her story like true hero she really is...

2.Derek and Isaac leaving the show
I feel like we all, reading this, are keeping our fingers crossed and praying to God that they'll be back in 5B or it is just me? Really miss Derek's sarcasm which he got from Stiles by the way haha. And missing Isaac in our pack.
Are they coming back? We'll need to wait till 5B to find out...

3.Desert Wolf coming in Beacon Hills as well as Theo
Don't you ever feel like you are dying to find out who is someone and dying waiting to see them in Beacon Hills but you get disappointed by the fact they are so evil you can't even describe it?! And you just want them to go back to whichever hole they came from and let your pack alone?! I know that feeling. Just go to the place you belong to Desert Wolf and Theo! Beacon Hills is too good for you!!

4.More Stalia moments
And let's get on this "I wish that happend" things. And ,as you know me, #foreverstaliashipper couldn't start this without paying attention on my babies first. Just ugh Jeff give us more Stalia moments and less Theo being evil moments! Who's with me?!

5.Me in Beacon Hills
I mean, why not? I could be Malia's sister, good werewolf helping the pack but the strogest and the most powerful werewolf in Beacon Hills! Yeah, that would be awesome! #SomeonePleaseDriveMeToBeaconHills #ScottMakeMeWerewolf And if I that would happen, I swear guys, I wouldn't forget you and I would write posts about how my life is going around in Beacon Hills. Haha I know I'm the craziest person you know, everybody says that and I'm proud to be something in superlative! Haha. Okay, I need to stop... Okay...

And guys, that was all for today! Tomorrow's my birthday but I'm celebrating tonight and I'm also excited about that!
If you are reading this right now... I want you to know that you are beautiful and somebody loves you.
Love you all with my whole heart!
Stay alive,xx


  1. Definitivno se slazem i meni stvarno mnogo nedostaju Derek , Ajzek i Alison ! :( <3

  2. Great post! Thank you for your kind words, and I hope that we will have a chance to cooperate again.❤❤

  3. stalia 4ever,dragaa najbolja sii😍

  4. Sjajan post! *-*


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