Maybe You'll Love Me Like Before

After you suddenly left, there was nothing left in my heart... It became a desert which was once a town. The buildings were smashed down into the dust. All of the buildings in my heart were called by your name. But it's so rare, actually...
How can the person who meant world to you become a stranger? 
A total stranger... 
It, actually, scares me sometimes...
After you I became a cold person... I raised my walls keeping everybody behind them. Just to be sure no one will come into my heart. 'Cause when I let them do it, they leave.
Building all new buildings in my heart just by myself made me realize that I need you but I don't want you to know it...
I need you more than anyone or anything.
I realized that your message, your smile or just one look at me would make me feel alive again.
It's so sad that all of your feelings and emotions are trapped into that one person who keeps leaving you alone.
My eyes get yellow. My teeth gets bigger and my nails turn into claws. 
But I can't fight the werewolves in me who keep leading me to you.
Maybe I just need to let them bring me back to you...
Maybe you'll hug me like before...
Maybe you'll look at me like before...
Maybe your heart will beat like before...
And maybe, just maybe... 
You'll love me like before...

Hello guys!!! So before I say anything... Sorry! Sorry for writting sad posts over and over again haha! I don't really know why I do it but anyways...
I promise my next few posts will be the happy ones haha! 
So, as you probably know... New trailer for Teen Wolf season  5b is out and I need you to let me know if you want me to do a post, kinda review or ''Teen Wolf Season 5b Trailer Got Me Like...'' post, please let me know in the comments down bellow!

And oh, I've watched The Hunger Games and I remembered one of my lovely readers once asked me why I always write ''Stay alive,xx'' at the end of my posts, am I fan of The Hunger Games and I told her/him that I didn't even watched The Hunger Games yet so I'm answering you now : YES, I AM! I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE HUNGER GAMES! OmG I don't know which movie do I like better : Divergent, The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner haha. I wish Shelley and Dylan are characters in every movie ohh...

Guys, we are so close to 9000 VIEWS which is AMAZING! I love you so much and I hope you'll always be my dear readers and I want you to know that I'm always there for you no matter what, if you need me, just tell me in the comments and I will contact you and listen you, help you, anything for you! 
Let's do it to 9000 VIEWS!

This was long! If you all way down here, you are my cupcake haha! 
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I love you,
Stay alive,xx


  1. Nice post,well you said you're sorry because you write sad posts,but that's fine to me,I like it haha... This is great post too <3 :*


    1. Thank you so much! Haha you're so sweet! xx


  2. Beautiful post with very nice pictures :) I know that i always write to you posting beautiful pictures, but they're really beautiful so i can't resist not to boast :D


    1. Thank you honey! Haha I won't get bored of that, thank you again, it means a lot to me! xx

  3. Amazing post with really nice pictures, follow me