Story of a Werecoyote

''8 years ago almost an entire family died in a car accident...
With the bodies a young girl named Malia was never found...''
- Sherrif 

''They drive and Malia is starting to change, she goes out of control, the mom crashes and everybody dies...''
-''Except Malia...''
''She blames herself, right? Going running in the woods and eventually becomes trapped inside the body of the coyote.''
- Stiles 

You found me Stiles and Scott... You found me and changed me. I was human again. But now... Trapped inside the body of the woman but with the thoughts of coyote...

''Are you sure that this is a girl and not an animal?'' - Sherrif
''YES!''- Stiles

Slowly getting into this human thing but right after that being comitted to Eichen House. 
Feeling angry, forced to be what I can't be - human , meeting Stiles in the Eichen House I punched him hard and get him to know that I lived ''pretty good '' like werecoyote and that I don't need all this stuff, I just want to go back in the woods and it was all your fault, Stiles! But... As the time went far my wish to go back to my old ''life'' was getting smaller and smaller and yeah, I fell for you, Stiles. 

''I fell in love the way you fall asleep : slowly and then all at once.'' - John Green

Finding out that all my life was a big lie and mistake, that my parents aren't my parents, that my real parents left me when I needed them the most, that they are pyschos who should forever be in Eichen House, that my mom wants to kill me really drowned me down... Got me insane... Through all this drama you were with me , helping me, loving me, and never letting me go... 
We fight a lot but we loved more.
This is my story.
 Story of a werecoyote.
Story which stopped when I met HIM, the love of my life. You probably wonder why?
Because this isn't MY story anymore... It's OURS. 
We are creating our forever.

Hello guys, I hope you liked this post, I thought I write too little about Malia and she deserves more so here I am with ''Story of a Werecoyote''!

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